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In 2009, there was 'Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura' followed by a remix album. After that 'The Search Continues' (2011) and then 'Mala In Cuba' (2012). Now we have 'Havana Cultura Soundclash', a compilation of collaborations between Cuban vocalists, musicians and unsigned artists from around the world. All projects have brought musical exchanges to Cuba — with its illustrious yet traditional music scene — a nation where rhythms (salsa, rumba) exist as the lifeblood of its people; where access to new music is limited, barely any broadband internet service and decent home studio technology is rarely affordable. Despite this, Havana boasts a solid homegrown hip-hop scene and vibrant nightlife ruled by reggaeton, with house, techno, EDM, dubstep, trap and moombahton breaking through. 


Swindle - one of the most exciting, charismatic young producers coming out of the UK - received outstanding reviews last year in response to his album "Long Live The Jazz" where, according to XLR8R, "the South Londoner… settled into a brightly embellished, jazz-inflected style of dubstep". He also played piano for the Mala in Cuba Live shows in 2012/13, a testament for his ability to waver between styles and genres impeccably. As well as this, Swindle holds a key role in the Butterz label and Collective, and has produced for the likes of Roll Deep and Footsie. Now well known for his dynamic live shows, Swindle's sound is truly unique and constantly developing. With the title track 'Walter's Call', Swindle dives straight in at the deep end with sirens and footwork inspired drums, gradually building themes of energetic brass brilliance into the mix. Seamlessly produced, this sets the EP off to a blazing start, introducing the influences of early 20th century chaotic jazz, which run throughout.


Mindblowing sounds from the great Bunny Lee – and exactly the kind of collection that makes us love the Pressure Sounds label so much! The track selection is wonderful – and most numbers are balanced in a unique space between reggae and rocksteady, and often have some crucial influences from American soul and funk as well – but they come across with a mode that's very different from more standard reggae, especially the style of the music that would be more codified a few years later. Instead, there's a really rich sense of experimentation here – as Bunny Lee and his All Stars work on instrumental tracks, or alongside other key artists like Delroy Wilson, Rico Rodriguez, Tommy McCook, U Roy, or Winston Williams. Some tunes have amazingly trippy touches – and a few points even mix in some wild moog too – and titles include "Double Attack", "Ivan Itler The Conqueror", "Scarface", "Joe Lewis", "War", "Wet Vision", "When I Get My Freedom", "Smooth & Sorts", and "Death Rides A Horse".  ~ Dusty Groove

Bonafide Magazine @ MSN: Premiere: Jneiro Jarel – The Path (Ft. GONE)

Bonafide Magazine @ MSN: Premiere: Jneiro Jarel – The Path (Ft. GONE)

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Premiere: Jneiro Jarel – The Path (Ft. GONE)
Having produced the excellent Bonafide Beats #50 mix earlier this year, Jneiro Jarel returns with the Flora EP, blessing Bonafide again with the premiere of The Path.
The Path features JJ’s typically inventive off kilter production, with a vocal duties handled by his alias GONE.

Having appeared on the Key to the Kuffs (Butter Edition) and the Om Unit single Jus Sayin’,GONE represents a conceptual stride into the world of a morally conflicted superhero, and one that is “emblematic of an alternative to the machine/ mainstream recording industry that promotes a lot of the toxic messages and images we see permeating the music industry and radio waves today…disenchanted with mankind because of their over all apathy, GONE is torn between continuing his cause for human salvation or allowing all people to perish.” Simon Cowell and X-Factor cronies take note, GONE’s gonna’ get ya’.

The Flora EP is out November 11th on Label Who, catch the trailer below.

Beatport: Deadmau5 Takes Internet Hiatus, Moves to ‘Middle of Nowhere’ @ Musique Non Stop

Beatport: Deadmau5 Takes Internet Hiatus, Moves to ‘Middle of Nowhere’ @ Musique Non Stop

Link to Beatportal | Electronic music, charts, stories and people

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  6. Premiere: Nathan Barato, ‘Everytime I See You (Nicole Moudaber Remix)’
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As you may know, deadmau5 recently bought an expansive 118-acre estate in rural Ontario, Canada. Apparently he’s now taking his departure from “apartment life” in Toronto one step further, and removing himself from the internet altogether – for the time being, at least.

“This is it for a weeeee little while. Bags packed, and headed to LA to take care of some business, and get out to the HARD day of the deadstuffs!,” he writes in a farewell Tumblr post. “After i leave tomorrow, they start boxing up my apartment…. which has served me very well over the years. But it's time to try something a little different, and i think moving out to the middle of nowhere is going to gimme some new perspective and inspiration to get back to work on some more crazy things for 2015.”

The break is likely to be good for the mau5trap boss, as he prepares to release 5 Years of Mau5, a collection of remixes by the likes of Nero, Dillon Francis, Eric Prydz, Madeon, Botnik, Chuckie and others, on Nov. 25.
“With any luck im sure i'll find a little more solitude and peace out there as opposed to being couped up in this apartment life,” he concludes, adding that he’s going to “cool off twitter, leave the paris-ites and everything else alone just for while and screw my head back on so i can get focused on the things to come…. we got some work to do, studios to build, music to get out.”

