Sunday, November 30, 2014

FKA Twigs: ‘I’m appealing to people who want something different’

With her hypnotic videos, provocative album and singular image, the mysterious FKA Twigs has quickly become pop’s most intriguing talent. Over a tearful lunch in New York, the singer talks to Tom Lamont about her incredible year

Known to her friends and colleagues as Twigs, and successfully introduced to a favourable public this year as FKA Twigs (“Formerly Known As”, the result of a wrangle with another artist who’d bagged the name), Tahliah Barnett spends her days pivoting between professional identities.

The 26-year-old is a songwriter whose provocative debut album, LP1, was relished by critics on release in August, Twigs compared to lions like Kate Bush and Prince and immediately nominated for the Mercury prize. She’s a veteran dancer who has skulked and body-rolled through a string of hypnotic videos – most self-directed, distinctive enough to land her a commission to make a recent ad for Google. Wild haired, eccentrically dressed, she is also closely watched for her fashion and grooming choices. When I join her in the back of a New York taxi, hours before a gig in the city, she’s in this mode, wardrobe-department mode, bent double over her smartphone and composing a list.

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by Tom Lamont via Electronic music | The Guardian

Friday, November 28, 2014

Listen to this: A Tribe Called Red's powerful new single, 'Burn Your Village to the Ground'

A Tribe Called Red released a new track called "Burn Your Village to the Ground" on Thursday, Nov. 27, specifically for American Thanksgiving.

It's a powerful and provocative multi-layered drum track that samples Wednesday Addams's (played by Christina Ricci) speech from The Addams Family movie in which she protests the colonization of the indigenous people, ultimately declaring: "I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground."

A Tribe Called Red (DJ NDN, Bear Witness and 2oolman) released this statement along with the song, which was uploaded to their Soundcloud page:

"On this fourth Thursday of November, you might ask yourself: do Indians celebrate Thanksgiving? Well… Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday for Native people. In a way, each day is a day of thanksgiving to the Creator for the original people of Turtle Island. This doesn't mean that we don't enjoy turkey, pie and family as much as the next person, but at the same time the Thanksgiving myth largely shared in mainstream culture perpetuates a one sided view of a complicated history surrounding this holiday. Here’s an informed indigenous view on Thanksgiving: http://ift.tt/1youRI9

"This doesn’t prevent us from 'celebrating' in our own way by giving you a new song called Burn Your Village To The Ground.

"artwork by Sovereign State: sovereignstate.ca"

"We just wanted to create dialogue on the complicated colonial history of a continentally observed holiday," Ian Compeau, also known as DJ NDN, told CBC Aboriginal via Twitter.

Listen to the song below and then do it again and again. It's deceptively simple at first, but new moments, sounds and beats are revealed every time you press play.

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Melanie Martinez – Carousel (SNBRN Remix)


American Horror Story fans rejoice as you listen to SNBRN’s inventive take on Melanie Martinez’s eerie hit “Carousel.” SNBRN displays a darker side of his infectious brand by effortlessly uniting theatrical instrumentation with a thumping deep bassline. This club-ready official remix is sure to keep you grooving all the way through the night.

“Been a huge fan of American Horror Story, so when I got asked to remix Carousel I couldn’t resist. With dark vibes and a deep baseline I wanted to take this remix to the grave and back. Hope you guys enjoy this tune because there’s no turning back now.” – SNBRN

via Gotta Dance Dirty http://ift.tt/1uRZ0K1

The Black Friday experience expressed in song

So at some point in the last decade or so, the bizarre American tradition that is Black Friday — the orgy of deep discount sales and ensuing mob frenzy that follows their Thanksgiving — got exported to Canada. (Which seems like kind of an unfair trade to us — we give them Drake and Andrew Wiggins, they give us a second, more intense Boxing Day — but that's another story for another day.)

Nonetheless, many of you have either probably gone or are soon planning to get the cheapest Blu-ray player in human history. Some of you may have even crossed the border, and are ready for the bloodsport that is bargain hunting.

Here are some of the things you are going to see and feel in the next several hours, expressed in musical form.

The urge not to go (Shad, 'The Old Prince Still Lives at Home')

This is totally fair: listen to Shad, stay put, save your money, don't buy things you don't need. There is nothing out there for you.

Panic at entering the mall (Deadmau5, 'The Terrors in My Head')

The mall will be a teeming sea of humanity at its worst. Your fight or flight reflex will kick in. You will feel an intense dump of adrenaline and feel agitated. It's OK. You're going to be fine.

You will witness at least 1 fist fight (Skull Fist, 'You're Gonna Pay')

It will probably be over parking.

