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Bopperson at Secret Garden Party with Meat Transmission Radio on 25/07

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Bopperson at The Bussey Building on 04/07

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The Milk in Oslo (London) on 2/07

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Bopperson at All Star Lanes (Manchester) on 27/06

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GDD™ Morning Update: Kerri Chandler, TomorrowWorld, Kornél Kovács

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Kerri Chandler launches new label Kaoz Theory with compilation
TomorrowWorld Releases Phase 1 Lineup, Adding Tiesto + Steve Angello / Single Day Tickets Now On Sale
Kornél Kovács Preps EP for Numbers


Kerri Chandler launches new label Kaoz Theory with compilation

Kerri Chandler will launch a new label in June, Kaoz Theory, with a 16-track compilation called Kerri Chandler presents Kaoz Theory.

Kaoz has been a name associated with the US veteran for many years—Kaoz 6:23 was one of his earliest DJ nicknames. His latest offering will hit the shops on June 22nd, presenting 16 tracks in an unmixed format. All the music on there is new and was made especially for the release, with contributions from Chandler and fellow DC-10 regulars Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, Cirillo, Chez Damier and DJ W!ld. Detroit Swindle, Rick Wade and Fuse London’s Seb Zito have also made the cut.

01.Seth Troxler – Tubby
02. Davide Squillace – Room By the Pool
03. Matthias Tanzmann – Boxing Day
04. Kerri Chandler – Turn Off The Lights (Who’s Afraid Of The Dark)
05. Voyeur – A Problem For The Whole Solution
06. Stephane Ghenacia – MamaJunk
07. Detroit Swindle – Ballin
08. Seb Zito – Bedlam Holla
09. The Martinez Brothers – Mr Gone
10. Cirillo – Pugnet (Trittico Mix)
11. Chez Damier feat. Heart 2 Heart – Detroit 3000
12. massprod – Here To Stay
13. Lola Purple – Keep It Rollin’
14. Rick Wade – You Need Love
15. DJ W!ld – Lets Do this
16. Jerome Sydenham & Aschka -Station X (Dub Stop Mix)

Kaoz Theory will release Kerri Chandler presents Kaoz Theory on June 22nd, 2015.

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TomorrowWorld Releases Phase 1 Lineup, Adding Tiesto + Steve Angello /
Single Day Tickets Now On Sale

TW 2015 Phase 1 Headliners [5]

United States’ premier dance music festival, TomorrowWorld, announces the Phase 1 Headliner lineup including the additions of Tiesto and Steve Angello. Additionally, single day tickets are now on sale. More Headliners and artists will be announced soon.

Just a few months out from its September 25th opening, TomorrowWorld is gearing up for its massive third edition that’s set to transform Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia into an other-worldly experience unlike any other. Attendees should be prepared to step into the fairytale and immerse themselves in the mythical festival grounds, seven stages of madness, and hundreds of the world’s best artists.

TomorrowWorld tickets are on sale here.


Kornél Kovács Preps EP for Numbers


Glasgow label/collective Numbers has announced its next EP: a four-tracker fromStudio Barnhus man Kornél Kovács. A collaboration between label and producer has apparently been on the cards for some time, and with this 12″ the Swedish producer seeks to conjure up “that dream radio station where music never sleeps and the hits keep coming.” A preview video and the EP’s full tracklist can be found below ahead of Radio Koko’s full release on June 22.

A1. Lighthouse
A2. Gangsta
B1. Malon Feat. Marcus Price
B2. Pantalón

(via XLR8R)

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Laura Clock (No 55)

Rinse artist from Berlin whose spectral pop-scapes are the essence of ‘darkly divine’

Hometown: Berlin.

The lineup: Laura Clock (vocals, music).

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Hear Steve Cobby's exclusive two-hour mix for the Guardian

To mark his new album, Everliving, the former Fila Brazilia man has produced a special mix for us …

Steve Cobby has been making music for a quarter of a century now – as half of Fila Brazilia, as a solo artist, writer, remixer and producer with artists such as Radiohead, Busta Rhymes, Simple Minds and Greg Dulli. Now he’s got a new album, called Everliving (which you can buy here).

To mark Everliving – a collection of tracks that capture melancholy and warmth in equal measure (“A definitive emotional statement that dispenses with song format,” according to the writer John McCready) – he’s put together a special mix for the Guardian, with nearly two hours of music featuring Cobby himself as well as his mixes of artists including Jon Kennedy, Anchorsong, Hawke, Flash Atkins and Tricky D.

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by Guardian music via Electronic music | The Guardian

Róisín Murphy webchat – post your questions now

Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Album Review] Hot Chip Cruises With “Why Make Sense”

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British indietronica collective Hot Chip just released their sixth album.  This one is bound to suck.. right?  Flip that around baby, this album is one of the hottest tickets of the musical year.  Quirky-yet-dancy is the name of the game, and Alexis Taylor will carry you lightly through the tracklisting with his insightfully charming whines.  Read more, won’t you?

The deep, warm synths in the opening track “Huarache Lights” ensure you that everything is going to be okay.  An awesome array of synth sounds crecendo throughout, but keep coming back to this pounding foundation.  Somewhat dystopic thoughts can be inferred from the lyrics.  I mean, yeah, they’re getting old.

Hey look more super slick synth in “Love Is The Future.”  The falsetto is soulful, and the percussion is super fun.  You’ll be inexplicably delighted with a juxtaposed rap verse after the first choral break.  Still can’t shake the undertones of the robotic, automated, dystopic vox samples throughout.

An off-canter 4 count immediately sets “Started Right” apart from the first tracks of the album.  Just devastating vocal layering on this track, I dare you not to start grooving when the strings start getting plucked in the first chorus.  Again I’m so drawn to the warmth of the synth work.  My favorite line: “You make my heart feel like it’s my brain.”  Poetic AND funky.

“White Wine & Fried Chicken” is your slowburner from the album.  Despite it’s promises to be the perfect marriage of Happy Madison comedy and cuisine, this is the track I’ve had on repeat.  “Dark Night” is too smooth, the melody is just too good.  The progression of the chorus is so dance-able it’s hard to put into words.

Get your house fix with “Need You Now.”  Almost Caribou-like vibes flow throughout this one.  The vocal samples are so simple but so emotional, everything a great deep house track needs.  The range of styles of this album is truly fantastic.

The last and title track of “Why Make Sense?” really kind of brings meaning to the project title.  Taking a complete left turn from the lane they were cruising in, they introduce some harsher and heavier sounds.  The vocals remain smooth, but they’re engulfed by some really hellish synths.  In a good way, doe.

Go buy their album on iTunes.  Or vinyl you groovey groover.