Sounds nice. Meanwhile, catch deadmau5 at HARD Day of the Dead this weekend, playing a ghastly set with Eric Prydz at their own curated stage.

Photo by Rukes.

Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Shamir: "On the Regular"

Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Shamir: "On the Regular"

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Posted: 30 Oct 2014 07:40 AM PDT
Origin story, in two lines: "Ever since I was eight, I was attached to the mic/ Wanted a guitar before I wanted a bike." Young Shamir Bailey explains it all in "On the Regular", his first song since releasing the Northtown debut EP earlier this year and signing with XL shortly thereafter. Over cowbell and rude synths, Shamir brags about his style and lusts for butts while beaming adorkably in the accompanying video, where each boast and jibe comes with its own color or childhood toy.

The hypnotic rhythm is briefly interrupted at the bridge, as he switches from smart-aleck spaz to angelic soul in order to wail at his haters. In the video, Shamir morphs into the soft-focus Starchild and stoically poses with a baseball bat while a disco ball spins to the side, lest you think he's being self-serious. It's enough to make you shed a single, appreciative tear. Then, the rhythm snaps back as the infectious vibe completes its takeover, making the point: This is Shamir, and now we know.

URB Magazine: Diamond District Continue Their ‘March on Washington’ w/ ‘These Bammas’

URB Magazine: Diamond District Continue Their ‘March on Washington’ w/ ‘These Bammas’

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Posted: 30 Oct 2014 12:33 PM PDT
diamond district - these bammas
Last week the Washington D.C. trio consisting of Oddisee, yU and Uptown XO released their second joint effort for their album March on Washington. Praised by both fans and critics alike, March on Washington showcases the group's individual and collective growth since their first album In The Ruff, always progressing their art and creativity without alienating their core sound.
Today we're happy to share the free mp3 download for the song "These Bammas" featuring all three members on mic duties and also featuring production from Oddisee.
If you like what you hear, you can order March on Washington here.

Arca: Nothing is off limits emotionally

Hes only 24 but hip-hop producer Alejandro Ghersi, aka Arca, is already a muse for both Björk and Kanye. What do they know that we dont?

Internet commenters can be all kinds of awful, but scroll through an artists SoundCloud page and the time-stamped reactions are often as illuminating as any critics review. In the case of rising producer Arca, theres an overarching theme. Put simply its, What the actual fuck? I dont even think you are human! cries one listener, flabbergasted by Broke Up and its squiggling rave synths, which sound as if theyre gasping for life. Huhhhhhhhh, goes another, when the drowsy, pitched-down vocal of DOEP drops in, a sliver of R&B squashed under a hobnailed boot. This is just too crazy! is a common observation when his freaky beeps and blips clatter and collide.

Somewhere in there, beneath all the clattering beeps and blips, is hip-hop music, but Venezuelan-born Arca real name Alejandro Ghersi doesnt want you to have it that easy. His tracks are ambiguous and, deviating from conventional notions of melody and bass, are more likely to make you think than dance. If this sounds challenging, its the way music production is going. Arcas generation of Ableton-manglers begin their careers making hybrid R&B, hip-hop and electronic music in their bedrooms. These songs then attract the attention of pop vanguardists searching for a way to capture or, if you like, leech off the zeitgeist. The trickle-down effect is such that, once the trendsetters have had done with it, youll probably end up hearing it on the next Alexandra Burke record.

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The 2 Bears review house revival meets Rocky Horror camp

The Dome

The duo ditched their bear costumes in favour of Halloween flamboyance, paying heartfelt tribute to electro heroes from Todd Terry to the KLF

Whenever Slipknot make a comeback they get a major mask makeover, extending their head spikes by three feet and trying to out-evil the evilest Wasco Clown. Not so, cuddly house revivalists The 2 Bears. Perhaps realising that the manky bear costumes they wore throughout the campaign for their inspired debut album Be Strong, in 2012, wouldnt even survive a hefty blast of Fabreze, theyve ditched the outfits altogether and instead shrouded themselves in camp Halloween flamboyance. Their warm-up act is a military mistress wrapping the crowd in neon wool for a lesson in rave knitting, and their show gradually becomes a vast parade of sexy zombies, S&M ghouls, Twiglet-physiqued he-shes and gasmask-clad Dr Deaths. Its like Rocky Horror night at The Box.

All of which makes their shameless throwback to early-90s house music an utterly infectious experience. While his Hot Chip bandmate Alexis Taylor is off exploring the emotive world of alt-folk, Joe Goddard drenches himself in post-rave cheese. Singer Raf Rundell the chunky brickie everyman of disco divas, as glamorous as a saveloy switches from Ian Dury monotone to cracked soul croon as My Queen throbs along on rusted rimshot beats and synthetic marimba. Beyond Bear Hug, their rib-crushing pastiche of A Guy Called Geralds Voodoo Ray, theres little novelty slant to their music; the glistening pop choruses of Angel (Touch Me), Get Out and Be Strong are heartfelt tribute to the Tongian era, the latter even listing their electro heroes from Todd Terry to the KLF.

