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DJ Food @ Musique Non Stop

DJ Food @ Musique Non Stop

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  1. “a little Night Music”
  2. Moon Wiring Club CD and cassette
  3. Jim Mahfood Pop-Up Funk book
  4. Solid Steel piece for The Quietus
Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:40 PM PST

Nearly forgot, I take up the last half hour after DK on Solid Steel this week with a companion piece to last weeks mix – very mellow and a bit dark in places too.
Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:36 PM PST

Moon Wiring Club does it again with another package – this time on CD and Cassette only – no vinyl. I’m not quite sure what the difference in names means between the two formats but I’m assured they are different in sound as well as shape. Order here, there are three new prints too…
Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:28 PM PST

NINJA TUNE The excitement is building for the Solid Steel 25th anniversary... @ Musique Non Stop

Solid Steel Radio Show 29/11/2013 - Part 3 + 4 - DK + DJ Food

Solid Steel Radio Show 29/11/2013 - Part 3 + 4 - Dk + Dj Food

In Hour 2 the countdown starts for the Solid Steel 25th Anniversary night at Fire in London with a mix from DK that features some of the artists playing including Mr Scruff, Robin Hexstatic, Four Tet and the new single from Illum Sphere. There's more new music from Ninja Tune with forthcoming tracks from Falty DL, Beat Spacek and the Maya Jane Coles remix for Bonobo. 

DJ Food steps up with a companion piece to last week's 30 minute mix - Strictly Kev delves deeper and darker into ghostly electronic waters. An acoustic cover of Boards of Canada's Reach For the Dead, V.I.V.E.K.'s stunning Mantra and Machinedrum's Centre Your Love lighten the mood slghtly before we delve into witchcraft and sounds from abandoned buildings.

Solid Steel Radio Show 29/11/2013 - Part 1 + 2 - Toddla T

Solid Steel Radio Show 29/11/2013 - Part 1 + 2 - Toddla T

Solid Steel (29th November) Toddla T takes his turn to help celebrate our 25th birthday with a mix in his own unique style. The Steel City rudeboy drops a whole heap of brand new music with the Toddla T dub of Duppy by Timberlee kicking off the show, followed by Zouk Bass rhythms from KJ's and Sandwich Island Bass out of Hawaii and Mark Pritchard with the excellent 'Make a livin'. It's more new tracks from Recloose and the first of two spins this week for Ashley Beedle starting with the Maddslinky remix of Saturday on Toddla's own Girls Music label. Then it's Donae'o, followed by M.I.A., Mr Mitch remixing Wiley and the sublime vocals of Sampha, all wrapped up with links and dub delays from a man like Toddla T.

KOMPAKT.fm @ Musique Non Stop

KOMPAKT.fm @ Musique Non Stop

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  1. Event: The Field live at Red Bull Music Academy Radio Festival Istanbul
  2. Read: COMA's "In Technicolor" nominated for Inverted Audio's Vinyl Artwork Of The Year fan vote
  3. Read: Matias Aguayo interviewed + Noche Cómeme
  4. Event: Pachanga Boys head to Moscow
  5. Read: 20% discount on Kompakt.fm exclusives
Posted: 29 Nov 2013 08:53 AM PST
More fun with The Field can be had at the Red Bull Music Academy Radio Festival in Istanbul on Saturday, December 7th, where he'll continue a small series of rare live performances for his recent masterpiece "Cupid's Head". Other artists include Twin Shadow, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Wild Beasts and more - sounds like a pretty awesome line-up if you ask us... tickets can be found here & more info here!

Mixjunkies @ Musique Non Stop

Mixjunkies @ Musique Non Stop

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Posted: 29 Nov 2013 02:34 PM PST

Right now, New World Punx is one of the most highly touted artists group in the world. The dynamic duo of Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten have come together to create the new high profile group of New World Punx and so far, they have not disappointed.
Legends in their own rights, New World Punx have been traveling around the world showcasing their dynamic and new personality to hundreds of thousands of fans so far this year. All while maintaining their solo careers, radio shows, radio labels and more.

The Stones Throw News: Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession - Deluxe book, 45, cassette

The Stones Throw News: Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession - Deluxe book, 45, cassette

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  1. Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession - Deluxe book, 45, cassette
  2. Karriem Riggins remixes The Roots & Elvis Costello
  3. 7 Days of Funk - 45 Box Set

Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession - Deluxe book, 45, cassette


'Record Store Day' Edition: 200 p. hardcover book with slipcase, 7-inch, cassette and download card.

