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It's oh so cultural: the sharpest sounds of autumn 2016

Björk celebrates 20 glorious years of barrier-breaking, Pink Floyd go back in time, and the Afropunks are coming. Plus, Lady Leshurr, Saint Etienne and Jean-Michel Jarre hit the road

A digitally decadent celebration of Björk’s 20-year career arrives in the capital this September. Incorporating performance, film and installations, the exhibition explores the extensive output created by the Icelandic artist, whose boundary-pushing projects are always driven by a fascination with nature, technology, sex and heartache. The exhibition will feature previously unseen work and interactive displays – including her 360-degree virtual-reality video for Stonemilker, in which the audience come face to face with the musician on a stormy-skied beach. Midway through the run come two London shows, at the Royal Albert Hall on 21 September and Hammersmith Apollo on 24 September.
•1 September to 23 October, Somerset House, London.

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by Harriet Gibsone, Michael Hann, Tim Jonze , Alexis Petridis, John Fordham and Imogen Tilden via Electronic music | The Guardian

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dimensions festival review: Larry Heard keeps sunburned crowd in thrall

Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia
Set in a stone fort, this dance music festival was a triumph, with daytime beach and boat parties giving way to rocking nights of Chicago and Detroit house

A sunbaked, radler-quenched sojourn on the Croatian coast is now as much of a tick on the global dance calendar as Ibiza. Dimensions festival, in its fifth year, has secured a neat corner of the market: with its parent festival Outlook catering to bass wreckheads later this week (“those kids will sleep anywhere” our taxi driver says, gesturing to a motorway verge), it falls to Dimensions to provide 4/4 to twentysomethings in expensive caps and Trilogy Tapes T-shirts.

Spread across multiple stages around a stone fort, it’s the kind of place that would be swathed in red tape in the UK. The atmosphere is one of decadent triumph, with ravers scampering joyfully around the ruins of something that was once sober and martial. Each day starts on the beach, with yacht rock, funk obscurities and cratedigger disco wafting around crimson-skinned bros and babes. The sunset sets by Mim Suleiman and Dele Sosimi, turn Afrobeat into a glorious celebration of the elements, while Melbourne producer Harvey Sutherland loops live violin into disco swoons, and Hunee brings out the Phil Collins.

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by Ben Beaumont-Thomas via Electronic music | The Guardian

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Stones Throw News: Stones Throw Podcast 97: Eric Andre & Peanut Butter Wolf

Stones Throw News: Stones Throw Podcast 97: Eric Andre & Peanut Butter Wolf

Link to The Stones Throw News Feed

Stones Throw Podcast 97: Eric Andre & Peanut Butter Wolf

  • August 24, 2016
Stones Throw Podcast is free. Subscribe using any podcast software or aggregator. 

Download on iTunes | PODCAST #97

Eric Andre came by Stones Throw to talk with Peanut Butter Wolf about some of his favorite comedy records, and whatever else. This is the first podcast of our series that isn't a mixtape, so don't hold your breath for any beats.

Further details: “No notes! Upload dat shit!” – EA



Link to Jazz : NPR

Posted: 23 Aug 2016 03:04 PM PDT

The Toronto improvisational band BADBADNOTGOOD recently released its fourth album, IV. The instrumental group includes Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, Leland Whitty on saxophone and Alexander Sowinski on drums. The four, most of whom met at Humber College, have become known for their jazz-inflected covers of hip-hop songs and, notably, for their collaborations with Tyler, the Creator. Recently, the band also worked with Ghostface Killah on the albumSour Stones; they subsequently toured together. Hear the full World Cafe session with BADBADNOTGOOD at the audio link above, and watch the band perform "Speaking Gently" below.

[Free Download] Strange Club – Disco

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty


We encountered newcomers Strange Club last month when they released their debut g-housed tinged production “Down to my Feet.”  Today, they dropped a new one called “Disco,” and it’s carrying many of the same vibes.  Deep, driving bass sound, fun vocal stabs, pretty much a perfect combination for late night dance floors.  The way they use their own vocals is theatrical in nature, adding a little depth to their nice sounding productions.  I had a chance to see them debut a track with SNBRN at Splash House and it did not disappoint.  Looking forward to seeing what these boys come with next.

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New band of the week: Pavo Pavo (No 117) wistful, retro pop harks back to the 70s

Bittersweet romances and the passage of time are themes reflected in the mysterious, vintage, modern-rock sound of five friends from Brooklyn

Hometown: Brooklyn.