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The concerts you need to see this week (Oct. 31-Nov. 6)

This is one of the strongest coast-to-coast concert listings we've ever done, with Moka Only on one side of the country, Slowdive on the other and Austra, Tanya Tagaq and St. Lucia in the middle.


Listen to TD School Jams

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flight Facilities: Down to Earth review a familiar playlist of daydreamy hits

With years of radio-friendly singles under their belt, the Sydney electronic music duo finally release a hazy debut album

Flight Facilities reputation for feel-good singles precedes them. In fact, theyve cracked Triple Js Hottest 100 for four years straight. Now the Sydney production team of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell drop a debut album containing half of their eight singles to date. In a recent interview they addressed the singles culture eclipsing the album format, but also discussed making an album that offered more than just filler between hits. Why not make every song a single? said Lyell.

Down to Earth does feel like an attempt to pack in an albums worth of singles half familiar and half soon-to-be while still respecting the format. It begins with a mood-setting introduction playing on FFs name: We ask that you move about the cabin as much as possible, instructs a wry announcer. And while nearly two-thirds of the tracks feature a prominent guest vocalist, Gruzman and Lyell also include a few spacious tracks that reach beyond the confines of a typical single.

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[VIDEO] Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis Jr – What’s It Gonna Be?

Let me preface this by saying I fucking love Doc Daneeka. There is not a track he’s made I don’t like. As for Seven Davis Jr, “One” is an absolute GEM and I mean first “related track” that comes up on YouTube is “Deep Burnt” so you know dude is special.

The two have come together for the new single “What’s It Gonna Be?” from Daneeka’s new EP From Mine To Mistress . The single is precisely what makes the two of them so special, it’s a truly amazing collaborative effort. Doc Daneeka’s banging drums and combination of dark and light in chord progression along with SDJr’s soulful softness leave you all sorts of tingly in all the right ways. The video is just as good as the song, where Seven gets to exploit his weirdness and Doc Daneeka subtly makes his presence known by small interactions between the various worlds contained in the video. Oh, and there’s a very fun guest appearance from XXXY’s cat, why not really?

Doc Daneeka’s From Mine To Mistress EP comes out on Ten Thousand Yen on November 11th and contains four tracks. Preorder FMTM EP on iTunes

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Eyedress review Filipino freakiness unleashed

Shacklewell Arms, London

Merging LA rap and eastern atmospherics, Idris Vicuñas border-crossing live act got increasingly enthralling the more he tried to alienate his audience

For Eyedress AKA 23-year-old Filipino freakball Idris Vicuña its a night full of wonders. I can rap, oh shit! he exclaims, spitting standard hip-hop tropes, expletives and fellatio requests over compulsive beats on Snakes Never Prosper and Manila Ice. Samples, man! he gasps as a reggae guitar emanates from his DJs laptop, Its from the future! Were basically cheating on stage!

Leaping into the crowd to dance, if this sticky pub backroom in Dalston seems like a brave new world to Vicuña, its because it smells to him less of stale microbrewery lagers and moustache wax, and more of emancipation. Having been held in Manila by red tape while married to a Japanese woman, signed to French and UK labels via Skype and airmailed contracts, and endured a failed teenage move to California hence his LA slacker banter about how the lack of a moshpit is weak and if someone gave me some weed Id play for 50 hours , his punkish snarls speak of a bitter, caged creative unleashed, and his music batters borders, too. His opening brace of rap tracks merge urgent South Central polemic with misty eastern atmospherics and cavernous soul hooks, and when he moves on to sing about missing his wife on Tokyo Ghost, he becomes a witch-house poltergeist, pining in spectral falsetto over slo-mo J-pop.

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The Tokyo Jazz Dozen #51 - October 2014

Later than usual, due to my move and a lack of regualt internet connection, this month's dozen features a couple of new gems from Japan's Playwright label, some other contemporary grooves as well as some recent(ish) re-issues. Enjoy!