Hot Chip Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website


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Future Classic at 10: from Flume to Faker, the Aussie label that could

Entire ecosystems of microglitchwitchhouse have come and gone in the decade this Sydney-based label has been putting out its precise, danceable electronica

“Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.” Gore Vidal’s vicious quip contains an essential human truth and yet whenever I reflect on the rise of Future Classic, a label set up by people I very much consider friends, it does not apply.

The Australian electronic music label was set up by Nathan McLay and his wife Jay Ryves in 2004 and they were swiftly joined by Chad Gillard soon after. Around this time Nathan was also setting up the online shop for indie-outfit Inertia as I was sitting next to him busily setting up and running their touring division.

Related: Future Classic: the dance-pop label that’s taking Down Under overground

Related: Chet Faker: my album milked my brain

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by Ben Marshall via Electronic music | The Guardian

Major Lazer: Peace Is the Mission review – Diplo and co have lost their charm

(Because Music)

Related: Major Lazer's long-awaited cartoon premieres in April

What began as a sexy, fun-filled splicing of genres under the identity of a cartoon military general has, by this third instalment, lost most of its charm. The idea behind Major Lazer, the brainchild of US producer Diplo, was to bring American stars to Jamaica, where they would get in a studio with local talent, consume local produce and create a fusion of reggae and electronic styles. The first album, Guns Don’t Kill People … Lazers Do, not only held good on the promise but also displayed a quirky sense of humour and produced stompers such as Hold the Line and Pon de Floor. Sadly, Peace Is the Mission lacks most of this stuff. The recipe is now essentially the same as any EDM album, the genre with which Diplo is closely associated, with guest stars on top and the odd dubby arpeggio underneath. Roll da Bass, Blaze Up the Fire and Too Original are the key tracks – each with buggy basslines that could double as air-raid sirens. This sound is now not only jaded – though still remarkably popular – but its ubiquity serves as a reminder of how sights have lowered since Major Lazer was first conceived.

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Jam City – 'Music is a place for freaks'

There has always been – and still is – an element of transgressive politics to dance music, says the maker of one of this year’s most acclaimed albums

From the beginning, Jack Latham was determined that the politics of his second album as Jam City would not pass people by. A short polemic written by the 26-year-old to announce Dream a Garden begins: “No hope, no future, a constant war raging in the peripheries,” and January’s video for Unhappy was a gothic agitprop collage of HSBC slogans, aspirational adverts, fires on the high street and Latham declaiming – in a denim jacket bearing the slogan “Class War”, no less – his main theme: that capitalism is making us miserable. It is unmissable also in the lyrics to Crisis, a paean to the 2011 riots, where a London of burnt-out cars, “black batons under the stars” and spitting at Foxton’s estate agents signs is juxtaposed with the redemptive power of love, solidarity and resistance.

With surprising speed after its 2011 release, Latham’s debut album Classical Curves began attracting that reverential label, “influential” – even, in its short life, “masterpiece”. Its industrial minimalism and jagged rhythms drew stylistically on underground house and grime, a backdrop on which sat some of the sculpted synths of 80s disco and vogue. Before Classical Curves was even ready for release, let alone spawning an army of bedroom producer imitators, Latham was contemplating his next move: how to bridge the gap between the disastrous politics of the world around him and his music-making (perhaps reflecting his art school background, he refers to this as “my practice”).

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by Dan Hancox via Electronic music | The Guardian

HERBERT – The Shakes: Exclusive album stream

Have a listen to the latest album from Matthew Herbert - his first dance record in almost a decade - and let us know your thoughts

Matthew Herbert’s name has become synonymous with experimental music over the last decade or so: he’s made music out of pig bones (One Pig), exploding bombs (The End Of Silence) and even an issue of the Guardian.

It’s enough to make you forget that Herbert has a past steeped in dance music, and The Shakes – his first release as HERBERT since 2006’s Scale – comes billed as his attempt to “seduce the listener back to the dance-floor”.

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by Guardian music via Electronic music | The Guardian

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The popular Los Angeles based event series Night Bass is now a record label! The first release “This Is Night Bass Vol 1″ is an exciting ride through the core sounds of the label featuring leading names in the movement of bass heavy house and garage: Jack Beats, Chris Lorenzo, DJ Q, GotSome, Taiki Nulight, Jay Robinson, Petey Clicks and label boss AC Slater. Both DJs and fans alike will all find something to love on this well rounded compilation.

Night Bass Records will showcase veteran and groundbreaking artists as well as promising up-and-comers. Following the launch fans can expect EPs from AC Slater & Sinden, DJ Q, Jay Robinson, Petey Clicks and much more. Poised to become an influential global brand, Night Bass captures a precise sound while still encompassing many styles through a common thread. Listen below to NBD001 and pick it up when it drops June 30th!

1. AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo – “Fly Kicks”
2. Jack Beats – “Wild Fire”
3. AC Slater & Petey Clicks – “Got Damn”
4. DJ Q – “Madness”
5. Jay Robinson – “Gloom”
6. AC Slater & GotSome – “Move It Back”
7. Taiki Nulight – “Check Out Time”

Label Launch Party // Los Angeles // May 28
This Thursday, Night Bass will celebrate its label launch party @ Sound Nightclub in Hollywood.

Night Bass on
Official Site

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GDD™ Morning Update: Disclosure, Jamie xx, Get Physical

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• Hear the First Official Single From Disclosure‘s Forthcoming Album
• Jamie xx Streams In Colour as Visual Album
Get Physical announces Hausmusik Vol. 2


Hear the First Official Single From Disclosure’s Forthcoming Album

Disclosure have just dropped ‘Holding On’ ft. Gregory Porter, which is set to be the first single from their forthcoming album.

After teasing us with ‘Bang That’ on Annie Mac’s Radio One show on May 1st, the boys have dropped what is set to be the first release from their hotly anticipated follow up to 2013’s ‘Settle’, and the good news is that it sounds an awful lot like Disclosure.

Everything from the muted, womping bassline to the soulful topline and the acidic, trebbling chorus build couldn’t have been produced by anyone else, so for any fans feeling that ‘Bang That’ was a bit too severe of a departure from their patented verse-chorus-verse, radio-friendly dance music, this one’s for you.

Check out the ‘Holding On’ below.

(via Mixmag)


Jamie xx Streams In Colour as Visual Album

Jamie xx‘s debut solo album In Colour is out June 1 via Young Turks. It features “Girl”“Sleep Sound”“Loud Places” (with the xx’s Romy), “Gosh”, and “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” featuring Young Thug and Popcaan.

Stream the whole album now, with accompanying visuals, via iTunes.