The urge to steal something (the Smiths, 'Shoplifters of the World')

These lines are so long, there are so many people, who would really notice if I just stuffed this hand-mixer under my shirt and walked out?

Don't give in to temptation! Listen to this instead.

At some point, if you are with a child, you will think you've lost them (F--ked Up, 'Paper the House')

It will be terrifying for both of you. Also, if you're not with a child, you may fear you've lost your least competent friend, which will also be pretty upsetting.

Regret (Cher, 'If I Could Turn Back Time')

"Whose idea was this again? Ryan? That's it, Ryan doesn't get to make decisions from now on. This was awful."

Anticipation for Cyber Monday (Zapp and Roger, 'Computer Love')

You don't even have to leave your house. They ship the stuff to you, it's amazing. Why didn't you think of this earlier.


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The playlist: electronic – James Blake, Jackmaster, Beats in Space and more

The new single from the 2013 Mercury prizewinner, PC Music’s latest offering, one for your Christmas party soundtrack, a mysteriously titled slice of techno, and a Beats in Space celebration

Any “label of the year” rundown worth its salt is likely to feature PC Music at the top. Where once the electronic underground traded in straightforwardly difficult sounds (static, noise, discordance) there’s been an impulse from artists such as James Ferraro and Oneohtrix Point Never in recent years to embrace the easy: home computer chimes, ringtones and crap 80s synths. PC Music takes this to its logical conclusion, using the absolute shiniest, most banal sound palette to reflect the overground directly back into the underground’s gloom. The reaction has often been the cowering horror of a vampire seeing the curtains opened – either that or bafflement, or indeed the assumption that it must be a joke. Some of the label’s releases, like Lipgloss Twins’ Wannabe, border on abstraction – imagine a Jeff Koons balloon animal being pulverised, sonically speaking, and you’re sort of there. But for the most part it’s just euphorically perfect songwriting. Beautiful, Hey QT, Bipp, Odyssey Pt 2 are modern classics, and Hannah Diamond’s new single Every Night now joins them. Between her karaoke delivery and the J-pop synths, it’s a song bursting with humanity and puppy love. This is the smartest dumb music out there.

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by Ben Beaumont-Thomas via Electronic music | The Guardian

'The sad banger': where moody dubstep meets mopey singer-songwriter

Don’t run for the hills – these James Blake loving, t-shirt wearing semi-acoustic warblers are already there!

I think we can probably pin this one on James Blake. Before he came along, solemn young men looking to channel their post-adolescent turmoil either formed a sappy nu-folk band or made grime on their PlayStations. There wasn’t much crossover. But Blake offered something new: he was into Digital Mystikz and Joni Mitchell, combining both influences to forge a much-copied template for the 2010s singer-songwriter. These days, sensitive lads across the land have abandoned their cardies and acoustic guitars for varsity jackets and libraries of soft synths. The age of the sad banger is well and truly upon us.

You can tell a lot from the choice of SoundCloud background for these things. Whereas three years ago it was all neon-lit drizzle at south London bus stops, the new visual shorthand for sad bangers is rocky crags and desolate tundra. Producers have begun to expunge any hint of urbanness from their backstories: Honne are from “Somerset and Wiltshire”; Astronomyy’s press release stresses that he’s from “rural” Worcestershire; Aquilo are from “the Lake District village of Silverdale”; while Sohn moved from London to Vienna, presumably to be nearer some mountains.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jungle, garage and grime: 20 years of Rinse FM

Rinse FM has gone from edgy pirate radio station to mainstream presence taking over the charts. Twenty years after it began, how can it keep its edge?

“Uncle Flow, you look like a weird peeper!” Julie Adenuga, the voice behind Rinse FM’s drivetime show, is live on air but she has glimpsed a visitor peering into her studio. As she pastes her playlist into the station’s Twitter feed with one hand, she waves to the veteran MC Flowdan who’s popped by on his way out of the east London studio. She turns her attention back to cueing up the tracks for her show: an Azealia Banks album cut produced by garage legend MJ Cole followed by the lead track off nu-grime producer Murlo’s new EP.

In Rinse’s 20th-anniversary year, it’s a casual interaction that captures the station’s past and future. The gravel-voiced Flowdan – a former member of the garage collective Pay As U Go and a co-founder, along with Wiley, of the grime crew Roll Deepfirst appeared on it 14 years ago, when Rinse was a pirate station moving between tower blocks in a bid to evade the law. When Adenuga arrived in 2010, it had just won a five-year battle for its Ofcom broadcast licence, and her afternoon show was a key part of its emergence into legitimacy. She’s heard all the stories of old hands climbing over fences, getting chased by guard dogs and scaling buildings to fix aerials to roofs, but it seems a million miles from the comfy, air-conditioned studio where she now presents her show, designed to be a showcase of the station’s aesthetic: the range of London club music that has been its beating heart for two decades.