Jungle - Yosuke Onuma (from GNJ on T5Jazz 2014)

Visions - Gideon van Gelder (from Lighthouse on P-Vine 2014)

Mau Mau - Art Farmer Septet (from Jazz Club on BGP 2014)

Destroy The Nihilist Picnic - London Experimental Jazz Quartet (from Spiritual Jazz 5: The World 2014)

Benny's Bubble - Tim Langedijk Trio (from Acenja on Tim Langedijk 2014)

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Olli Ahvenlahti (from The Poet on Mr Bongo 2014 re-issue)

Pep's - The Fabulous Three (from The Best Of ... on Truth And Soul 2009)

41 Bernhard - Kerbside Collection (from Mind The Curb on Legere Recodrings 2013)

Together In Paris (from Marco Di Marco Selection by Jazztronik on Village Again 2014)

Nica's Dream - bohemianvoodoo (from Family - V.A. on Playwright 2014)

Gloria's Step - Pietro Ciancaglini, David Kikoski, Ferenc Nemeth (from Second Phase on Via Veneto Jazz/Jando Music 2014)

World Traveller - Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel (from Cosm'ethic on Jazz Refreshed 2013)

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Auxy review the latest app aiming for a hit from iPad music-making

Now anyone can sound like Kraftwerk falling down a flight of stairs, but thats not something that should worry musicians

Right now, my workroom sounds like Kraftwerk falling down a flight of stairs, albeit only after their roadies had de-tuned a couple of their keyboards first. And its all the fault of a new tablet app called Auxy.

Released for iPad today, its the work of a Swedish startup of the same name, which is aiming to give spreadsheet music making the boot. By which it means over-complex music creation tools that are about as fun to work with as an Excel doc.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[GDD™ EVENTS] Galantis, Booka Shade, and The Interns At The Mayan Nov. 3rd


Don’t call it a Day Of The Dead Afterparty but the gang’s all there! Fresh off their festival sets at the Fairplex this weekend, Booka Shade and Galantis are co-headlining a post festivus show at The Mayan the following Monday. Galantis burst onto the scene after their gigantic Coachella set and have been releasing hit after hit ever since. Booka is up there with the all time festival greats, known for their action packed live sets and other worldly DJ sets, it’s safe to say the combination of the two will make for a memorable evening. To top the show off, get there early for opening vibes courtesy of The Interns who’s debut mixtape proved that even with their day jobs, they’ve still got soul! Buy tickets HERE.

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Young Fathers win Britain’s prestigious Mercury Prize

The Barclayland Mercury Prize has just been handed out, and it went to the genre-bending trio Young Fathers for their album Dead.

First formed in Edinburgh in 2008, the group comprises Kayus Bankole, Graham Hastings and Alloysious Massaquoi, and together they blend a host of influences from hip-hop to electronic music to African styles.

As one website put it, they "possess that which makes the best British acts truly special: a singular identity born of multinational mixology."

The group beat albums by acts including Damon Albarn, Bombay Bicycle Club, and the odds-on favourite FKA Twigs.

The prestigious prize, which also comes with a cheque for over $30,000, is awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is open to all genres, including pop, rock, folk, urban, dance, jazz, blues, electronica and classical.

Like the Polaris Prize in Canada, the nomination shortlists and winners are decided by an independent panel of musicians, music executives, journalists and other music industry representatives, and a win usually means a significant bump in album sales.

Past winners include James Blake (2013), Alt-J (2012), PJ Harvey (2011 and 2001), Franz Ferdinand (2004), Gomez (1998), Portishead (1995) and Primal Scream (1992).

Want to hear what all the fuss is about? Here is Young Fathers' video for the single "Get Up":

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Tulisa - Living without You: video premiere

Following a year of public scrutiny, the pop star and former N-Dubz member returns with a new single. Watch the video premiere of the song here and let us know your thoughts

The respective members of pop rap trio N-Dubz have endured all manners of misfortune and misdemeanours since the groups indefinite hiatus began in 2012 - Dappy has had various run-ins with the law (not to mention a horse), Fazer faced financial woes and Tulisa, well, its probably best surmised in Marina Hydes Lost in Shobiz column from 2013, or in Simon Hattenstones exclusive interview with her after the Sun on Sundays sting.

Now Tulisa Contostavlos prepares to re-enter the world of music, and her first step into the publics consciousness comes in the form of Living without You. The video - premiered here and directed by Life Garland (creative force behind Rihanna and Eminem, Lil Wayne, Tyga) - provides a backdrop for the track, a kind of vamped-up reinvention of Living Joys Dreamer. Featuring Fazer on the piano, the Gaga-esque video follows Tulisa as she vacantly glides through the mundanities of fame - the endless flashlights and constant cloud of topless male dancers voguing.

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Emeli Sande, Nicki Minaj, Ladysmith Black Mambazo enlisted for David Guetta's new album

EDM overlord returns with his most personal album ever, entitled Listen and featuring a host of eclectic artists

Emeli Sandé, Nicki Minaj and Ladysmith Black Mambazo are among the contributors to David Guettas new album. The French dance producer calls Listen his most personal album ever, made from the heart and outside [his] comfort zone.