The lineup: Eliza Bagg (violin, synthesizers, vocals), Oliver Hill (guitars, synthesizers, vocals), Nolan Green (guitars, vocals), Austin Vaughn (drums), Ian Romer (bass).

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by Paul Lester via Electronic music | The Guardian

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land – a missed opportunity

The musical trailblazer’s life story is an interesting one, but this documentary chooses to focus on his housing arrangements

There’s the hint of an interesting film here, in this portrait of electropop pioneer Gary Numan. His mental health issues, his Asperger’s diagnosis, his complex relationship with fame: all of this is touched upon rather cursorily. Instead the film focuses on real estate and Numan’s move from the UK to the US. It’s like a celebrity version of APlace in the Sun.

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by Wendy Ide via Electronic music | The Guardian

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Phil Kieran’s Fourth LP Is A Hedonistic Ode To The Sun

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

With over a decade’s worth of experience behind the production helm, Phil Kieran is no stranger to stringing together a cohesive body of work. With no samples accredited on the project, what you’ll hear once it’s released are completely original sounds crafted by the seasoned Techno maven. Aptly titled, “Ode To The Sun,” the project is an attention grabbing solar flare that harnesses the energy of life and spits it back out in 10 neatly packaged tunes. In his own words:

I wanted to capture something very real and raw. Something similar to the feeling you get at the end of the night, and jumping in a car from one after party to another driving through London or New York and then the music comes on the car stereo. It has your attention.

With a minimix available for stream below, these tidbits of auditory info have us chomping at the bits for its official release via Hot Creations on October 7th. Have a listen and mark your calendars because this certainly isn’t one to sleep on.

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Gary Numan: Android in La La Land review – electronic music pioneer in sparky doc

Steve Reed and Rob Alexander’s film follows the tortured star in the run-up to the release of his latest album Splinter

After years of being patronised, Gary Numan is recognised as a pioneer of electronic music and there is pure pop inspiration in the elegant, haunted singles of his heyday. A documentary about Numan’s life leading up to the release of his album Splinter is welcome, and, though it does feel a bit like a promo video at times, there is always a kind of tortured honesty in Numan – particularly when he confesses to a Larkinian anxiety at the sight of old people in their seventies, who are facing the death that horrifies him. 

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by Peter Bradshaw via Electronic music | The Guardian

Cassius: Ibifornia review – funky pop, sunshine and cliches


It’s a decade since this pre-Daft Punk French electronic duo’s last album, 15 Again, but they’ve kept themselves busy producing other artists such as Phoenix and the Rapture. On Ibifornia, Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass’s bulging contacts book produces an A-list guestlist, from Pharrell Williams to Cat Power. Go Up, featuring both, is a glistening club banger, while Power’s sultry ballad Feel Like Me and speaker-quaking Action are the best things here.

The title envisages a blend of Ibiza and California: dancefloor funky pop merges into balmy, sunshine-soaked grooves, although at times the band seem to be feeling the effects of that long gap. A large raspberry for the endless sax squawks, irritating use of old, cliched bird tweet samples and ghastly “Whoo!”s all over the place. Hey You! is a modern glam-gospel anthem, but Beastie Boy Mike D’s rap on Love Parade is ludicrous: “Just like Lemmy said in The Ace of Spades / love comes strong and then it fades.” Did he really?

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by Dave Simpson via Electronic music | The Guardian

The silliness ran deep in Gong, but they could groove like mothers, too

Both of its two founders have now died, but it’s time for the word of the flying teapot to spread much further – for Gong were a unique and great band

It was one of those peculiar – and in this case sad – coincidences that hippies love to find significance in. I had just half-jokingly posted on Facebook of my disgust that there was no Gong or Hawkwind in Pitchfork’s 200 Best Songs of the 1970s, when I saw the announcement of the death of Gong co-founder Gilli Smyth, sending me even further down the rabbit hole of the various Gong offshoots’ seemingly infinite back catalogue.