Joe Mansfield's 200-page Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession is one of the best coffee-table books we've seen in a while. This features 75 drum machines from the author's personal collection, with more than 200 outstanding photos by Gary Land, and Foreword written by Dave Tompkins.

BamaLoveSoul: Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Uturn Meon

BamaLoveSoul: Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Uturn Meon

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  1. Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Uturn Meon
  2. Esta – ForYou(&HerToo)
  3. Ski Beatz – Upchurch
  4. Erykah Badu – Real Thang (Cris Prolific Remix) [Download]
  5. Amin Payne – Midnite Affair
Posted: 28 Nov 2013 07:23 PM PST

“In this day and age distance, time and space no longer present the
barriers that they previously did. Collision, the brand new future beats and jnstrumental Hip-Hop EP from Amin Payne (AUS) & Ben Bada Boom (GER) is testament to this. Having never met in person yet sharing similar and different views of music have collaborated on a musical journey encompassing sound bytes swapped over the digital landscape into a product. This journey showcases the strengths of both of these producers and aims to deliver a unique style. ”

Blog Believe @ Musique Non Stop

Blog Believe @ Musique Non Stop

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Posted: 29 Nov 2013 04:18 AM PST
Reggae Record Downloads

Free track from Fashion Records on Dubstore’s ReggaeRecord Downloads.

ReggaeRecord Downloads is the first digital store dedicated to the 50+ years of Jamaican music heritage, with new releases from Jamaica, US, UK, Europe & Japan. Providing a deep knowledge of the music's history and backed by a huge network of artists, labels, producers and key personalities of the scene, ReggaeRecord Downloads fills a gap in today's digital music retail space. The store provides a true and adapted experience for all Reggae fans, and is delivered by a company with 20 years of history working in this specialist music genre.

Today’s free track is Janet Lee Davis & Tippa Irie’s ’Baby I’ve Been Missing You’ on Fashion Record’s ‘Fashion in Fine Style: Fashion Records Significant Hits Volume One’.
Head over to the ReggaeRecord store to check out the release and get the free track.

Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

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Posted: 29 Nov 2013 10:19 AM PST

Yo La Tengo are famous for playing a Hanukkah residency at Hoboken, New Jersey, venue Maxwell's, which

Friday, November 29, 2013

How Charli XCX grafted her way to the cusp of pop stardom

She wrote one of the biggest hits of 2013 for Icona Pop. Now, after five years of fine-tuning, she's ready to break out on her own

Whoever thinks the life of a pop star-in-waiting is all glitter and glamour needs to get off Instagram and smell the beery funk of a 7am Ryanair flight to Budapest. I spy the singer I'm due to interview later sandwiched between two sweaty, ear-splitting stag dos. She looks pale and withdrawn; the only evidence that she's Charli XCX, spiky goth-pop starlet, are the six-inch platform Buffalo trainers hanging from her feet. The singer's schedule is so Spandex-tight that today is the only time I'll get to meet her before she plays a Hungarian electronic festival and then shoots off at 8am the next day for an 18-date US and Canadian tour. There's no rest for the wicked, but there's even less for the ascending artist.

Hours later in a hotel room, Charli has got her game face on. She self-assuredly poses for the Guardian Guide cover shoot, puckering her berry-stained lips and pulling out strands of her wild mane (it takes an hour to tease it to perfection). "This isn't going to be for a Halloween issue, is it?" she quips, the cat's eyes on her black bodycon dress peeking up at her, an outfit that Cher Horowitz might've worn had she been in The Craft and not Clueless. Now 21, Charli is aware that she may come off as too ironic. Her sound and style is a cut'n'paste pastiche of a decade – the 90s – that she was too young to experience the first time around but can relive through Tumblr photo collages: a little bit Republica meets Scary Spice, a little bit midriff-baring Disney Kid gone off the rails. The ghost of girl power looms large.

Charli doesn't remember The Big Breakfast, but we do the interview tucked up in bed, just as Paula Yates would have done. There's no time for a proper lunch so she uses the opportunity to tuck into a chicken salad, too. I ask her whether this is what she thought it'd be like when she was a young girl dreaming of being a pop star. "The music industry fucks with you," she says without hesitation, dropping lettuce all over the sheets. "One day you're on cloud nine and the next day… I've cried so much over the past year because it's been so crazy. I guess in that sense I'm a bad pop star because everything's meant to be fantastic all the time, but it's not – and that's shit [when people pretend it is]. But I also love that feeling of not knowing what's going to happen. That's why I do this."