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by Alex Macpherson via Electronic music | The Guardian

Terry Riley’s masterpiece – and minimalism, African style

It can be over in 15 minutes. It can last several hours. It can be done with a Wurlitzer – or 20 guitars. Now In C, the defining work of minimalist music, has been tackled by Damon Albarn and Africa Express. Its composer Terry Riley reveals how it all began

Terry Riley is sitting in a quiet corner of the legendary Café Einstein in Berlin’s red-light district. A patient smile plays around his face – but mention the m-word and irritation suddenly ripples through his great candyfloss beard. “Minimalism was never a word we used for what we did,” he says. “It was a tag from the art world someone stuck to us later. My heart sinks when I get emails from music students saying they are writing a ‘minimalist piece’. Once you become an ism, what you’re doing is dead.”

Riley’s problem is that he is the composer of perhaps the defining work of what has become known as minimalist music. In C, the groundbreaking piece he first performed on 4 November 1964, may have become an “ism” but it is no artefact: for its 50th anniversary, tributes and reinterpretations keep coming. A new version – recorded by Damon Albarn and his Africa Express team, with help from Brian Eno and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – is out this week. Today, the Californian is in Berlin to meet with the German conductor André de Ridder, who instigated and led this new version, recorded last year in Bamako, the capital of Mali. For his 80th birthday next year, there will be Riley retrospectives at music festivals around the world. The beard will be doing a lot of rippling.

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by Philip Oltermann via Electronic music | The Guardian

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



The Three 6 Mafia chief Juicy J has been added to the #Future1Hundred roster – the soundcloud slaying Whiiite delivers his next flip on the outspoken rapper’s new single ‘Low’. The LA based producer has taken the internet by storm this year giving away a series of remixes for some of the biggest tracks old and new – and this one is no substitute… Grab it below for FREE DOWNLOAD!


Whiiite on




via Gotta Dance Dirty http://ift.tt/1ya9bhQ

AlunaGeorge – Supernatural (Mike Mago Remix)


Amsterdam based Mike Mago has been making serious waves in the house realm, finding unison in deep basslines and future driven leads. His productions have caught the ear of vocal phenom AlunaGeorge, who’s got him on the official remix of her single ‘Supernatural’… here’s what he had to say about the opportunity:

“I was really honored when Aluna George asked me to do a remix. Been fan a AG for ages! I tried to keep the strength and smoothness of the original and to switch it into the style I’m known for. I know this is a really cliche thing to say, but when your remixing musicians you’re a big fan of, it really comes down to that accurate balance.” – Mike Mago

Mike Mago on




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The Vinyl Files: new albums from Foo Fighters, Wilco and more

These days, there really are no limits on how an artist can deliver their recordings. In the gallery above, let's check out some unique vinyl releases and limited edition bundles you probably don't want to miss from Mariachi El Bronx, Mother Mother, Foo Fighters, TV on the Radio, Ariel Pink, The Art of McCartney, Wilco, Native North America, Daft Punk, Viet Cong and Danko Jones!


Listen to CBC Music: Sonica

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GDD PREMIERE: Odesza ft. Madelyn Grant – Sun Models (Worthy Remix)


Tis’ the season for giving thanks, and that’s just what Dirtybird veteran Worthy wants to do for all you web surfers out there. Staying true to his camp’s sound, he’s taken Odesza‘s future thinking single “Sun Models” and flipped it into a bass heavy house track fit for the club. The melodic vocals of Madelyn Grant now get a jackin appeal, but Worthy keeps just enough of the dreaminess in the original to carry all the way through. Fans of Hannah Wants, Gorgon City and of course the entire Dirtybird brigade will be all over this one. Grab it below for FREE DOWNLOAD!


Worthy on




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Bugged Out at 20: electro-house, minimal techno, new rave

Continuing the series on his influential club night, the promoter reveals how a fresh breed of DJ brought new depth to dance music

Though electro-clash expired after a couple of years, it did open the gates to a new breed of DJs and gave house music a more steely, seedy underbelly. By 2003 electro-house became the latest genre to whizz across flyers.

Examples of the genre nexus became huge at Bugged Out at The End, including the Tiefschwarz mix of Spektrum’s Kinda New and Ewan Pearson’s mix of Perspex Sex by Freeform Five.