Listen was announced on Tuesday 28 October, two months after Lovers On The Sun, its lead single, topped the UK charts. I could have chosen to repeat the style that has become so successful for me, but I wanted to grow as a producer and push myself to the limit, Guetta said in a statement. Instead of writing tracks on the computer, he composed songs using piano and acoustic guitars, turning the best material into dance cuts. [I wanted to] create songs that stand up whether played by a DJ, a rock band or an orchestra, he explained.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The mixtape: Tkay Maidza, FourPlay, Bluejuice, Mariah Carey and more

In the first of a new weekly playlist from Guardian Australia, teen rapper Tkay Maidza brings the party, FourPlay makes movie music and Bluejuice go out with a whoopee-cushion bang

Adelaide-based Tkay Maidza has been turning heads with her dancefloor-friendly rap, which belongs squarely in the camp of MIA and Azealia Banks. This month she stepped into the international arena with a tour of the US and UK. Word is she was the standout performance at CMJ 2014s Australian showcase. Her new song Switch Lanes (produced by Gold Coasts Paces) throws in some soulful R&B singing something different from her usual bratty rap (as she calls it) care of the very radio-ready U-Huh. She returns home in November for a national tour.

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Mercury nominees 2014: Young Fathers

They might not be the favourites to take home this years prize, but this Edinburgh electro trio could win votes for their genre-straddling music and Mercury-friendly backstory

Who? Experimental trio from Edinburgh whose music generates a meltdown from critics who try to describe their colossal genre-straddling. The NME said they were locked somewhere between De La Soul and 3T, but reimagined for the hipster generation, while the Skinny described them as a Liberian/Nigerian/Scottish psychedelic hip-hop electro boy band. Young Fathers are lloysious Massaquoi, born in Liberia, Kayus Bankole, whose parents are Nigerian migrants, and Graham G Hastings, who hails from Edinburghs Drylaw housing estate. They met at an under-16s hip-hop event in Edinburgh. After an attempt as an R&B boy band during their younger years weve all been there they formed Young Fathers, making military marching anthems that combine hip-hop, pop, rock and African music, as well as all sorts of bleeps, fuzz and melodies.

The album: Dead

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Dom Servini in London on 27/11

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Unherd Radio Show No.31 27/10/14

Listen again here!

Vintage Vinyl Special

1st Hour


The Futures – Ain’t No Time Fa Nothing (PIR)

Chocolate Milk – Time Machine (RCA)

Betty Davis – Your Mama Wants Ya Back (Just Sunshine)

Earth, Wind & Fire – Earth, Wind & Fire (CBS)

Cleveland Eaton & The Garden of Eaton – Keep Love Alive (Ovation)

Charles Earland – Betty’s Theme (Prestige)

Black Sugar – Too Late (Sono Radio)

Super George & The Super Band – Fantasy (Paddle Wheel / King)

Dieter Reith – Wade In The Water (Cornet)

Alan Tew – Helicop (Wax Poetics)

Maynard Ferguson – Mambo La Mans (Roulette)

Norman Harris – I Wish (PIR)

Robert Watson – Reachin’ Searchin’ (Roulette)

Count Basie & his Orchestra – Hang On Sloopy (Coral)

2nd Hour


Johnny King & The Fatback Band – Peace, Love Not War (Kenny Dope Extended Mix) (Kay-Dee)

Executive Suite – you Got It (Part One) (Polydor)

Cory – Take It Or Leave It (Phantom)

Southern Energy Ensemble – F-U-N-K-Y Til The Day I Die (Black Fire)

Creative Source – You Can’t Hide Love (Sussex)

The Best of Both Worlds – 50-50 (Calla)

Clea Bradford – My Love’s a Monster (Cadet)

The Futures – Castles In The Sky (Buddah)

Ingram – That’s All (H&L)

Clifford Nyren – Keep Running Away (Egon’s Extended Edit) (Soul Cal)

Ray Munnings – Jump In The Water (Tammi)

Hidden Strength – Why Does It Feel So Good To Me (United Artists)

The Stovall Sisters – Hang On In There (Reprise)

Corky McClerkin – Searchin’ For The Soul (Wincor)

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Jamie xx is gearing up for first solo album

As the xx start work on the follow up to 2012s Coexist, the enigmatic member takes a sidestep with his own electronic record, built around three years worth of music

Jamie xx is putting the finishing touches on his first solo album. As the xx begin work on their third studio LP, their most enigmatic member is preparing to release three years worth of his own electronic music.

Jamie xxs debut full-length follows several years of singles, remixes and DJ mixes as well as 2011s Were New Here, where he remixed 13 songs by Gil Scott-Heron.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

The playlist: new bands Bossy Love, Honne, Purple + more

Bossy Love serve up Prince on a trampoline, Owlle gets creepy, Attaque purveys shoegaze electronica and Purple shouts in your face

Many indie musicians need day jobs these days, it seems: Fran OHanlon of Ajimal is a doctor, Catherine AD is a lecturer and writer. Now Bossy Love provides further proof of the trend. The duo comprises the singer Amandah, said to be a mechanical scientist, and John Baillie Jr, former drummer with Glasgow indie outfit Dananananaykroyd, who is a part-time barbecue restaurateur. Despite juggling occupations, theyre left with heaps of energy if Sweat It Out is anything to go by an infectious pop-funk ditty that has been described as sounding like Prince on a trampoline. It comes from their forthcoming mixtape, Holidates, which the pair say feels like a journey through electronic music from 1981 right up to now and will include a Janet Jackson cover. Sweat It Up is being touted as their first release, although there is an EP, Me + You, on Bandcamp, which is electro-pop but not quite as furiously fizzy. Must be something in the BBQ.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mercury Prize nominees: what my album means to me