Related: Gong co-founder Gilli Smyth dies, aged 83

Related: Daevid Allen obituary

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by Joe Muggs via Electronic music | The Guardian

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7 Albums Released In 2016 That Aren’t Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty


Ok so Frank Ocean’s second run at it is a masterfully produced Pop/RnB/Hip-Hop wonder album, now let’s move along and take a look at some records that might have flown under your radar. It is no secret that music has been thriving in 2016, but it isn’t just the big dogs that have been particularly on point. Up and comers (as well as some of the more venerable acts) from across the board have been producing up a storm with multi-faceted sonic landscapes that provide more depth and experimentation than your typical pop masterpiece. Let’s take a look at some of 2016’s finest and brightest LP’s:

1. Weval by Weval


I’m going to go ahead and start off strong with the debut self titled album from Weval. It is right up there for myself as the #1 release of the year, and for good reason. Weval warp and experiment to push their sonic boundaries in never before heard ways to produce a completely original body of work. Released via Kompakt, there isn’t really much I would like to compare it to. It’s certainly a journey worth taking in its entirety. Standouts include, “The Battle” and, “I Don’t Need It,” as well as, “Just In Case,” if you ask me…

2. Skiptracing by Mild High Club


This selection is a bit pre-emptive as it’s release comes on August 26th, but select tunes can be heard via Apple Music HERE. Mild High Club is a member of the Mac DeMarco band and you can surely here the influence. Although similar, Mild High Club maintain their differences with a jazzier more refined sound through diverse percussion lines and vivid lyrical content. The project builds off the sleezy/sleepy vibes Mac DeMarco puts off making the LP the perfect addition to any lazy Sunday. Keep an eye out for the album set to be released via Stones Throw Records later this week!

3. The Soft Bounce by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve


Beyond The Wizard Sleeve is a famed electronic duo consisting of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris. Their catalogue was comprised of fantastical remixes until their debut LP “The Soft Bounce” hit the shelves earlier this month. It’s an electronic album recorded live via two of the most brilliant producers in the business. It’s bold, brash, loud, and exactly the kind of noise I’d like to thrash about to. “Iron Age” is a real thriller that shreds in the face EDM DJ’s. That’s not to say the album doesn’t have a softer side, the track “Tomorrow, Forever” is a cinematic spine tingler that invokes a strong call to emotion. There is nothing quite like this being produced anymore, and for that, we celebrate.

4. Bright Moments by Flamingosis


Bright moments is exactly what you get with this funked up modern soul album from Flamingosis. Each track provides a particular mood and the uncanny ability to make me want to stand up and shake my fanny. It’s hip-hop meets disco meets funk meets world music. “Casanova” samples Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” but provides an original production for a beat, of which I’ve fallen in love with. “Brunch At The Bodega” is a spicy world rhythm that packs a mega funky punch (insert dancing girl emoji here). Lastly, there is the feel good anthem, “Next To You” that fills you up with enough warm feelings to make it through any day with a smile on your face and pep in your step. The vibes are strong with this one, stream below…

5. Tiger Tooth by Tiger Tooth


Tiger Tooth’s self titled debut album is another electronic band producing some seriously original work. More on the techno side of things, they spread their sound across a broad spectrum within the genre including some mind bending acid, a dash of minimal, a side of experimental, and full fledged incendiary techno. The depth of sound is applause worthy as the 15 track LP provides a difficult decision highlighting any standouts. I’ve rinsed “Clementine” in a club setting and it set the dance floor ablaze with it’s insatiable acid breaks. “The End” is a lush and vibrant auditory masterpiece that is a real treat for the ears and brain to experience. On the more minimal side, “Chime Wedgebill” serves as a wonky progressive backbone that holds the middle of the album together quite nicely. I’m greatly looking forward to catching this act live in the (hopefully) near future.

6. Alwasta by Oddisee


Oddisee is a DC based rapper with African American and Sudanese roots that possesses a high level of lyrically mastery that is eerily similar to Nas and J. Cole. Alwasta is his latest album and easily one of his strongest pieces of work to date. He shares a world view that imparts wisdom and critical thinking while weaving jazzy instrumental based productions throughout his lryics. There is none of that mumble rap bullshit currently plaguing the genre, just down to earth bars and storytelling at its finest. “Strengths And Weakness” is a contemplative standout that is sure to reignite your dreams and aspirations. “Wouldn’t Be Surprised” is the tune that the Nas influences first came to mind with its NYC reminiscent beat and intelligent flow. “No Reservations” is a modern gospel with more of a playful vibe across the board filled with plenty of life lessons to be had by all. Shoutout to Mello Music Group for this release, there is a bright future for Oddisee, and this appears to be the beginning.