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by John Burgess via Electronic music | The Guardian

Monday, November 24, 2014

BKLYN Music: feathers

BKLYN Music: feathers

Link to bklyn music

Posted: 22 Nov 2014 06:30 AM PST
Poppy Ackroyd is a composer from the United Kingdom, she studied piano and composition at Edinburgh University before completing a masters degree in Piano Performance. A long-term collaborator with Hidden Orchestra, she also works with other musicians and artists, creating soundtracks for film, dance, physical theatre and radio. Her debut album in 2012 ‘Escapement(Denovali Records) impressed with its delicate, intricate and beautifully atmospheric music, created using only piano and violin. After her live performances in 2013 with Lumen, she now released her second full-length album ‘Feathers’. She will be performing live across Europe in the months, check out her tour-dates.
Out on Denovali Records, available on iTunes or direct.

Denovali RecordsOfficial | Facebook

Potholes In My Blog: Listen: Ohbliv Pairs Up With Akeedro For New Beat Tape

Potholes In My Blog: Listen: Ohbliv Pairs Up With Akeedro For New Beat Tape

Link to Potholes In My Blog

Posted: 22 Nov 2014 11:37 AM PST
a2859516748 10 Listen: Ohbliv Pairs Up With Akeedro For New Beat Tape

About a year ago, I noticed a new face among the many producers that appear on SoundCloud constantly.  Akeedro happens to be the name that belongs to that face. From the start, Akeedro’s sound reminded me of one of my favorite current producers at the time and Potholes regular Ohbliv. Both of share a lot of similarites: their 80's song sample flips are always on point, they are into VHS/lo-fi imagery and are SP-404 sampler aficionados. This past June, Akeedro asked Ohbliv the following simple question: Ableedro or Akeebliv? Ohbliv then answered back with Ohbleedro, and the duo was born. The two recently released a self-titled album which features their “dirteesoul” loops.

Want to hear what happens when the cities  Moscow, Russia and Richmond, VA connect? — stream Ohbliv and Akeedro’s Ohbleedro tape below.

Purchase: Ohbliv and Akeedro – Ohbliv And Akeedro Present OHBLEEDRO [Bandcamp]
Ohbliv And Akeedro Present OHBLEEDRO by Ohbliv

FACT Magazine John Cale has created the world’s first drone orchestra — watch the documentary @ Musique Non Stop

FACT Magazine John Cale has created the world’s first drone orchestra — watch the documentary @ Musique Non Stop

Link to FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

  1. John Cale has created the world’s first drone orchestra — watch the documentary
  2. Peep this irresistible collaboration from Funkadelic and Soul Clap
  3. Killer Mike shares mixtape of forgotten freestyles, stream Sunday Morning Massacres
  4. James Blake hopes new album will feature Kanye West, could be out in “about five months”
  5. Buraka Som Sistema: Live and Backstage
Posted: 23 Nov 2014 05:51 PM PST
The Velvet Underground's John Cale has created a drone orchestra
Cale’s flying symphony is the first of its kind.

Former Velvet Underground lynchpin John Cale teamed with Australian speculative architect Liam Young to create a performance entitled LOOP>>60Hz: Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra. After two years searching for the right venue, the performance took place at The Barbican in London and featured flying drones as musical instruments.
The fleet of drones, each adorned with elaborate costumes, flew around the venue and and spread Cale’s voice, different audio tracks and their own motor sounds over the audience. According to Cale, the show represented ”a collaboration between airborne architecture and music.”

“It took a long time to find the right venue,” said Cale’s collaborator Liam Young. “Putting these technologies above people’s heads that are really violent; they spin at extraordinary speeds. These propellers are gonna take someone’s head off if you let them. It required someone with some vision and some bravery to let us attempt it. And it really is the first time that these things have been flown above the heads of an audience.”
The Creators Project prepared a short documentary that provides an insight into how the performance came together. You can stream the documentary below.

Beatport: Premiere: Hector “H.P.I.C.” @ Musique Non Stop

Beatport: Premiere: Hector “H.P.I.C.” @ Musique Non Stop

Link to Beatportal | Electronic music, charts, stories and people

Posted: 23 Nov 2014 12:30 PM PST
Originally hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Hector began playing house records at the age of 16, inspired by visiting DJs like Carl Craig, Todd Terry and Chez Damier. Quickly developing tastes much beyond his years, the young DJ landed residencies at Mexico’s top clubs, before take a leap of faith and moving to Europe. DJing in Ibiza lead to a gig working at Phonica Records, and in 2009, Hector launched the London record store’s in-house label with his “Tension” 12″. Hector has since released on Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, 20:20 Vision, 8bit, Tsuba, Desolat, Inmotion and many others, and has gained a reputation for his keen ear and sharp skills.