Watch the video for “Gosh”:

(via Pitchfork)


Get Physical announces Hausmusik Vol. 2


The Berlin label launched the series last year with the idea of curating music well-suited for home enjoyment. As with last year’s Hausmusik Vol. 1, much of the music on the forthcoming collection has seen release in one form or another. The label says they’re “all for professional sound systems and sweaty dance floors, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like one’s own living room and an intimate selection of people and music.” Highlights include Nyack, NY producer Steve Moore‘s remix ofHolden, Francesco Tristano‘s “Ongaku” (the opener from the Spanish artist’s Body Language mix) and WhoMadeWho‘s “There’s A Way,” off their just released Ember EP.

Check out “There’s A Way” below.

01. Holden – Renata (Steve Moore Remix)
02. Draugr – Throwing Snow feat. Knox
03. Ultima Vez – MKRNI (Andesground Remix II)
04. Back To My First Heroes – Kadebostan
05. Howling – Signs (Radioslave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix)
06. Shaping Our Own Reality – YokoO
07. Faith – Faktorm
08. M.A.N.D.Y. – Miss Jonson
09. Francesco Tristano – Ongaku
10. WhoMadeWho – There’s A Way
11. The Stepkids – Desert In The Dark
12. Clarian – Open Your Eyes
13. Fran Seven – At Least
14. Chrome Sparks – Enter The Chrome Forest

Get Physical will release Hausmusik Vol. 2 on June 26th, 2015.

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[Free Download] CAPPA – Killin’ It (Eau Claire Remix)

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The latest from Eau Claire is absolutely massive. She’s ventured to remix CAPPA and it’s really paid off.  This free download is yours for the taking, so stream the track and grab it below.  Want more?  Make sure to check otu Eau Claire at Splash House in August!

“Remixing is often like working on a jigsaw puzzle; I love the challenge of finding the right mix that suits the original artist while infusing my own flavors. Without taking away from the emotion of her vocals, I wanted to rework Carla’s single into a summer ready anthem. After coming up with five different versions of “Killin’ It” I landed on this final version when all the pieces came together into one cohesive track. Catch her debut album release coming next week!”

Eau Claire Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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  1. Hackney Colliery Band – Hackney Colliery Band (Wah Wah 45s Test LP)
  2. Adam Port – E Sound (Edit) (Keinemusik DL)
  3. Scrimshire – As You Pass Me By feat. Daudi Matsiko (Bandcamp DL)
  4. Saun & Starr – Big Wheel (Daptone Promo DL)
  5. Jeb Loy Nichols – Katie Blue (City Country City Promo DL)
  6. A.S.B. – Fly (Soul Garden 7)
  7. DJ Vas – Hold On Me (EDR 12)
  8. Margie Joseph – Margie Moves Mountains (Scrimshire Edit) (Dubplate 7)
  9. Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman (Kon / Reflex Edits) (Star Time 12)
  10. Roots Manuva – Like a Drum (Big Dada Promo DL)

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  1. The Gene Dudley Group – I’ve Changed feat. E (from Myron & E) (Wah Wah 45s Test 7)
  2. Chassol – Big Sun (Tricatel Promo CD)
  3. Ptaki – What Does it Take? (Magic Wand)
  4. Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Sunshine (Al Dobson Jr Reprise) (Five Easy Pieces 12)
  5. Werkha – Falling Through the Wall (Tru Thoughts Promo CD)
  6. Wganda Kenya – Shakalode (Autonomous Africa Vintage 12)
  7. Rachel Modest – I Who Have Nothing (ATA Free DL)
  8. Lay-Far – Bouncy Lady (Lay-Far Refix) (Basic Fingers 12)
  9. Izem – Agua Viva feat. Nina Miranda (Promo DL)
  10. Essex Rascals – Floor Fish Wall Telly EP (Essex Rascals 12)

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The magic of Croydon: is London's punchline having the last laugh?

When the capital banned skyscrapers in the 1960s, Croydon stepped in with concrete towers and flyovers that made it a byword for urban devastation. Fifty years later, this most unloved suburb may finally be ready to love itself

When David Bowie wanted to summarise all he found dreary, drab and stifling, there was only place he could turn. “It represented everything I didn’t want in my life, everything I wanted to get away from,” he told Q magazine in 1999. “I think it’s the most derogatory thing I can say about something: ‘God, it’s so fucking Croydon.’”

Bowie, whose personality was shaped in the electrifying cultural climate of Bromley, is not alone. Croydon has such a poor reputation that its name has become a neologism for the self-destruction of a town centre – Croydonisation. The town’s inhabitants can exhibit a lowliness bordering on self-loathing. “It could have been worse,” says Bob Stanley, whose band Saint Etienne was formed in Croydon. “In the Domesday Book it was called Crogdene. Imagine if it was still called that.”

'In the Domesday Book it was called Crogdene. Imagine if it was still called that?'

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by Peter Watts via Electronic music | The Guardian

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[Free Download] Hunter Siegel – Still Waiting Ft. Delaney Jane

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It seems like Hunter Siegel can’t produce a bad track.  High energy house tunes are his game, blending elements of the classic and future.  His latest is a huge one featuring the vocals of Delaney Jane.  “Still Waiting” carries a unique and mysterious vibe coupled with some hard hitting future stabs.  Truly catered for the dance floor, this one can be yours for free.  Download the track below, and look out for more heaters from Hunter Siegel.

Hunter Siegel Facebook | Soundcloud | TwitterDownload

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After a long holiday weekend, we’re back with the 4th week of horoscope readings from Main Course‘s  Astronomar…. each week we giveaway a new track from the label, while Astronomar and special guest Hasse De Moor personally gives astrological readings for DJs & producers alike. This go round Mar delivers a VIP blend of 2 classic bangers: Seductive’s “Underground Sound” vs. Solid Groove’s remix of “Do You Remember House”. The product is hot, pumping, and rave ready! Grab it below via ToneDen and prepare to be mesmerized by your weekly horoscope reading!

Do You Remember Underground House (Astronomar Blend)
Blaze – Do You Remember House (Solid Groove Remix) vs Seductive – Underground Sound

Astronomar & Hasse De Moor’s Horoscope Readings #4

Be openminded, trying new genres will help you expand your creativity flow.

Focus on what YOU want, taking on advice from others is fine but remember that it’s important to stick with your fundamentals

Copying and stealing ideas from others might help you get some more followers, just make sure you’ll still be able to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and be happy

Remember, there is a certain peacefulness that comes with non-malicious ignorance. Try not to freak out when you see the same people headlining every festival and just have a good time with your friends.