7. Juicy Fruit by Kraak & Smaak


With an expansive catalogue dating back to 2006, you are experiencing the perfectly ripe fruits of their labor via their latest LP, “Juicy Fruit.” Blending the likes of electronic, funk, and hip-hop, the result is one of the more interesting releases of 2016. It’s dance music at finest, honestly. The project kicks off with a bang on “Prescription” featuring light hearted bars from Eric Biddiness and one of the funkiest bass lines on the whole album. “U R Freak” is an overtly sexual anthem with vocal support from Ivar whose baritone voice adds a whole new layer of dirty to the tune. Mayer Hawthorne makes an appearance on “I Don’t Know Why” for what’s one of the stronger standouts from the project with it’s sophisticated funk that could easily cause a global get down. So what are you waiting for? Get down with yo bad self and thanks for branching out with me on the “7 Albums Released In 2016 That Aren’t Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde.'” Hope you enjoy!

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Stones Throw News: The name is EOLA, the album is DANG.

Stones Throw News: The name is EOLA, the album is DANG.

Link to The Stones Throw News Feed

The name is EOLA, the album is DANG.

  • August 22, 2016
In the store | EOLA - DANG 

Leaving Records. Vinyl available now. Worldwide release: 9/23/16. 

Edwin Mathis White, from the band Tonstartssbandht, creates a capella gospel as Eola using loop stations and antiquated vocal processing effects pedals recorded to tape. Edwin currently lives and grew up in downtown Orlando FL, but has spent the past 11 years living mostly in NYC, and sometimes in Montreal & Baltimore where Leaving Records' Matthewdavid met Edwin.

Tonstartssbandht on tour in Asia:

9/9: Taipei - APA Mini
9/10: Kaohsiung - The Mercury Bar
9/13: Osaka - Namba Bears
9/14: Kyoto - Socrates
9/15: Tokyo - Ebisu Batica
9/16: Hong Kong - Running Horse Lantern
9/17: Shenzhen - B10
9/18: Guangzhou - Tu Space
9/20: Chengdu - Little Bar
9/22: Chongqing - Nuts Club
9/23: Shanghai - Harley's Bar
9/30: Beijing - Yugongyishan

URB Magazine: FiveSe7en Music Presents: J57 – The Analog Tape 3

URB Magazine: FiveSe7en Music Presents: J57 – The Analog Tape 3

Link to URB Magazine

Posted: 22 Aug 2016 02:18 PM PDT

J57 just dropped a surprise beat tape today as part of the previously-release collection, The Analog Tape 3. The tape features 30 never-heard-before instrumentals which will only be available for a limited time. Additionally, if you purchase the tape, you’ll get the The Analog Tape and The Analog Tape 2 as a bonus.

Each track also contains personal liner notes written by the producer. Check it out.

THE JAZZ CHILL CORNER Saxophonist Tim Armacost & Pianist David Berkman of The New York Standards Quartet Pay Tribute to Don Friedman @ The Kitano - August 27

THE JAZZ CHILL CORNER Saxophonist Tim Armacost & Pianist David Berkman of The New York Standards Quartet Pay Tribute to Don Friedman @ The Kitano - August 27


Posted: 22 Aug 2016 01:08 PM PDT
Saxophonist and composer Tim Armacost and pianist and composer David Berkman of The New York Standards Quartet will pay tribute to the late Don Friedman with a performance at The Kitano on August 27.  Armacost and Berkman will be joined by an A-list rhythm section featuring Ed Howard on bass and Victor Lewis on drums.

David Berkman
Tim Armacost
The late pianist/composer Don Friedman was a dear friend and inspiration to Armacost.  "Don was a great inspiration for me not just as a musician, but as an example of how to live life.  He was passionate about the music he played, he enjoyed time with Marylin, his wife of 26 years, he was active as an educator for more than 40, and he was an accomplished and competitive athlete, literally until a few months before he passed away.  He continued to compose, and stayed creative to the end of his life.  When he got sick, I never heard him complain - he only expressed frustration about not having the strength to practice the piano for longer than a short while," said Armacost.

Armacost and Berkman are founding members of the New York Standards Quartet (along with bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Gene Jackson), whose mission has always been to interpret standards and traditional jazz tunes in a way that would allow audiences to connect and be engaged, while at the same time, playing in the contemporary jazz style the members have developed through their many decades on the New York jazz scene. Their new album Power of 10 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the band, and shines a spotlight on the group's incredible ability to explore music, together. Tim Armacost explains further, "David was explaining what being a band for 10 years means: that the result of staying together is that we've become totally familiar with each other's playing. When one of us is going for something new, reaching for a different take on a tune, or just pushing the moment forward, everyone hears it immediately. You can feel what the other players are thinking. So when one of us gets inspired and starts a search, or finds a new angle on a tune, everyone jumps in to see where the music will go, or moves over and makes a space for something different to happen. Participating in those moments of discovery is intensely exciting, and that spark is what gives the music its life."

Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV - Tell “In Suspension”

Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV - Tell “In Suspension”


Posted: 22 Aug 2016 07:58 AM PDT

Born in Bristol in 2013 and getting it right ever since, label and party collective Banoffee Pies proudly present BPLS003: release no. 3 in their ‘Limited Series’ and their twelfth vinyl release across the board.
With little interest in convention, Banoffee Pies are known for their eclectic repertoire – with a variety of genres and styles covered extensively in both the music they release and the records spun at their events. This record is a labour of that exact love; an end-product of several late-night excursions spent perusing SoundCloud to find a new school of bedroom producers deserving of the Banoffee title.
Electronic enigma Tell delivers a fresh-out-the-kitchen medley of beats on the opening track and our EP highlight, “In Suspension”. A smooth mixture of house rhythm and bongo drums with a generous sprinkle of samples, guaranteed to soothe post-vacation blues. Making up just one segment of a five-part-strong release of pure downtempo delight.

BPLS003 drops on 20th September, as a limited edition 500-copy vinyl run. Don’t sleep.

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RAPPAMELO | Soundcloumelo #133 | Musique Non Stop

RAPPAMELO | Soundcloumelo #133 | Musique Non Stop


Posted: 21 Aug 2016 09:49 AM PDT
Soundcloumelo. #133. playlist with tracks. beats. loops. flips. remixes. whatever. stream. enjoy.

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FACT Magazine Photos: LuckyMe Edinburgh Festival Party 2016 @ Musique Non Stop

FACT Magazine Photos: LuckyMe Edinburgh Festival Party 2016 @ Musique Non Stop

Link to FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

Posted: 21 Aug 2016 09:46 AM PDT
Every year the good folks at LuckyMe pitch up at the Edinburgh Festival to throw the coolest party in the city.
This year’s line-up at La Belle Anglaise featured some of our very favourite DJs, including former FACT mixer Eclair Fifi, Radio 1’s Benji B, S-Type, Inkke, The Blessings and Piu Piu.
We sent photographer Sean Bell along to the party. Follow FACT on Snapchat and Instagram (@factmag) for more from the front lines of the rave.
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LeFtO @ Musique Non Stop

LeFtO @ Musique Non Stop

Link to http://lefto.tumblr.com/

Posted: 21 Aug 2016 02:37 AM PDT

RAPPAMELO | VHVL – evn | Musique Non Stop

RAPPAMELO | VHVL – evn | Musique Non Stop


Posted: 19 Aug 2016 08:27 AM PDT
VHVL. evn. it’s good. very. good. Available. at. leavingrecords.bandcamp.com. enjoy.
full stream.

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Black Coffee: 'Song played a big role in liberating South Africa'

Nathi Maphumulo has become an internationally celebrated artist in spite of many obstacles. Here he describes the lack of opportunities as a youth living in a township during apartheid, the escapism of house music and the car crash in which he lost the use of his left hand

Away from the poppy Afrobeats of Nigeria and Ghana comes another breakout star of African dance music: the lugubrious, sensual house of Nathi Maphumulo, AKA Black Coffee. For years, the 40-year-old has been building a reputation with his DJ sets around the globe and BET award-winning productions, all of which are executed with one hand following a traffic accident as a teenager. We spoke to him ahead of one of his biggest UK dates so far, at the South West Four festival on bank holiday weekend.

Related: Black Coffee’s favourite tracks

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by Ben Beaumont-Thomas via Electronic music | The Guardian

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Gilles Peterson: Worldwide Premiere // Sampology feat. Tiana Khasi – Thicker Than Water @ Musique Non Stop

Gilles Peterson: Worldwide Premiere // Sampology feat. Tiana Khasi – Thicker Than Water @ Musique Non Stop

Link to Gilles Peterson

Posted: 18 Aug 2016 07:12 AM PDT

Send in the marine biologists, because there must be something in the water around Australia’s shores at the moment. From the polyrhythmic prog-rock jams of Haitus Kaiyote at one end, to the RnB soothers of Silent Jay & Jace XL and the Dilla-esque musings of Jordan Rakei, Australian soul is blooming (and we’re not talking the algae kind). Helping to catalyse this chemical reaction (okay marine metaphors end here) is Soul Has No Tempo, a Brisbane label who first unveiled Jordan Rakei to the world, and continued that recently with the release of his debut album.