One of Mexico's most prolific young exports, Hector’s new EP will be released digitally on Monday, (Nov. 24) via Serkal, and we’re very excited to premiere the effects-powered lead track, “H.P.I.C.,” below.

“H.P.I.C. Stands fo Head Papi In Charge!” Hector explains of the EP’s title. “One of my darker deep sides and a proper after hours track.”

DJ Food @ Musique Non Stop

DJ Food @ Musique Non Stop

Link to DJ Food

Posted: 24 Nov 2014 01:26 AM PST

Out today on vinyl, FLAC and MP3 – the AA remix Syd Arthur into 7 psychedelic sine waves.
“Following their remix/production work with Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, DJ Food, Pop Levi and their award winning compilation series "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind", The Amorphous Androgynous now turn their attention to Canterbury psych-rock quartet Syd Arthur, who were recently named Breakthrough Artist of 2014 in the Prog Awards.
Choosing five tracks from Syd Arthur's back catalogue to re-work, The Amorphous Androgynous have fed these tracks through the AA sonic blender, turning up the saturation of the psychedelic dimensions within the Syd Arthur universe.”
Also up for pre-order on FSOLDigital are vinyl LP versions of ‘Environments 2 & 4′. Highly recommended for those of you who love the Lifeforms era of the band’s output.

LeFtO @ Musique Non Stop

LeFtO @ Musique Non Stop

Link to http://lefto.tumblr.com/

Posted: 23 Nov 2014 02:25 PM PST

This week's show opens with James Brown's 'Sunny'...what a lovely tune.... right into a new Party Supplies tune w/ Action Bronson coming out on Fools Gold, from the Netherlands I have a new Lefties Soul Connection, a new Pusha T as well, and the Timbaland produced hit with Tink 'Around The Clock'... more music on World Circuit from Cuba's 1950's with Abelardo Barosso, disco from Japan with Yurie Kokubu, new Flying Lotus with Doom from the GTA V updated music, new TDE's Sza w/ Thundercat on bass, new WhoAreI, watch out for that name. New Mars Today as well and a new Wiley...

Hour 2 with MNDSGN produced tunes, new Howie Lee from Beijing, new Buttering Trio from Tel Aviv, into J.Rocc & MED's project Axel F and local french speaking rapper JeanJass.
New Rone for you, new Theo Parrish from his upcoming album, great Headless Ghost tune and Agoria's new one, to end with Paleman and Julio Bashmore...Hope you'll like it. 

13 weird songs about Canadian cities

There are some songs about Canadian cities that every Canadian knows. We all recognize "YYZ" when we hear it, or "Running Back to Saskatoon," or "One Great City," or pretty much any Stompin' Tom song ever.

These aren't those songs. These are the weird history lessons, the songs that use the city, or part of it, as a metaphor for something; the songs about traffic patterns and development and slavish devotion to local sports teams. Some of them are songs that trade on deep local knowledge, while others are instrumental tunes inspired by a city's vibe. In short, they are weird, they are surprising, they are occasionally uncomfortable, and we love them for it.

Listen to the playlist of weird Canadian city songs below while you flip through the stories behind them in the photo gallery above.


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

David Guetta: Listen review – lucrative business as usual


For his sixth album, the mega-popular French DJ-producer has changed his working methods, building tracks acoustically rather than adding vocals to a beat. It’s not easy to gauge the difference: Listen still delivers the familiar crowd-pleasing builds and drops, the formulaic song structures. Some credit is due for bringing together such a diverse bunch of guest vocalists, from the Script to John Legend to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but rarely do they force Guetta out of his comfort zone. One exception is Nicki Minaj, who elicits a relatively taut, slinky beat from him on Hey Mama. But for the most part it’s (lucrative) business as usual.

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by Killian Fox via Electronic music | The Guardian

The Tokyo Jazz Notes Dozen #52 - November 2014

November's dozen features half a dozen new or recent tunes out of Japan as well as some other gems from around the world. Enjoy!