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If anyone knows how rocky the road to fame is, it's Charli. It's taken her near-on seven years to get to the point where she is being touted as a serious pop contender, both as a singer and as a songwriter. At 14, when she was still Charlotte Emma Aitchison and growing up in Hertfordshire, she got a loan from her parents to make an album, inspired by rapper Uffie and her Ed Banger electro crew. By 16, she was playing at warehouse parties in east London, where ravers would run around "half-naked on ketamine". About that same time, in 2008, the Guardian called her "the computer-pop Kate Nash" and filed her next to MySpace-era acts like Lele[SPEAKS] and Frankmusik. She released two singles, the scrappy, nu-ravey !Franchesckaar! and Emelline/Art Bitch. That first album, though, never officially came out.

The buzz won Charli a deal with Asylum, a subsidiary of major label Atlantic, but she didn't release another thing until 2011. "I was lost, you know?" she says. "I was still in school, I'd just come out of this weird rave scene, and I wasn't really sure what to make of that. And when I got signed I hated pop music; I wanted to make bad rap music. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know what I liked. Even though I was signed, I was still figuring it out."

To help her figure it out that bit faster, her label sent her to LA, where she hawked her songs around various pop producers. Nothing vibed until she met Ariel Rechtshaid in 2010, the musical alchemist behind Sky Ferreira, Solange and Haim's throwback pop collages, who was then a relative unknown. "We really connected," she says. "We only had two hours together and in that time we wrote [2011 single] Stay Away. I was freaking out: I had found a piece of myself in this crazy world where people are trying to drag you apart and make you into something. That's when things started to come together."

What eventually came together was her debut album True Romance. Released this April – after a year-long delay – it plays off her influences such as the Cure, Gwen Stefani and 90s bubblegum pop, washing them down with the kind of dark'n'synthy production now readily associated with electronic artists like Grimes. Charli describes it as "the colour purple – it's dreamy and lo-fi but very luxurious." She also calls it "more American", which figures. While in Europe she's been stuck supporting vanilla acts like Coldplay and Ellie Goulding, in the States she's aligned herself with alt.rappers such as Azealia Banks, Brooke Candy and Danny Brown. When notoriously snooty indie website Pitchfork reviewed True Romance, it gave it an 8.3, which is significant of the coolster demographic she reaches across the Atlantic.

She's done three headline tours in America now, but not one on her home turf. "When I play in London I get totally freaked out," she admits, cautiously. "Maybe it's because I know that shit hasn't popped off there. 'Popped off'? Who am I? My mother? So lolz." She does hope, however, that her history won't hold her back any more. "I put out those songs when I was really young. I listen to some of that stuff and half of me wants to blow my fucking brains out. I feel like people should judge me from the point of this record. I released it because I was finally ready."

In the months since her debut, Charli's career has shifted up three gears. The song she wrote with Swedish producer Patrik Berger and gave to shouty Swedish duo Icona Pop, I Love It, has foghorned its way around the world (top 10 in 18 countries, including the UK). Charli appeared as a guest on the track and she tires of being asked whether she regrets not keeping it for herself (she doesn't). Rather, the experience has given her more insight into how things work behind the mixing desk. She's since signed a publishing deal with Stargate's Sony/ATV imprint, Stellar Songs, and Rita Ora and her childhood hero Britney Spears have come after her talents. She's also gained an insight into songwriting sexism, a situation she finds frustrating. "When I Love It happened, people were like, 'Did you…?' and I was like, 'Yeah, I fucking wrote it, why are you so shocked? Oh, it's because I've got a vagina?'"