Bedroom producers, listen to your mom or neighbors when they tell you to turn down your volume because it helps for a peaceful environment and everybody will be happy

You might want to upload your new deep house track with a Toneden “follow to download” gate to increase your stats, but realize everyone is making deep house at the moment. Uploading some kuduro-trap hybrid edits will help you stand out in people’s feeds.

Its all about the small details. If you are going to customize your “Buy Link Title’ button on your new bootleg on Soundcloud, be sure to use ALL CAPS so its legible.

Focus on the people that really mean something to you this week; if lots of people are texting you for guest list, make sure your true friends (not only industry folk) get priority this weekend

Your socials were great last week! Feel free to spend a few hours today digging for memes and scheduling some posts on your Facebook page

If you find yourself borrowing kicks from Wiwek tracks recently, you should maybe think about checking some YouTube tutorials and learning how to make your own kicks. They will add so much more personality to your new jungle terror banger!

If you are still having trouble getting backstage at the club, you need to realize this is because you don’t have a personal relationship with those who can give you that access. you need to bring something to the table, aside from an unquenchable thirst

Don’t forget to renew your Soundcloud account!

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Back from holiday weekend with a bang – our Miami brethren Damaged Goods just flipped the recent Spinnin’ Deep chart topper “Blinded” by Lucas & Steve, taking the chord driven hit into future house overdrive. Stripped of the vocal and focusing more on the melody and punch, the original radio friendly version is now perfect for the club. Listen below and grab it for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Damaged Goods on

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Nozinja – Nozinja Lodge: exclusive album stream

Have a listen to Nozinja Lodge, the debut album by Shangaan electro pioneer Richard Mthethwa, and let us know your thoughts

Anyone who knows anything about the rapid-fire strain of South African dance music called Shangaan electro will already be well acquainted with Nozinja.

For almost a decade, the producer has been busy pioneering the genre’s sound, which mixes frantic dance rhythms with high-pitched electronics, Afro-futurist flavours and the soulful melodies of traditional South African music.

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by Guardian music via Electronic music | The Guardian

Wah Wah Radio Show – May 2015

ww radio logo colour (website crop)

An eclectic collection as always. Exclusive album tracks from The Gene Dudley Group and Dele Sosimi ahead of their album releases this summer. Plus gig news up and down the country for all your favourite Wah Wah artists. Enjoy!

Wah Wah Radio – May 2015 by Wah Wah 45s on Mixcloud

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The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD: listen

The Orb return with a new album next month – and we’ve got an exclusive preview edit of their ‘eight-legged lunar Land Rover’

In the mood for something cosmic? We’re happy to oblige. The Orb are back on 22 June with a new album, Moonbuilding 2703 AD, and we’ve got an exclusive preview edit from the album for you.

Alex Paterson explains: “It’s a solid piece of music that mutates into an eight-legged lunar Land Rover and takes off into a cosmic horizon of a million sounds, patterns and textures. It spins the listener on his/her head, rewiring their brains to maximum capacity, then brings them home, sweet home.”

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Five albums to try this week: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the Vaccines and more

Stream new music, from Maya Jane Coles’ house beats to Empire’s hip-hop and R&B soundtrack, and let us know what you’ll be listening to this week

Why you should listen: The fallout from a polyamorous breakup inspired frontman Ruban Nielson to write this album, which may just be reason enough to give it a go. Add its lush, soul-inspired arrangements and nods to 60s pysch-rock, and you’ve got a gorgeous album that nestles into place with each listen.

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by Tshepo Mokoena via Electronic music | The Guardian

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jamie xx: In Colour review – larging it, for introverts

(Young Turks)

In many ways, the debut album proper by xx producer Jamie Smith is yet another backward-looking record that calculatingly reconfigures the music of the past – something UK tune-makers, from Adele and Sam Smith on down the food chain, continue to make their stock-in-trade.

But In Colour is no mere sepia-tinted nostalgia trip. It might be a kaleidoscopic 11-track tribute to raves long past, a paean to the styles Smith is too young to remember first-hand, and the incidental chatter of London pirate radio circa 1992 that he is too young to have heard – a direction presaged in last summer’s pre-album offering, All Under One Roof Raving. But it is also about the pleasure of being alone, enveloped in bass, in a sea of many; of refracting what can often be a superficial experience – London clubbing – into something more existential, more nuanced, more unified.

Related: The xx: 'It's abnormal for bands to share so much'

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by Kitty Empire via Electronic music | The Guardian

Nocturnal Sunshine: Nocturnal Sunshine review – fruitful creative wanderings


Now feels like an odd time for producer Maya Jane Coles to switch back to her Nocturnal Sunshine moniker, given that Nicki Minaj has just had a hit with a song heavily sampling Coles’ 2010 classic, What They Say. But there’s always been a restlessness about Coles, with the bubbling house of that debut single the flipside to Nocturnal Sunshine’s atmospheric dubstep. From the scratchy beats and murmured vocals of Intro, to the melancholic two-step of the closing Hotel, it’s an album to soundtrack the grey folds of early morning. Close and almost suffocating at times, it’s peppered with pockets of air, most notably on the lilting It’s Alright and skewed dancefloor-filler Skipper. Coles’ creative meandering once again pays dividends.

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by Michael Cragg via Electronic music | The Guardian

Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Stream] Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

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Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

SNBRN has finally returned after a nationwide spring tour with his followup to “Raindrops” released back in January with an inventive remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. SNBRN has truly done it again on this one, taking an alternative angle when approaching the original song. Sampling Marvin Gaye’s lyric “just grab a hold of my body and mind” and looping it over a perfectly crafted punchy bass has created an undeniable festival house anthem. Be sure to stream the track below and head over to Beatport to grab a copy!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Feel About U [Original + Mason Remix]

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Our man in Amsterdam, Auxiliary Tha Masterfader, is back with a brand new original for your Disco delight.  ”Feel About U” is laid back & luscious…it’s the type of track that’ll be echoing through the skyscrapers at our next rooftop pool party in downtown LA.  The vocal chops are sunny & soulful and the synths are creamy, glittery goodness.  Nobody serves up delectable Disco quite like our man Auxiliary Tha Masterfader.  Hats off, Aux!

“Feel About U” is out NOW via Animal Language.  Animal Language label head, Mason, did a remix of “Feel About U” – be sure to check that one out, too.  If Aux’s original goes down like sangria then Mason’s remix is the mojito to his sangria.  A double dose of refreshing!  [BEATPORT]


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We kick off the #MDW2015 with a special edition of the GDD™ Guest mix, brought to you by the New York native Tony Quattro – whipping up a massive hour of bass heavy house and jackin appeal. Get ready to dig deeper, as Tony features forthcoming singles and collaborations with the likes of Bot, Stanton Warriors, and even some still a mystery! Grab this one below and kick the holiday weekend off proper.