Liberation - native (from Liberation on Nature Bliss 2014)

Sonido del Mar - Soil & "Pimp" Sessions (from Brothers & Sisters on Victor Entertainment 2014)

The Way (Truth & Life) - Otis Brown III (from The Thought Of You on Blue Note 2014)

Street Sweeper - Mammal Hands (from Animalia on Gondwana Records 2014)

Namibia - Emanuel Ruffler (feat. Johannes Enders) (from Quartet 718 on Rufftone)

Smokers Forest - Primitive Art Orchestra (from Helix on Playwright 2014)

Slow Cooking Baby - The Eminent Stars (from Sittin' In With ... on Tramp Records 2014)

June 7th - Yosuke Onuma (from GNJ on T5 Jazz 2014)

The One (feat. Vikter Duplaix) - Daniel Crawford (from The Awakening on P-Vine 2014)

I Miel Ricordio - Marco di Marco (from Selection Selected by Jazztronik on Village Again 2014)

A New Day - Hajime Yoshizawa (from Inner Illusions on Village Again 2014)

Samba De-La Cruz - Tres-men (from V.A. - Family Compiled by Playwright on Playwright 2014)

via Tokyo Jazz Notes

Friday, November 21, 2014

EDM mania hits India

Once a graveyard for western genres, India is falling in love with EDM. Is this a sign of changing tastes?

For a country of 1.25 billion people, India has never been a major stop on the international live music circuit. Sure, there’s been a smattering of heavy metal gigs and a one-off Beyoncé show in Mumbai in 2007, while Sting can always be counted on to throw in a sitar concert between yoga retreats, but low ticket prices and high production costs mean that big tours by the likes of U2 and Rihanna have traditionally bypassed the country.

That has left a vacuum that’s now being filled, perhaps inevitably, by mass-market EDM. Next month, Major Lazer will tour India for the first time. They’re followed in January by Steve Aoki, who’s returning to the country for his third tour. “India is full of culture and life and we’re excited to explore the country,” says Diplo. “Major Lazer is all about doing things that other people don’t do.” And with those words, we move one step closer to a world where it’s impossible to ever be out of earshot of a ludicrous drop.

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by Kevin EG Perry via Electronic music | The Guardian

Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

Musique Non Stop - SPIN Mix

Link to SPIN - SPIN Mix

Posted: 20 Nov 2014 11:36 AM PST

A half decade after her U.K. breakout, Victoria Hesketh (better known as Little Boots) certainly knows her way around a fun, mysterious pop song by now...

Thursday, November 20, 2014



POOLCLVB just can’t be stopped. The Sweat It Out reps have championed remixes for Motez, Yolanda Be Cool and Tube & Berger, and gave us one of our best GDD guest mixes to date. To celebrate their role as support act for the GOLDEN FEATURES tour of Australia & New Zealand, their giving away their official remix for “Tell Me” for FREE download! Grab it below…





via Gotta Dance Dirty http://ift.tt/1yZEDhQ

Potholes In My Blog: Listen: Thelonious Martin Enlists Domo Genesis & Curren$y for “Atlantis”

Potholes In My Blog: Listen: Thelonious Martin Enlists Domo Genesis & Curren$y for “Atlantis”

Link to Potholes In My Blog

  1. Listen: Thelonious Martin Enlists Domo Genesis & Curren$y for “Atlantis”
  2. Watch: Mick Jenkins’ Incredible Year Continues With “Dehydration” Video
  3. The 1978ers – People of Today
  4. Potholes Premiere: Watch Quiet Dawn Break Down His New Single With Oddisee
  5. Listen: BJ The Chicago Kid’s ‘The M.A.F.E. Project’ [Mixtape]
  6. Watch Wara From the NBHD’s New Video For “Slangin'”
Posted: 20 Nov 2014 10:48 AM PST
thelonious martin peace Listen: Thelonious Martin Enlists Domo Genesis & Curren$y for Atlantis
thelonious martin peace Listen: Thelonious Martin Enlists Domo Genesis & Curren$y for Atlantis

While Chicago is largely lauded for their wide array of talented MCs, I'd be the first to argue that their crop of producers is just good if not better. One of the cats leading the pack is Thelonious Martin largely because of his marvelous sampling ability and versatile production. He recently laid the audible backdrop for Curren$y and Domo Genesis' latest collab "Atlantis," from Thelo's upcoming Wünderkid project. The horn-dominated instrumental is rhythmic and sounds like a classic Spitta beat. I'm not even a huge fan of Domo, but he definitely did his thing on this joint.

Listen below.

BKLYN Music: out to sea

BKLYN Music: out to sea

Link to bklyn music

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 05:30 AM PST

‘Out To Sea’ is the second collaborative EP by producer/multiinstrumentalist Tom Misch and singer/songwriter Carmody. Released December 12th on Misch’s own label Beyond The Groove. It will be a five-track EP, listen to three tracks below and pre-order digit now through iTunes or Amazon.