From Damon Albarn to Anna Calvi, from Jungle to Polar Bear, this years contenders for the coveted award tell us about their nominated albums

Anna Calvi on One Breath (Domino)

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One to watch: Niia

The jazz lover who sang jingles and toured with Wyclef Jean is ready to break out on her own

When 26-year-old Niia Bertino, known mononymously as Niia, was a child her family a classical pianist mother, opera singer grandmother, Juilliard-educated aunts, jazz piano prodigy for a cousin and so on would hold family concerts. Often Niia would sing with her back to them, crippled by shyness and intimidated by her musical lineage. Thats why there are singers who I admire who just own their extroverted behaviour, she says on the phone from Los Angeles, where she is preparing for the release of her debut EP Generation Blue, a suite of intricately crafted, swooning pop that brings to mind a more symphonic Jessie Ware (its first single, Body, has had more than 30,000 Soundcloud plays in two weeks). I started singing because it made me feel better but I didnt realise people would want to see me do that.

Raised in Massachusetts and educated in a strict Catholic school, Niia describes her younger self as a weird 13-year-old listening to Sarah Vaughan whod spend lonely summers at big band jazz camp. Inspired by Vaughans vocal dexterity she fell in love with female jazz singers, eventually winning a place at New Yorks New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. In New York I realised I could be comfortable being a bit more extroverted with my strangeness, she says. Suddenly Im with these kids who have green hair and theyre 18 and Im like your mum let you dye your hair green? and theyre all I dont care what my mum thinks. I embraced that freedom. So much so that she dropped out after a year, spending her time organising and performing at Bond-themed pop-up gigs and paying the bills by singing advertising jingles.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

DJ Sprinkles: Music is the least interesting thing about clubs

Meet Terre Thaemlitz, the transgender clubland renegade who wants to take house music back to its near-forgotten queer roots

Go to any big house night today and theres a fair chance that youll come away with the image of muscle lads in plunging vest tops, students selfie-ing in front of the speakers, and a million Disclosure remixes imprinted on your hangover. As the genre continues to commodify itself faster than you can say Duke Dumont, these events can often feel tediously hetero and geezered out, a million miles away from house musics roots in queer club culture, when clubs were spaces for activism and social change as well as escapism.

Thats the bone that transgender DJ and producer Terre Thaemlitz has to pick with todays house music boom. It seems that the queer factor of todays house events is really low, she says. If youre in the US and its a straight, white club then its just a fucking nightmare. These events are the celebration grounds for heteronormativity. There is a historic connection between queerness and deep house, and also things like transgenderism and vogue, that, to me, was really important and its utterly absent. Its not just about the music having broader appeal, either: It has to do with this cultural shift away from the necessity to actually have clubs function as safe spaces for different types of sexual enactment.

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Listen to John Peel's electronic and dance stash from the late 90s

The winner of 600 records from the late DJs collection has posted a two-hour podcast to mark the 10th anniversary of Peels death on 25 October. Highlights include tracks by Boards of Canada and Daft Punk

In 1998, John Peel ran a competition on his BBC Radio 1 show in which the prize was a huge haul of 600 dance and electronic 12-inch records. The stash, from his own personal vault, had been gathering dust at Peel Acres, his home in Suffolk, and included classics from Boards of Canada, Speedy J, Daft Punk, Ben Sims and the Stay Up Forever Collective.

As a contribution to John Peel Day on 25 October which marks 10 years since the DJ died the winner of these 600 discs, who wishes to remain anonymous, has launched a two-hour mix featuring his favourites from the collection. It is a journey through the late 90s sounds of downtempo, techno, acid techno, experimental electronica, big beat, tech house, dub techno and drumnbass. Also included is the story of how the records arrived in his life.

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Mercury nominees 2014: Polar Bear

The previous nominees trail a host of jazz-world accolades, but have marshalled influences including hip-hop and electronica for their latest tilt at the award

Who? Seb Rochford, Pete Wareham, Mark Lockheart, Tom Herbert and Leafcutter John are the British two-sax group, who waited four years to release the follow-up to their fourth album, Peepers. Incorporating more electronica into their sound with this album, not to mention industrial and even the odd hip-hop beat, their music is rooted in jazz but not restricted by its form. Theyre also part of the music community the F-IRE Collective and Polar Bears members operate in a variety of separate solo and group ventures, most notably the voluminous haired Rochford, who the Quietusdescribed as the one degree of separation between Brett Anderson and Herbie Hancock, Yoko Ono and Peter Doherty, Brian Eno and Adele.