Track Listing + more info after the jump

Tony Quattro – ???? ft. ???? (Intro)
Curses & Baronessa Di Notte – Nyctophilia Intro Part 1
Tessela – Gateway
Divoli S’vere – Runway Werk (Acapella)
Bot & Tony Quattro – Guess Who
Gina Turner – ???? (Acapella/Loop)
Justin Martin – Buggin (DJ Version)
Tony Quattro – The Sound VIP
Fukkk Off – Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
Butti – One
Sawtooth Sucka – No Ordinary Girl (HiJack Remix)
Sharkslayer & Say What – The Buckhorn
Hedo – Frikya
Astronomar – Niceman Riddim
Doctor Jeep – Phantasma
Sunday Roast – Take Two
Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro – Keep It Moving ft. Rell Rock (Poté Remix)
Tony Quattro – Mr. Tough Guy
Poté – Lozenge
Bert on Beats – Badboy Drop
Klient & Corporal F – Generator
Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro – Get Low feat. Eva Lazarus
AWE – YYY (Doctor Jeep Remix) [Tony Quattro Re-Edit]
Castro – Ring Ring feat. Zanillya
Destroy Disco – Here It Comes (Malente Remix)
The BeatThiefs – Umbungo (Chocolate Puma Remix)
E.L. – Obuu Mo
Chelley – Took The Night
Machines Don’t Care – Beat Dun Drop (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Top Billin Party Mix]
njoi – Arapaho
Savage Skulls & French Fries – Marawa
Zombies For Money – Sururumba (Caribe Version)
Blackwax – Airway
Malente & Jay Robinson – Cherry Pop feat. Yo Majesty (Kidnap Kid Remix)
Mz. Thang – Shake Ya Dick
Neana – Rez Play (Purflume Pill)
Self Evident – La Puerta
Branko – Don’t Touch That (feat. Astronomar & SK Simeon)
Dj Efra – Gloriosa Anáhuac – Tribal Prehispanico
DJ N.K. – Agua de Coco
Santigold – Big Mouth
Onyenze – Onwu Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
Ms. Jade x Tony Quattro – Ching Ching Cuckoo’s Nest
Nire feat. Nani Castle & Nini Rey – Hopscotch Pre-Color (poolboy92′s Papaya Island Remix)
Curtis Vodka – Back That Thang Up Hoe
Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s
HxdB – Skool Dayz (Doctor Jeep Remix) (Bass Loop)
Supraman – Twerk My Back
Tony Quattro x Nelly – Haipā x Shake Ya Tail Feather
Tony Quattro – Out There (Outro Interlude)
Teengirl Fantasy ft. Lafawndah – Lung (Dinamarca Remix)
Cuyo – Renatus

NYC – If your in New York this weekend, be sure to catch Tony Quattro @ EDCNY on Saturday night from 7-9pm on the boombox art car!

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GDD™ Morning Update: Tiga, Joris Voorn, Black Butter Records, DJ Koze, SoySauce

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Tiga announces details of new live show
Joris Voorn Releases Nobody Knows Remix Package
• Join Black Butter Records @ Movement Afterparty Ft. Gorgon City, Kidnap Kid, MK B2b Lee Foss & More
SoySauce Release Their Lunch Money EP


Tiga announces details of new live show

Tiga is taking a new live show on the road in 2015. 

The Turbo Recordings founder has nine festival dates lined up across Europe this summer, starting with Berlin Festival on May 29th and wrapping up at Pukkelpop in Belgium on August 20th. The live show, which was developed at Stuart Price’s LA studio, sees Jori Hulkkonen joining Tiga onstage. The visual direction was handled by design collective Pfadfinderai, best known for their work with Modeselektor and Moderat, and Helmi (Division Paris), who worked with Tiga on the recent video for “Bugatti.” 

In addition to performing some of his best-known tunes—”You Gonna Want Me,” “Sunglasses At Night,” “Pleasure From The Bass”—Tiga will also perform new, unreleased material produced in collaboration with Hudson MohawkeMatthew DearBoys Noize and Martin Buttrich

“For as long as I can remember—which is forever—I’ve been a DJ,” says Tiga. “But it’s just not enough anymore. I have performed for thousands, but have I ever truly held anyone’s gaze as I sang straight into their eyes? What lies beyond this vulgar, headphone-shaped prison? Can I move the hearts of millions without facing myself first? Will I ever truly own my own madness?” 

He adds: “This summer, grab a front-row seat as these questions become answers. Join me at nine select festivals over the European summer as I embrace all the flawed glory of a perfect past and explore a future too unlimited not to share with everyone. Time means nothing to me now. There is no media. There are no masses. There is only you, me, my voice, my moves, and a love supreme.” 

Watch a teaser video for the live show below. 

Germany May 29  Berlin Festival 2015, Arena Berlin, Berlin
United Kingdom Jun 06  Parklife 2015, Heaton Park, North
Spain Jun 18  Sónar 2015, Sónar Festival, Barcelona
Poland Jul 24  Audioriver 10th Edition, Audioriver, Poland
Finland Aug 15  Flow Festival 2015 – Day 2, Vilhonvuorenkatu, Finland
Belgium Aug 20  Pukkelpop 2015, Kiewit, Belgium

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Joris Voorn Releases Nobody Knows Remix Package 

Joris Voorn’s third studio album “Nobody Knows” saw him embark on a atmospheric odyssey, departing his club comfort zone to be named Dance/Electronic album of 2014 by Billboard.

A masterpiece of indie and electronic influences, “Nobody Knows” is now re-presented and remixed by an impressive array of studio talent; a dynamically diverse selection of producers and artists across many genres.

Exquisite reinterpretations ranging from Guti, Roland Klinkenberg, Christian Loeffler and Nightmares on Wax amongst many others; choices which not only represent new fusions but have now come to be a point of pride for both Joris and the label Green in propelling the LP’s core personal message even further. Purchase the remix pack here.