Tom Misch Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Carmody Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Paris DJs: Renegades Of Jazz - Fire EP (12", Agogo Records, 2014) @ Musique Non Stop

Paris DJs: Renegades Of Jazz - Fire EP (12", Agogo Records, 2014) @ Musique Non Stop

Link to Paris DJs

Posted: 20 Nov 2014 06:35 AM PST
We had the chance to get the visit of Renegades Of Jazz last week at Paris DJs. A long afternoon of sharing memories, vinyl obsessions and of course the now world-famous Djouls' salad (a quick one, though, there's been better ones in the past). The man brought copies of his latest EP on glorious 12 inch vinyl and of his upcoming album on CD, 'Paradise Lost'. We'll come back to the album later on, first let's give this 'Fire EP' a rightful listen. This is Renegades Of Jazz' first release on German label Agogo Records, and a really strong single to begin this new adventure, featuring Aspects, the fantastic hip hop crew fro Bristol on vocals. Between a funky & uptempo car chase soundtrack and rave hip hop turntablism, this should bring fire on the dancefloor indeed! Add to that 3 remixes by Skeewiff, Smoove and Cadien and you know this is one for the vinyl DJ bag.

Renegades Of Jazz Fire EP
Renegades Of Jazz - Fire EP
(12") Agogo Records AR078, 2014-10-06

Links :
Renegades of Jazz : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter

Press Release :
Dear friends and music lovers,

It's exactly five years ago when the idea of Renegades Of Jazz was born and I started making music under this name. I remember uploading my first drafts to MySpace and well... a lot has happened in the meantime. One album and several singles have been released on Wass Records and I've done a lot of remixes and collaborations since this day. So this 6th October is kind of special day for me - 5th anniversary and today is also the release of the first single of the second ROJ album. After signing to Agogo Records we now release "Fire" an uptempo track featuring the Bristol based Rap combo Aspects.

The EP also features three excellent remixes made by funk breaks legends Skeewiff, Bboy breaks head No.1 Smoove and electronic breakbeat purveyor Cadien.

The scratches on Fire have been done by DJ Monsta from Latvia, one of the finest DJ's around.

The Fire EP is now available on 12" vinyl and digital from all good shops.

DJs Feedback :
"Takes me back to the days when you could play Young MC next to a House record. MC Buzz B" - Rob Harris, Test Pressing
"Love the Smoove and Cadien mixes - they're the ones for me" - Dom Servini
"One of the best tracks I've heard this year! Seriously. Lyrical consciousness, deep groove: love it." - Radio Ilektra
"A really powerful release by Renegades of Jazz! Smoove and Cadien deliver the winners for me!" - Shantisan
"Big beats and swinging" - Ketch A Vibe Show
"funky !" - bamalovesoul
"Cadien remix does the business for me" - Diesler
"This will get them up on the dancefloor!" - Junior, Record Breakin

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Ardency Remix)

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Prep School Recordings and Ardency are proud to present: Kavsinky – Nightcall (Ardency Remix), released for free in anticipation of Ardency’s “Gradience” EP, forthcoming on Prep School Recordings in December 2014.

“A lot of the music that we grew up listening to focused almost exclusively on conveying emotion. The musicians that inspired us to produce our own records were those that created well constructed musical arrangements and provoked raw emotion. Kavinsky’s record “Nightcall” is a prime example of this. The song is simple but thought out and meaningful. Every part of it was made to convey the brooding emotion of his character. We wanted to stay true to our style while making a remix that did the original justice. Ultimately, the goal of our music is to stimulate emotion within our listeners; we want to make people feel.” – Ardency

via Gotta Dance Dirty http://ift.tt/1uctQwv

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The mixtape: Broods, Tangerine Dream, Jessica Mauboy and more

Robert DeLong gets the dancefloor grinding, Karl S Williams plays the Gold Coast blues and Jessica Mauboy is our new pop princess

Much like FKA Twigs, Tove Lo and their compatriot Lorde, brother-sister duo Broods (Caleb and Georgia Nott) make atmosphere indie-electro pop, infused with a sexuality that simmers just below the surface. They share with Lorde the same producer, New Zealand’s Joel Little, who is having a ripper couple of years. Broods’ most popular song to date is Bridges, off their Broods EP, a song that leaps effortlessly between a hopeful, soaring chorus and its more circumspect chorus. L.A.F. is the latest track from their debut album Evergreen. It’s a hand-clapping dance-happy salutation to young love and comes before their Australian tour in late November.

Continue reading...

by Monica Tan, Martin Farrer and Merran Hitchick via Electronic music | The Guardian



When we teamed up with Main Course, iZotope, and ToneDen to announce a remix competition for our friend BOT’s track “Monky Man,” we weren’t expecting to receive over 120 submissions.