Charli's frankness is blissfully refreshing, even if her arguments are well-rehearsed. She talks about feminism and taking control of her career, littering curses like they're chewing gum wrappers. She doesn't feel a responsibility to be a role model just because she's a female artist ("I don't like that whole idea of idols, or artists calling their fans 'munchkins'. Although, if I was ever going to go down that road, they could be 'Charli's Angels'"). She's fierce and funny but she doesn't claim to have the answers all the time, either. "True Romance was very feminine – for me, that word embodies being fucking angry and hard, but being sexy as well," she says, when talk turns to the recent spate of nude album covers. "There's a confusing line between the two because I don't have a problem with people being sexy," she says. Even so, she kept her clothes firmly on for True Romance. "I don't think that the whole nudity thing is a massive deal, anyway," she shrugs, "as long as you're in control of it. But if you're a girl in pop music, you shouldn't have to cover yourself up to be taken seriously. You should be able to stand in your pants and be drunk as fuck and do whatever you want without being called a whore. It's really tough for girls because people want to bring them down."

At this point, it seems unlikely that Charli is headed anywhere but up. Weeks later, on the phone from America, she tells me how her tween fans tried to storm her tour bus and how they chuck Justin Bieber's perfume on stage every night ("I don't know why but it smells quite nice, actually"). Back in Budapest, watching Charli and her all-girl band on stage, it's easy to see the appeal: live, she is a force, years of arena support slots whirled into a show full of wild mane-flicking, stomping, impressive back bends and tongue-waggling.

The most exciting pop stars are the fireballs of contradictions; those who delight and provoke, and who play hard but work harder. "And they're someone who is passionate and puts their arse on the on the line," says Charli. "They don't play the game, or follow its rules." Maybe she doesn't know it yet, but she's just described herself.

New single SuperLove is out in the UK on 8 Dec

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by Kate Hutchinson via Music: Electronic music | theguardian.com


Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

This week the second massive dance compilation from Global AIDS Fund organization (RED) was released, with many of dance music’s biggest names coming together to add their tracks and remixes to an album whose profits go towards helping end the AIDS epidemic around the world.

Dance (RED): Save Lives 2 sees the likes of big-league names like Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, R3hab, Tommy Trash, Benny Benassi, Tiesto and Deadmau5, along with a fine selection of trendsetters like Jesse Rose, Kaytranada, Gorgon City, Baauer and RL Grime.


You can stream more of the tracks + check the full tracklist after the jump.

Full Tracklist:

1. Katy Perry – Roar (DallasK Remix)

2. Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix)

3. Major Lazer ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga and Mystic – Bubble Butt (Flosstradamus Remix)

4. Empire of the Sun & Tommy Trash – Celebrate (Tommy Trash Remix)

7. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love (R3hab Remix)

9. Robin Thicke ft. Kendrick Lamar – Give It 2 U (Benny Benassi Remix)

5. Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (Avicii’s UMF Mix)

6. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Jesse Rose ‘Bootleg’ Remix)

8. Dada Life vs. Josh Wink – Higher State of Dada Land

10. Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Robert DeLong Remix)

13. Claire – Broken Promise Land (Giorgio Moroder Remix & Vocoder)

11. Banks – Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition)

12. Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps

14. Bingo Players – Buzzcut (Popeska Remix)

15. Icona Pop – All Night (Crookers Remix)

16. Tiësto, Mark Alston, Baggi Begovic, Jason Taylor – Love & Run ft. Teddy Geiger (MOTi Remix)

18. Martin Solveig & The Cataracts – Hey Now ft. Kyle (Pierce Fulton Remix)

17. Deadmau5 vs. Eric Prydz – The Veldt (Prydz Festival Edit)

19. Gorgon City – Voltage

20. Felix Cartal ft. HAERTS – Slow Motion

21. Rebecca & Fiona ft. VICE – Hot Shots (RED Edition)

22. Tritonal ft. Underdown – Deep Into Black (Club Mix)

23. Chuckie – Skydive ft. Maiday (Candyland Remix)

24. Far East Movement – There Will Be No Rain (Kill Paris Remix)


This post DANCE (RED): SAVE LIVES 2 appeared first on Gotta Dance Dirty.

via Gotta Dance Dirty http://www.gottadancedirty.com/2013/11/29/dance-red-save-lives-2/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=dance-red-save-lives-2

Kyle Hall's favourite tracks

The Detroit producer behind superb LP The Boat Party empties the contents of his psychic record bag

The track I'll be opening my next DJ set with

Steve Reich: Come Out

Go listen for yourself. A proper creepy hypnotic record sure to get people's attention, to say the least.

The track I always play to rescue a dancefloor

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham: Timbuktu

I made an extended 10-minute edit of these drums. The track's really punchy and it works as a good tool to layer under anything that needs a lil' oomph for the floor. I wouldn't really call it a rescue so much as an enhancement tool; pretty much always gets the floor going under most circumstances.