The album: In Each and Every One

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The Spaceape obituary

Influential dubstep MC who expanded the boundaries of an emerging genre

The Spaceape, who has died of cancer aged 44, was a poet, vocalist and MC from London who took the Jamaican dub poetry tradition into a new and experimental age. Born Stephen Gordon, he made a series of recordings as The Spaceape both in his own right and with others including the pioneering DJ, producer and academic Kode9 and the Mercury Prize-nominated electronic artist Burial that defined dubstep, the bass-heavy soundtrack to much of 21st-century youth culture.

Gordons vocals appeared on a track also called Spaceape on Burials eponymous 2006 album. It showcased his spare, menacing, patois vocal style, characterised by the Pitchfork website as a ten-ton doomsayer croak. At a time when the vogue among MCs in London was for boastful verse and catchy, testosterone-fuelled slogans, Gordon forged a different path, specialising in intense, demanding lyrics, and often employing sci-fi imagery, combined with a distinctive sense of looming apocalypse.

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Concerts you need to see this week (Oct. 24-30)

Pop is still exploding in Halifax and we still really want everyone in Canada to see both Chromeo and Tanya Tagaq. It's just another great week in live music across Canada.


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Thursday, October 23, 2014



It’s no mystery that Calvin Harris created another hit in his radio single “Blame”, but Chicago-based Good Life have taken the chart-topper and given it the deeper transformation it needed. The pop vocals of John Newman get covered into a down-tempo Tropical house vibe, leaving the track stripped of its big room energy and into a dark and sexier tone. Spreading their “Good Life” mantra, they offer it for FREE DOWNLOAD, and here’s what they had to say:

“Sometimes you make decisions that feel so necessary and so right in that moment you don’t realize that you’re making a huge mistake. That’s what this song is about. It’s about being so caught up in the night and what you’re doing that you completely forget that your actions will linger when the sun comes up. And the only explanation you have is the fact that the night just simply took over.”

Good People + Good Vibes = Good Life


Good Life on




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Paper Tiger with Nightmares on Wax in Manchester on 8/11

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Example review a bouncy singalong workout

Academy, Newcastle

The audience jumps obediently to Examples hyperactive command in a high-energy gig that works best when keeping things light

Here we go! yells Elliott Gleave, aka Example, as the Newcastle masses take their cue to put their hands in the air, clamber on each others shoulders and scream along for all their worth. Theres certainly a lot to scream along with: uplifting rave synths, lots of whoah whoas and huge choruses. If the music is somewhere between Calvin Harris and 90s rave act Faithless, the man in the designer T-shirt is part personal trainer, part hyperactive Butlins Redcoat, inciting the audience into a bouncing competition one minute, and telling them to shout oh-oh! the next.

This formula has served Example very well, oiling his ascent from Fulham rapper signed to Mike Skinners The Beats label to the upper echelons of the top 40. There have been bumps even bounces along the way. Mostly, he seems to be struggling to repeat the enormous success of 2011s Playing in the Shadows, or come up with something other than bouncy soundtracks to a lads night out. His more troubled lyrics are full of unconvincing cliches about keeping enemies closer and the like, although its hard to appear dark when your stage act is a barrage of strobes.

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Tanya Tagaq to Morrissey: 15 musicians' political fashion statements

Many equate fashion with frivolity, but musicians have always used fashion to make powerful political statements. From Lady Gaga's meat dress to Tanya Tagaq's sealskin cuffs to Morrissey's latest tees, there is no shortage of eye-popping examples.

So which ones are the most memorable? Open the gallery to find out.

Check out the rest of the great content for Music and Fashion week, updated daily.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paris Hilton earns up to $1m for a single DJ set

My mother always told me its not polite to discuss money, but its true, reality star told press. Im very proud. Ive worked hard

Paris Hilton now earns up to $1 million per night as a celebrity DJ. The often-derided former reality TV star, who says her music is her passion, regularly plays at clubs in China, Dubai and Ibiza.

I dont want to be bragging, but its great to be paid well for what you love doing, Hilton told the New York Post. Amid reports that she had received $2.7m (£1.6m) for a four-night residency at Ibizas Amnesia club, Hilton confirmed that she sometimes receives as much as $1 million (£620,000) for a single DJ appearance. My mother always told me its not polite to discuss money, but its true, she said. Im very proud. Ive worked hard.

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Halloween came early for you kids, the yung dirty bird Justin Jay has gotta treat for you!

“Dirtybird’s 10 year anniversary is creepin up which is crazy. Can’t believe the label’s been doing its thing for 10-years. I wish I’d been in on it since I was 11, but I was getting down to jamz like this at the time so I can’t really complain. With Halloween coming up, this just had to happen….”Justin Jay


Justin Jay on





via Gotta Dance Dirty http://www.gottadancedirty.com/2014/10/22/free-download-d4l-laffy-taffy-justin-jays-halloween-edit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=free-download-d4l-laffy-taffy-justin-jays-halloween-edit

Unherd Radio Show No. 30 20/10/14

Listen again here!