We’re excited to announce that we were able to pick three winners for the competition, with the grand prize winner receiving iZotope’s Ozone 6, an official release on Main Course’s “The Remixes Vol 05″ as promised, and a prize pack from the Main Course store.

The two runners up will be featured in the upcoming Main Course Holiday Pack, however all finalists will receive free upgrades ToneDen premium account for life.

The grand prize winner is…

Brisbane-based musician Low Parse! We were captivated by his energetic rendition of the track and have had it on repeat since our first listen.

Our two runners up include NiQW


The rest of the finalists can be heard in this set:

It was difficult picking through all the winners, and we couldn’t be more excited to have teamed up with ToneDen, iZotope, Main Course to offer such an awesome opportunity. Congratulations to all the winners and great job to all those who entered! We’ll have more remix competitions in the future so stay tuned to look out for those.

Thank you again to all who chose to participate!

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Unherd Radio Show No. 34 17/11/14

Listen again here!

1st Hour


Silk Rhodes – Real Time (Stones Throw)

Skinshape – Shangri-La (Melting Music)

Count Basic – Strange Life (K&D Remix) (!K7)

Tropics – Home & Consonance (Innovative Leisure)

James Tillman – Love Within (Brownswood)

Record of the Week: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Wendelu

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Empty Words (Ubiquity)

Jaga Jazzist – Going Down (Ninja Tune)

Sdban Records Feature

Plus – Gimme Some More of That (Sdban Records)

Mad Unity – Funky tramway (Sdban Records)

Trouble Funk – Pump Me Up (TF Records)

Rene Costy & his Orchestra – Scrabble (Sdban Records)

Open Sky Unit – Sunshine Star (Sdban Records)

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – P.I.M.P. (Truth & Soul)

Record of the Week: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Wendelu

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Stop (Ubiquity)

2nd Hour


Record of the Week: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Wendelu

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Signs (Ubiquity)

Dele Sosimi – Sanctuary (Wah Wah 45s)

Batida – Mama Watado feat. Cannibal (Soundway)

Wax Stag – Summit (Falty DL Remix) (White)

Jazzuelle – Always There (ARC)

Mirror Signal – 20th Century Fix (Brownswood)

The Milk – Deliver Me (Wah Wah 45s)

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks – Voodoo (Hope Street Records)

Bob & Gene – Gotta Find A Way (Daptone)

Joanie Sommers – Don’t Pity Me (Harkit)

Early Clover & The Georgia Soul Drifters – Think It Over (Record Kicks)

Record of the Week: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Wendelu

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Let It Flow (Ubiquity)

Verckys et L’Orchestre Veve – Chaka Sana (Analogue Africa)

Joe Budha presents Terri Walker – Tired Out (Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop)

Jimmy The Twin – Going Home (Edit) (White)

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[VIDEO PREMIERE] Ghosts Of Venice – Make Your Move

2014 has been a busy year for Ghosts of Venice . After a string of releases as well as remixes for Mystery Skulls, French Horn Rebellion and even a very special Valentine’s Day guest mix for us – he’s back with “Make Your Move”: A track that reworks the 80′s original for the modern dance floor, backed with a music video that pays homage to his new home, Los Angeles.

Ghosts Of Venice on





via Gotta Dance Dirty http://ift.tt/1zAebME

Gilles Peterson @ Musique Non Stop

Gilles Peterson @ Musique Non Stop


  1. A/T/O/S // Brownswood Bubblers 11 // Artist Profile
  2. Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Nikitch
  3. Gilles Peterson // BBC 6 Music // Ibeyi In Session
  4. Gilles Peterson Presents // Brownswood Bubblers 11 // Out Now!
Posted: 17 Nov 2014 07:17 AM PST

Hello, can you describe your sound in 3 words?
Truenoys: deep – bass – honest
Amos: deep – down – high
What's been your favourite record of 2014?
Truenoys: Paul White – Shaker Notes (R&S) – probably another one tomorrow but this one gets loads of plays since it’s out
Amos: SZA – teen spirit
What new artist are you tipping for 2015?
Truenoys: Internal Sun
Amos: Little Dragon – they just keep getting better
Who's music career inspires you?
Truenoys: the known & unknown & get to know.
Amos: those who spread a message and are so cool doing it :)
Who would you most like to work with?
Truenoys: Amos (keep it going).
Amos: fka twigs / james blake / slum village and fuzz
Where can people go to see / hear more from you?
Check out the other artist profiles!
Gogo Penguin // Kuage // Photay // James Tillman

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