Track Listing 
1. The Monk (Kolsch Remix)
2. A House feat. A Kid (Boris Burger Remix)
3. Homeland feat. Matthew Dear (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
4. Homeland feat Matthew Dear (&ME Remix)
5. The Wild (Yagya Remix)
6. The Wild (Yagaya Stripped)
7. Sweets for Piano (Ripperton Remix)
8. Sweets for Piano (Sean Piniero Remix)
9. So Long feat. Kid A (Christian Loeffler Remix)
10. Ringo (Guti Remix)
11. Mugged (Anton Pieete Remix)
12. Mugged (Edwin Oosterwal Remix)
12. Momo (Daniel Dubb Version 1)
13. Momo (Daniel Dubb Version 2)
14. Momo (David Douglas Remix)
15. Fall (Nobody Home Remix)
16. Left (Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
17. Dust (Nightmares on Wax Remix)

Tour Dates
5/22 – New York @ Marquee
5/23 – Los Angeles @ Exchange
5/24 – Denver @ Beta
5/25 – Detroit @ Movement


Join Black Butter Records @ Movement Afterparty Ft. Gorgon City, Kidnap Kid, MK B2b Lee Foss & More

 photo 382617a5-8725-4277-a566-f0814670b429.jpg
Black Butter Records is set to host its official Movement Electronic Music Festival afterparty featuring Gorgon City, Kidnap Kid, MK B2B Lee Foss, and more at Detroit’s Populux on Monday, May 25th. Black Butter Records is an internationally renowned record label and event brand that has built a loyal following with its roster consisting of Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Gorgon City, and many more of dance music’s leading artists. The UK-based label has announced that it will be taking over Populux in downtown Detroit to keep the party going straight from the festival’s final sets through the earlier hours of Tuesday morning. Black Butter mainstay Gorgon City will be making their Detroit debut, while fellow label mate Kidnap Kid will be taking over the decks, amidst a special B2B set from Detroit-native MK and Hot Natured member Lee Floss, as well as performances by Dantiez Sanderson and Loud Luxury. Dance music enthusiasts heading to Detroit will not want to miss this party because it is sure to be one of the hottest events of the Memorial Day Weekend. Tickets are available here.


Hear a New DJ Koze Track

Following on from the news that Pampa label boss, DJ Koze, would head up the 50th instalment in the esteemed DJ-Kicks series, !K7 Records—the label behind DJ-Kicks—has released a full stream of the exclusive DJ Koze track “I haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List.” Brimming with the eclectic samples and good-time feel that we’ve come to expect from DJ Koze, ”I haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List” can be heard in full below ahead of the compilation release on June 15.

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SoySauce Release Their Lunch Money EP

 photo 9b1cff2f-2439-4e9c-bc01-4e5b34b02310.png
SoySauce has had an incredibly promising first year on the scene. From gaining support from the likes of Diplo, Benny Blanco, Porter Robinson, Cashmere Cat & others, to getting picked up by world renowned booking agency AM Only, the rising production duo has been making some real power moves. Now, they’re ready to release their debut Lunch Money EP, which is available on iTunes.

The four-track-project will be available as a free download but it will also be available to purchase on iTunes. All the proceeds from the sale of their EP will go towards fighting hunger amongst kids. Check out a quote about SoySauce’s movement below:

We found that kids who qualify for subsidized or sponsored (free) school breakfast and lunch programs are most of the times actually going hungry when they aren’t in school. Its actually the weekends during the school year or the summer when kids go hungry the most because they aren’t being supported by the programs in school to help get them fed. We want to use the money raised from our EP to help feed those kids on the weekends. We are working with the LA Food Bank and their BackPack program to give kids enough food for six meals over the weekends to make sure they don’t go hungry.

We are a social artist project. Our mission is to fight hunger. We like having fun. We want to continue to create shared value. We want to be able to have a hell of a time doing what we do but have a larger echo into the rest of the world with our fans.” – SoySauce

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

[STREAM] HI-LO – Crank It Up

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The growing bass house sub-genre seems to have a fresh new talent on its hands as HI-LO has come firing out the gates with a heavy first release, “Crank It Up.” With an almost big-room level energy, the track offers tribal rhythms that are matched with snarling, distorted synths that are supported by heavy low-end and a vocal sample to give it some character. A diverse crew of artists like Green Velvet, Diplo, Umek, Flux Pavilion, and more are already giving this jam some play time, so it’s bound to be heard on dance floors far and wide. Listen above and stay tuned for “Crank It Up” release on Mad Decent on June 25th.

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[DOWNLOAD] Flight Facilities – Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

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It’s always great to see people using music as a platform for philanthropy or paying tribute to those who have passed away. Swiftly rising producer/DJ and key industry player, Sean Glass, has taken it upon himself to do both of those things with his outstanding new remix of Flight Facilities’ “Down To Earth.” Together with Glassnote Records, Future Classic, his own Win Music label, and Flight Facilities, Glass is dedicating this release to the Dan Fredinburg Foundation, which was created to help those affected by the devastating Nepal earthquake, and to celebrate the life of Dan Fredinburg, his good friend who tragically passed away while climbing Mt. Everest during the quake.

The remix itself is a warm, shimmering house cut driven by lush pads and a smooth, driving groove that serve as a perfect backdrop for the emotive vocals from the original. Its quality holds up to its great significance, and it’s an excellent contribution to a meaningful cause. Donate to the Dan Fredinburg Foundation here, listen to/download the remix above, and hear Sean Glass’ own words about the release:

“This is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Flight Facilities are especially important to me, being my first signed artist. I look up to them as tastemakers and creators.

The remix release has been made even more special to me because of recent events. We lost a good friend whom I looked up to–Dan Fredinburg. This past weekend, we memorialized Dan in a series of very special ceremonies I am so grateful to have been a part of. It was my privilege to play this track out for the first time at the party Dan instructed us to have, should he not return.This week, there was another earthquake in Nepal.

They really need our help. We have launched the Dan Fredinburg Foundation and already raised $100k. It only made sense that while I put effort into spreading awareness for my remix, I use that energy to help the causes that are really occupying my mind and heart–rebuilding Nepal and #LiveDan.”

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Caotico – Gone

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Our friends at Discobelle Records just dropped their latest — this one from Caotico.  A nice balance of lighter disco and darker styles come together to make this a really interesting track.  The futuristic vox sampling is nice, as well as the melodic plucking sounds.  All in all, a really solid track from a really solid label.  Stream it / buy below, and stay up on Caetico.

Coatico Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Buy


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Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Multi-Love review – a breakup record with a difference


Related: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love: Exclusive album stream

There are plenty of albums about heartbreak, but not so many about polyamorous relationships in which a third party leaves both you and your wife confused and heartbroken. Ruban Nielson might have tangled his emotions beyond repair during the making of his band’s third album, but you can’t deny the subject matter is compelling. “Multi-love has got me on my knee / We were one, then become three,” he sings on the title track, adding: “It’s not that this song’s about her / All songs are about her.” The Auckland/Portland band’s multi-love is multi-coloured, too, taking soul music as its template but splashing the canvas with futurist synths and trippy vocal effects. The songs nod to the 1960s (Like Acid Rain), 70s (The World Is Crowded) and 80s (Can’t Keep Checking My Phone), but always feel fresh – a giddy, psychedelic sound almost as unique as the subject matter.