1st Hour


Galt MacDermot Vs Roisin Murphy – The Truth (Alakino Edit) (Unreleased)

Album of the Week

Emma Donovan & The PutBacks – My Goodness (Hope Street)

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – Moscow Night Life (First Word)

Coban Yildizi – Lodestar (Arsivplak)

Sinkane – How We Be (City Slang)

The Ephemerals – You Made Us Change (Jalapeno)

Cornel Campbell – Rainbow Country (Jam Tone)

Ticklah – El Dia De Suerte (NYCT)

Q.A.S.B. + Ryuhei The Man – Never Did I Stop Loving You (Soul Garden Records)

Pays Bass – I Got You (Unreleased)

Boogaloo Assassins – No, No, No (Sicario Records)

Gerardo Frisina – Medley – Eastern Vibration – Shout It Out (Schema)

Kindness – World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade (Female Energy Records)

2nd Hour


James Vincent McMorrow – When I Leave (Believe)

Dorian Concept – The Few (Ninja Tune)

Album of the Week

Emma Donovan & The PutBacks – Black Woman (Hope Street)

Dollar Brand – Ishmael (Enja)

Prequel – The Test Dream (Rhythm Section)

Pati Jo – Aint No Love Lost (Jr Dynamite Re-edit) (Unreleased)

Cajun Hart – Got To Find A Way (Warner Bros)

Misa Blam – Uvelo Lisce (Beograd Disk)

M.A.S.H. – Jazz Madacine (CT-HI Records)

Alice Russell – Breakdown feat. Darondo (De Felic Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

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Unherd Radio Show No.29 13/10/14

Listen again here!

1st Hour


Bonobo – Cirrus (live) (Ninja Tune)

Fybe:One – Deceiver feat. Zelda Marshall (Shades of Grey)

Prequel – Searching (Rhythm Section)

Flowers – For Real (Edit) (Mellow Mellow, Right On)

Jimmy Chambers – You Can’t Fight It (Riccio Re-rub) (Fly By Night)

Deadly Sins – Get Off My Sister (KAT)

Hackney Colliery Band – Money (Wah Wah 45s)

Stepak-Takraw – Phat Fat Jackson (Soul Garden)

Inell Young – What Do You See In Her? (Libra)

Explosions – Garden of Four Trees (Gold Cup)

The Mighty Sceptres – Sting Like a Bee (Ubiquity)

Ole Miss Down Beats – Geraldine (BBE)

2nd Hour


Alice Russell – I’m The Man That Will Find You (Tru Thoughts)

Caribou – Silver (Merge)

Ptaki – Warsaw (Young Adult)

Dali – Fine Young Man (Record Breakin’)

Lea Lea – Dry (Wah Wah 45s)

Paul White – Where You Gonna Go? (Andres Remix) (One Handed)

Aroop Roy – Xica de Silva (G.A.M.M.)

The Dangerfield Newbies – What Am I Here For? (Bandcamp)

Waifs & Strays – Just Don’t Know (OfUnSoundMind)

Elijah Collins – The Hardest feat. D.ablo (Unreleased)

Klaves – People (PMR Records)

Caribou – Our Love (Merge)

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Dom Servini at Klub 20/44 on 14/11

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Resonators at the TranMusicales in Rennes on 05/12

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Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Sleater-Kinney: "Bury Our Friends"

Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Sleater-Kinney: "Bury Our Friends"

Link to Best New Tracks - Pitchfork

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 10:00 AM PDT
Sleater-Kinney were around for longer than the Beatles. Still, for many, it was not long enough. Nowadays, it is rare that we wish "the reunion circut" upon bands that have almost unanimously been annointed as sacred. But one great rock song in, and Sleater-Kinney 2.0 is an audibly purposeful return: a looping and instantly memorable Carrie Brownstein riff, her iconic vocal overlap with the Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss' swoop carrying us into the future. Of course, they've all kept active since Sleater-Kinney ended in 2006—Tucker with solo records and an as-yet-unrevealed collaboration with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, Weiss playing in Quasi and the Jicks—and Brownstein was writing some of the best songs of her career with Wild Flag, complementing her well-earned fame on "Portlandia", which now precedes her. "Creativity is about where you want your blood to flow," Brownstein told NPR today. "Because in order to do something meaningful and purposefule there has to be life inside of it."

The aliveness is palpable on "Bury Our Friends". As ever, there is no direct line to be drawn to any previous formulation of the band. But working with their longtime collaborator, producer John Goodmanson, there are more hints at the charged and streamlined power of the Dig Me Out era than the epic proportions of 2005's The Woods. Rather, this clear-signed shout-along chorus makes Sleater-Kinney sound as if they indeed roam the Earth with us, reborn but ever-conscious of worldly matters, critiquing the inert dread of "our own Gilded Age" but never weighed down by the details: "Exhume our idols! Bury our friends! We're wild and weary but we won't give in!" In 2006, Sleater-Kinney offered no tangible reason to believe their energy had diffused, but it continues here, as if no time has passed at all.

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