Their latest soulful nugget comes from fellow Brisbanite Sampology with his new EP Natural Selections. The first cut to be aired is ‘Thicker Than Water’, combining the weighty basslines and gentle Rhodes we’re used to with Harvey Sutherland, alongside the gentle tones of Tiana Khasi.

Natural Selections EP is out 23rd September – pre-order from the Soul Has No Tempo Bandcamp.
Check the Premieres series on Gilles’ Worldwide Radio Soundcloud, alongside his weekly guest mixes. Repost them on your own account to be notified when new ones are added!

GPWW Premieres are lovingly made by Mistral Productions.

Green Man review – from fusion to folk in the misty mountains

Glanusk Park, Brecon Beacons
There’s a five-star welcome in the hillside as Belle and Sebastian bring a weekend of wonders to a rock’n’roll climax

Pedalling a static bike to recharge your phone as motivational David Bowie blasts from big speakers. Charlotte Church smashing pop songs with her monster soprano at late-night live karaoke. A restorative hot tub in the drizzly open air. Any of the above in isolation would be things to tell colleagues about whenever you wander back in to work post festival, still bleary-eyed. Package all of them up together with warm, witty Welsh hospitality, serene scenery and great food, a craft-brewed growler in hand at any given point (save for in the hot tub where they serve champagne), and you’re talking a strange, funny, indulgent, nigh on utopian weekender that’s almost too much to describe.

You could spend a whole week at Green Man – and some do, with a settler’s pass – and still fail to absorb all of its multi-sensory pleasures. Its ongoing success lies in a solidly discerning and richly varied booking policy favouring folk, electronic, psychedelic and global sounds, and subtle refinements to their offering each year sufficient to prove that they never take their generations-spanning audience for granted. Reusable pint cups, for instance, which at a stroke make this one of the tidiest festival sites you’ve ever trudged (mud notwithstanding). All that and one of the most picturesquely placed and designed main stages in all of festivaldom, nestled in a natural ampitheatre with verdant hills and tall trees as a backdrop.

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by Malcolm Jack via Electronic music | The Guardian

Dele Sosimi at Mau Mau Bar, London

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gonjasufi: Callus review – the stuff of psychedelic nightmares


The American yoga teacher and producer returns after four years with his third studio album. The follow-up to Mu.zz.le, Callus is decidedly darker than its predecessor, assaulting the ears with endless hazy vocals, wailing synths and moody bass guitar improvisations from former Cure member Pearl Thompson. With the exception of Krishna Punk and Devils, the album lacks drive, and at 19 tracks it’s easy to lose focus while listening. The pervading screechy, lo-fi sound is the stuff of psychedelic nightmares, but there are moments of respite from the cacophony, such as the serpentine raga melodies of Afrikan Spaceship and Greasemonkey.

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by Isa Jaward via Electronic music | The Guardian

Crystal Castles: Amnesty (I) review – brilliantly disjointed electropop


Crystal Castles’ fourth album is the first since frontwoman Alice Glass left in 2014, replaced by Edith Frances. What that means for the band’s chaotic live shows – Glass was agitator-in-chief – is not yet fully clear, but what it means for their records seems not to be a great deal. Glitchy beats, heavily treated vocals and passages of pulverising electronic noise are all still present, and there’s an abiding mood of kohl-eyed gloom. But if the sense of overfamiliarity is a bit disappointing for a band once lauded as experimentalists, producer Ethan Kath has also retained his knack for writing terrific hooks and warped melodies. Ornament and Kept are nuggets of brilliantly disjointed electropop.

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by Ally Carnwath via Electronic music | The Guardian

Thom Sonny Green: High Anxiety review – Alt-J’s unexpected talent


Thom Sonny Green’s day job is drumming for Alt-J, but you shouldn’t hold it against him. His surprising debut solo album, High Anxiety, is the result of three years of relentless touring and recording in hotel rooms, parking sombre electronic ideas that wouldn’t work on the mothership. These 21 instrumental tracks are named after cities or one-word associations, and range affectively all the way from the paranoid to the merely jittery (Green suffers from anxiety and a hearing disorder). Those with standout melodies – Vienna, say, or Oslo – recall Boards of Canada, while Ping is lush and orchestral. Overlong, and sounding a little like a lot of other things, High Anxiety nonetheless reveals an unexpected talent hidden in plain sight.

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by Kitty Empire via Electronic music | The Guardian

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Dele Sosimi at MitAfrika Festival, Koln

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