Continue reading...
by Tim Jonze via Electronic music | The Guardian

Simon Cowell's Ultimate DJ show to go on air in spring 2016

Cowell’s partner in the show reveals the news during an event in Ibiza

For every One Direction, there has been a Chico – now Simon Cowell will be hoping his search for new DJing talent will turn up the new Calvin Harris, rather than the voice of hospital radio in Lincolnshire.

The impresario’s new TV talent show, Ultimate DJ, will launch in spring 2016, Music Week reports. Cowell’s business partner in the project, Patrick Moxey, confirmed the news during an event in Ibiza.

Continue reading...
by Guardian music via Electronic music | The Guardian

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dele Sosimi at Open The Gate @ Passing Clouds on 26/06

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[Free Download] ØRKA – phantom

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ØRKA is a new artist you’re going to remember.  Smooth balearic indie vibes describe this Miami-based artist, and his latest is a killer. “Phantom” is a slow burner, drawing heat from the strumming strings and raspy-yet-concise vocals.  We don’t know too much else about ØRKA other than the one other release he’s has given us — “Tell Me.”  Download both for free at his Soundcloud page, and keep an eye on this guy.

ØRKA Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Download

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Goldroom – Embrace (feat. George Maple)

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Goldroom has been evolving like crazy over the past year.  With the rolling out of his live act, as well as the huge reception of his tunes, this project is becoming massive.  Arguably his most popular tune, “Embrace” is definitely a crowd favorite, and he’s just released a new version with George Maple on vocals.  The two actually had originally the track together, so what we’re really hearing is the track coming to fruition.  Such a beautiful track, make sure to buy it below.

“Getting the chance to release music through Snapchat gave me the perfect opportunity to show everyone the version of Embrace that I’ve always heard in my head. George Maple and I actually wrote Embrace together, so having this come full circle, and to have her singing on the song, feels like a dream.”

Goldroom Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | iTunes

Goldroom Tour Dates:

05/21 – San Francisco, CA @ San Antonio Recreation Area

05/23 – Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle

05/24 – Bethel, NY @ Musteryland USA

06/04 – Ozark, AR @ Wakarusa 2015

06/25 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest Festival

07/11 – Chicago, IL @ Mamby On The Beach

07/16 – Scranton, PA @ Camp Bisco

07/31 – Montreal, Canada @ Osheaga 2015

08/09 – Palm Springs, CA @ Splash House

08/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest 2015

09/04 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo

11/21 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Corona Capital

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GDD™ Morning Update: Popof, Mysteryland USA, Heathered Pearls

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Popof album lands on Hot Creations
Mysteryland USA & T-Mobile Announce First Ever Mysteryland Live Stream
Heathered Pearls Readies New Album For Ghostly International


Popof album lands on Hot Creations

Popof album called Love Somebody is coming out on Hot Creations in June. 

The record features collaborations with Animal & Me, Arno Joey and Miss Kittin. “I’ve been composing club-oriented dancefloor music since the beginning, and this album project allowed me to create tracks with a calmer side to them,” says Popof, real name Alexandre Paounov. One of the album’s tunes, “Words Gone,” has already been remixed by LucianoMarc Houle and Jamie Jones. A second remix package, for “Going Back,” features efforts from Eats EverythingLee FossOxia & Miss Kittin andLuca Donzelli & Mar T. 

Listen to the original version of “Words Gone” below. 

01. Words Gone feat. Arno Joey
02. Lidl Girl
03. Your Eyes
04. Pack & Rollin’
05. Going Back feat Arno Joey
06. Get Together feat Arno Joey
07. Have 2 Be
08. It’s Been A While
09. I Want U
10. Always In My Mind feat Miss Kittin
11. Outro

Hot Creations will release Love Somebody on June 29th, 2015.

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Mysteryland USA & T-Mobile Announce First Ever Mysteryland Live Stream 


Mysteryland USA and T-Mobile USA, Inc. are proud to present the first ever live stream in Mysteryland’s 22 year history. Hosted on Beatport Live, the newly unveiled live streaming platform from Beatport, the upcoming “Mysteryland Live Stream, Un-leashed™ By T-Mobile” will give fans from around the world the chance to dive down the rabbit hole and experience Mysteryland on their smartphones. Tune in toBeatport Live on Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24 at 6:00 PM (EDT) to catch sets from Mysteryland artists A-Trak, Dillon Francis, Diplo, Gramatik, Josh Wink, Matthew Dear, Netsky (live), and many more. Explore the grounds of the historic ‘69 Woodstock site as T-Mobile and Beatport Live give you an exclusive behind the scenes look including artist interviews and a view at the arts and culture programming of Mysteryland, featuring breathtaking art exhibitions and installations, enchanted worlds, and stunning theatrical performances. Tune-in here this weekend.


Heathered Pearls Readies New Album For Ghostly International


Polish-born Brooklyn-based artist Jakub Alexander (a.k.a. Heathered Pearls) will release his latest LP, Body Complex, in August via Ghostly International. The LP will follow on from Alexander’s beatless debut album, Loyal, with 10 tracks that lean towards the dancefloor.

Body Complex is said to be inspired by Alexander’s youth spent travelling home from Detroit afterhours with artists Terrence Dixon and Lawrence soundtracking the ride. “I respect [Terrence Dixon and Lawrence] because they can ride the same thin lines of what I love: electronic music that is heavily repetitive, melodic, and deep,” the artist says. “They both can find this elegance in techno beyond the dark warehouse.” The album will also feature fellow Ghostly artist Shigeto, Outerbridge, and The Sight Below—who also mixed and mastered the album.

Ghostly will release Body Complex on August 7, with the full tracklisting below; along with a stream of lead track “Interior Architecture Software.”

(via XLR8R)

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We’re so happy to have the guest mix series back in full swing, as we continue to bring you music from the best rising talent across the globe. This week we welcome a young gun out of San Francisco to the spotlight – Slaptop. The house driven producer has caught serious traction by way of his singles “Sunrise” and “Distraction“, along with remixes for ZHU, Jaymes Young, and a recent bootleg of Fetty Wap’s anthem “Trap Queen“. The In the coming months you can catch him at HARD Summer in LA, Lollapalooza in Chicacgo and the Mad Decent Block Party on select dates. We’ve given him the reigns for the next hour, so without further ado, please welcome Slaptop to this week’s GDD™ Guest Mix.