The track that currently gets the most rewinds

Omar-S: Solely Supported

Feels like I've dropped this acid banger damn near every gig, jeez.

The track I'd play to show off my eclectic tastes

Paul McCartney: Secret Friend

I really like the tropical groove of this record. My friend Femi put me up on this one.

The track I think has been unfairly slept on this year

GB: The Seeker

"Slept on" is relative to what audience you're speaking about, I guess. But this is absolutely bananas, I love this record. Way more people need to start paying attention to his music.

The track I'd play at my auntie's wedding

Zapp: Computer Love

Depends on the auntie, but one of them would love this; it's classic electro.

The ideal festival track

Anthony "Shake" Shakir: Pursuit Mix 3

This always reminds me of big crowds. An insanely climactic track.

The track I'd play at sunset in Ibiza

Loftsoul Feat Lisa Millet: Dear Friend (DJ Spinna remix)

The bassline is real sexy. Listen and figure out why it's perfect for Ibiza.

The best track by my favourite new artist

Jay Daniel: Exit

This is out on my label Wild Oats this year. He's a rising star on the Detroit house scene.

The track that should have been a crossover hit

Seven Davis Jr: All Kinds

It's not even out yet, but it needs to cross over when it is!

The track I'd play at my funeral

Art Of Noise: Moments In Love (Extended mix)

This is like 20 minutes long; a timeless classic in Detroit.

Kyle Hall plays The Hydra: Hyperdub, XOYO, EC2, Sat

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by Ben Beaumont-Thomas via Music: Electronic music | theguardian.com

Discover five brand new acts - and tell us what you think of them

Listen to these five songs from up-and-coming acts - and let us know which you'd like to hear more from

by Flora MacQueen via Music: Electronic music | theguardian.com

Little Boots – review

Heaven, London

Pop's nearly woman evokes Kylie and Lady Gaga, but ultimately brings a wide-eyed intensity all her own

A look back at the BBC Sound of 2009 poll proves that critics are no better at predicting the future than anyone else. Victoria Hesketh, the 29-year-old singer/DJ behind Little Boots, beat the then unknown Lady Gaga and Florence and the Machine to the title, but afterwards nothing happened quite as it should have. Despite a No 5 debut album, she was dropped by her label; her second LP, self-released this year after a lengthy gestation, only reached No 45.

Where did it go wrong? This one-off show offers one answer. Hesketh evokes half a dozen other bespangled electropop females, but doesn't stake out much territory that's uniquely hers. She pushes the idea of costume as art – for the encore she wears an LED coat that lights her up like a small blonde android – but so does Gaga. Her physical appeal is based on an erotic wholesomeness – just like Kylie – and her interest in technology has a Robynish tinge. Even Sophie Ellis-Bextor is detectable, in lyrics layered with banalities about a mythical place called "the dancefloor". (It's where she goes to forget about the caddish characters who manipulate her feelings – one cad per song.)

But nobody's perfect. And it's precisely because she's the Blackpool Kylie that Hesketh is a pleasure to watch. The show is a pared-down version of a Kylie glitterthon, with one costume change, modest disco lights and a small band augmented by two oddly numb-looking backing singers. The latter have little to do, because Little Boots, moving between microphone and a Korg keyboard, is a singing, swivelling dynamo. Her wide-eyed intensity is her strong point: dazzle-poppers such as Headphones and Stuck on Repeat squeeze a lot of mileage out of dancing-as-escapism, but she brings the concept to life. When she swoons through Remedy's key line – "Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope, all I've got is the floor" – she's the picture of the girl next door, spinning until real life disappears.

The set is an invigorating twirl through the new album, Nocturnes, with a few hits from debut Hands added for ballast. Boots has spent much time DJing recently, and the last third of the show is laden with bassy, trancey effects. It's not until the encore, featuring the evening's only ballad, All for You, that you realise how (splendidly) frenetic the rest of the show has been.