Everything – Lonely Boy
Like I Can (Jonas Rathsman Remix) – Sam Smith
Hopelessly Coping (Gorgon City Remix) – Wilkinson ft. Thabo
Hold Me Up (Slaptop Remix) – Conrad
From the Basement to the Roof (Oliver Remix) – Club Cheval
King Tong – Sluggers
Chest – Chris Lake
Trap Queen (Slaptop Remix) – Fetty Wap
Fearing Love (Club Mix) – Serge Devant & Damiano feat. Camille Safiya
Chinatown – Slaptop
Something About You (Slaptop Remix) – Hayden James
What Kind of Man (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – Florence and the Machine
Mimoun Marhaba – Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points
Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Rudimental
Pepper (Monkey Safari Remix) – Marc Houle

Slaptop on

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Hot Chip perform Need You Now live in session – video

Electronic pop four-piece Hot Chip perform single Need You Now in a session recorded exclusively for the Guardian and filmed at Gorilla in Manchester. The song appears on the band's sixth album Why Make Sense? and teams world-weary, pensive lyrics and a house beat with R&B trio Sinnamon's vocal hook from 1983 track I Need You Now.

• Read the Observer's four-star review of Why Make Sense? Continue reading...
by Tom Silverstone and Patrick Hoelscher via Electronic music | The Guardian

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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Week 3! We’re back with a new horoscope reading from Main Course‘s  Astronomar…. each week we are will giveaway a new track from the label, while Astronomar and special guest Hasse De Moor personally gives astrological readings for DJs & producers alike. Today we’ve got a raved up bootleg on Boogie’s hood anthem “Oh My” – grab it below via ToneDen and prepare to be mesmerized by your weekly horoscope reading!

Boogie – Oh My (Astronomar Bootleg)


Astronomar’s Horoscope Readings #3

Your social activity was crazy last week; keep up the good work!

Don’t forget that legends need to eat too. If you are going to bootleg a classic track, at least buy the original off Beatport.

You’ve accomplished a lot so far this year! Remind your followers with a #TBT post.

If your guest list gets messed up this coming weekend, don’t even trip. Just accept the GA wristband; your boys will sort you out once you’re in the club.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach an old DJ how to reach younger fans with Internet humor. Don’t hesitate to share memes with your older DJ pals; they’ll thank you for it later!

Switch it up this week. Take a Lyft to the club instead of an Uber.

As we age, our tastes mature and you want your hospitality rider to reflect that. Jazz up your rider with a wine & cheese spread.

As always, communication is everything; even with your fans. You should take a moment to respond to all of your fan mail in your Soundcloud inbox… Wu-Tang is for the children! (Sooooooooo!)

Presentation and accessibility go a long way. Make sure your Soundcloud metadata is on point.

If you’re in a group chat with a bunch of DJs you don’t know very well, use some reserve when expressing your thoughts on your others; disaster is only a screenshot away.

Time to update your press kit!

Keep in mind that every big promoter started out as an intern handing out fliers in front of nightclubs. Be polite and say “no thanks” to the kid trying to give you a flier for Lightning In a Bottle as you leave the club this week; he may be booking you for a show in a few years.

Week 1
Week 2

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A Tribe Called Red returns with powerhouse new Suplex EP and wrestling-themed video

A Tribe Called Red has just released a powerhouse new EP, Suplex, and a new wrestling-themed video.

Named after the wrestling move, the EP features the Juno-winning, Polaris-nominated trio's trademark mix of traditional aboriginal music, electronic, rock and more.

It also comes with guest performances by aboriginal hip-hop veteran Hellnback and past Tribe collaborators Northern Voice, as well as a remix of the track "Bodyslam" by Calgary duo Smalltown DJs.

"Growing up in a world where indigenous people are so under-represented in the media, you tend to identify with what's available to you," says A Tribe Called Red's Bear Witness in a release. “The connection between the indigenous communities of the Americas, and professional wrestling, is really heavy. In North America we had pros like Chief Jay Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel who were indigenous, but had to dress in headdress and tassels to compete.

"In my generation, we all loved the Ultimate Warrior and hated Tatanka," he continues. "Even if nothing about the Warrior was indigenous, we made some kind of cultural connection to him. More recently, The Rock has shown us how a proud indigenous man can make it as a wrestler on his own terms.

"The idea of the video was to show that connection we made to these people beyond stereotypes, but also to see an indigenous character make it, without needing the stereotype."



1. "Suplex" feat. Northern Voice
2. "The Peoples Champ" feat. Hellnback
3. "Bodyslam"
4. "Bodyslam" (Smalltown DJs remix)

Upcoming Canadian tour dates:

June 19: Fort McMurray, Alta.: Indian Beach (free show)
June 20: Vancouver, B.C.: Malkin Bowl (tickets)
July 12: Toronto, Ont.: PanAM Park, Echo Beach (free show)
July 18: Toronto, Ont.: Aboriginal Pavillion, Fort York (free show)
July 24: Brandon, Man.: Brandon Folk Music & Art Festival (tickets)
July 31: Montreal, Que.: Osheaga Music & Arts Festival (tickets)
Aug. 12: Toronto, Ont.: Nathan Phillips Square (free show)
Aug. 15: Sudbury, Ont.: UP FEST, Durham Playgrounds (tickets)

by Jennifer Van Evra via Electronic RSS

Unherd Radio Show No. 58 18/05/2015

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1st Hour


Album of the Week: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Rough Trade)

J-Felix – Time feat. Abi Flynn (Tru Thoughts)

Tuxedo – The Right Time (Kaytranada Remix) (Stones Throw)

Ned Doheny – Prove My Love (Be With Records)

The Gene Dudley Group – Inspector Norse (Wah Wah 45s)

Iconili – Rei de Tupanga (Far Out)

Tommy Rawson – The Kids (Gold Finger)

Puzzle – State of Mind (Motown)

Bishop Nehru – Harmony in a Glass (Mass Appeal)

Dele Sosimi – Where We Want Be (Wah Wah 45s)

Obatala – Abayomy (Far Out)

Ray Jay & the Eastsiders – Love Doll (Cotique)

2nd Hour


Album of the Week: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes – Guess Who (Rough trade)

Taj Mahal – Why Did You Have to Desert Me? (Colombia)

Dayme Arocena – Don’t Unplug My Body (Brownswood)

Passo Torto – Faria Lima Pra Ca (Far Out)

Margaret Singana – Why Did You Do It? (Supafrico)

The Invaders – I Can’t Get Next to You (Invd)

Rotary Connection – Respect (Argo Cadet)

Album of the Week: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight (Rough Trade)

Motormama – Rio Grande (Far Out)

Scrimshire – As You Pass Me By feat. Daudi Matsiko (Bandcamp)

HNNY – Cheer Up My Brother (White)

Earl Zinger x Ashley Beedle – Ghostdancers (Ashley Beedle Mix) (White)

Herbert – Middle (Caroline International)

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