• Did you catch this gig – or any other recently? Tell us about it using #Iwasthere

Rating: 4/5

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by Caroline Sullivan via Music: Electronic music | theguardian.com

Gilles Peterson @ Musique Non Stop

Gilles Peterson @ Musique Non Stop

Link to Gilles Peterson

  1. Zed Bias // Boss
  2. Worldwide Awards Attendees // Win Tickets to the Brownswood Christmas Party
  3. Worldwide Awards 2014 // Artist Focus // Jimi Tenor
  4. London Modular // Showroom And Store
  5. Gilles On BBC Radio 6 Music // London Jazz Festival Special With Jaimeo Brown and Sons Of Kemet
    Posted: 28 Nov 2013 11:22 AM PST

    Zed Bias has been releasing music music for well over a decade and featured in the remix of one of Brownswood Recordings earliest releases, ‘Soil And Pimp – Sahara‘. Zed has been a figure head in much of the music emerging in the british underground scene of recent times. Joining forces with Loefah and dropping his most recent release ‘Boss‘ on Loefah’s label Swamp 81. This bass heavy and funky example of Dave Jones’s music most definitely deserves a place in your music catalogue and any upcoming mixes that you may have planned.

    Bonafide Magazine @ MSN: Listen: Joey Bada$$ raps over old J Dilla beat on Two Lips

    Bonafide Magazine @ MSN: Listen: Joey Bada$$ raps over old J Dilla beat on Two Lips

    Link to Bonafide Magazine

    Posted: 28 Nov 2013 04:24 AM PST
    Listen: Joey Bada$$ raps over old J Dilla beat on Two Lips
    J Dilla’s seemingly infinite back catalogue is the time-honoured gift that keeps on giving. The latest of his beats to see the light of day comes courtesy of New York wonderkid Joey Bada$$ and clothing brand Akomplice who together have have released an exclusive 7″ featuring the previously unheard production, with Bada$$ riding the beat on the flipside.
    As humble as ever, Bada$$ had this to say: "I thank both parties for allowing me to be a part of it and allowing me to use unreleased beats by my favorite producer of all time. It's a brighter day." Stream it below.

    Musique Non Stop - Heavenly Sweetness

    Musique Non Stop - Heavenly Sweetness

    Link to Heavenly Sweetness

    Posted: 28 Nov 2013 02:27 AM PST

    Download the first single from Anthony Joseph’s new album “Time” (release on Feb 4th, 2014)!
    ‘Tamarind’ was played and produced by MeShell Ndegeocello and her band on a sunny Parisian day last spring.
    Emotional poetry and lyrical music to soothe your soul …
    It’s free !!!
    Anthony Joseph – Tamarind (From upcoming album ‘TIME’)
    Découvrez “Tamarind” le premier extrait du nouvel album “Time” d’Anthony Joseph, produit par Meshell Ndegeocello, à sortir le 04 février 2014.
    Le 1er single de l’album à venir est en téléchargement gratuit (pour une durée limitée) ici:
    Anthony Joseph – Tamarind (From upcoming album ‘TIME’)
    Don’t forget to like Anthony’s new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ajpoet
    And he is also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adjoseph

    KOMPAKT.fm @ Musique Non Stop

    KOMPAKT.fm @ Musique Non Stop

    Link to KOMPAKT.fm // BLOG

    Posted: 28 Nov 2013 07:36 AM PST
    The Quietus lays down a nice review of Justus Köhncke's latest album "Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band" and lauds: "Köhncke walks the thin line between pop and kitsch and remains focussed throughout Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band, which is his finest yet, and one of the best of 2013. Fernweh techno of the highest order." To view the review of the LP, click on the link below. Get your copy today!

    Thursday, November 28, 2013

    Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

    Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

    Link to SPIN - SPIN Mix

    1. See Reggie Watts and Josh Homme Duet About 'Taxidermy Love'
    2. Watch Twin Shadow's Breathtaking Cover of U2's 'With or Without You'
    3. Preview Dave Grohl and Zac Brown Band's EP-Sized Bromance
    Posted: 27 Nov 2013 01:36 PM PST

    When he's not hosting the YouTube Music Awards with Jason Schwartzman or meticulously building

    Basement Soul: track of the day ! @ Musique Non Stop

    Basement Soul: track of the day ! @ Musique Non Stop

    Link to inside looking out

    1. track of the day !
    2. jo def - steps (album)
    3. MED, Blu, Mayer Hawthorne & Madlib "The Buzz"
    4. stagga - Cakefest
    5. CASHMERE CAT - with me
    6. RC & The Gritz - Leave Me Alone (feat. Erykah Badu)
    Posted: 27 Nov 2013 05:28 PM PST
    jQuery(document).ready() {