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[WATCH] The Latest Video For Tame Impala Multi-Instrumentalist: Jay Watson

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.44.16 PM

It would appear there is no stopping Tame Impala. After having just received their 2nd ARIA award for Best Rock Album, the boys re-acquaint themselves with legends like AC/DC, Jett, and Wolfmother and become the winningest band in the category since the awards inception in 1999. When they are not cementing their place in rock history, one band member finds time for his solo psych-rock side project, GUM.

After his Freshmen LP, Deloreon Highway (a collection of songs described as “paranoid pop-rock“), he’s all primed and ready for round 2 with the announcement of his latest album, Glamorous Damage, as well as a time traveling visual treatment for it’s single, “Anesthetized Lesson.” Directed by Jason Galea, who’s work is recently responsible for the latest Mac Demarco tour poster and Beach Goth IV poster design, as well as a multitude of multi-media and live performance art for fellow Melbournian Indie act, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the video glistens with 80’s pop rock and Tame Impala certified authority.

Have a look below and watch for Glamorous Damage, mixed and recorded himself, off Spinning Top Records when it’s available for Pre-Order on Oct. 30th, and catch GUM opening for Mac Demarco on select dates off his Australian Tour.

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The best albums of 2015 – so far

We’ve almost finished collating the best albums released in 2015 – so far including Arca, Joanna Newsom, Mac DeMarco, Kendrick Lamar and Björk, and updated monthly

Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love
A return to form for the reunited riot grrrl pioneers, filled to capacity with their signature crunching guitars and breathless, animated vocals.

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Peter Hook sues New Order, claiming they 'pillaged' the group's name

Former bassist claims he has lost more than £2m after the remaining three members licensed the group’s name to a new company

Peter Hook is suing his New Order ex-bandmates for “many millions of pounds” in the high court, accusing them of secretly “pillaging” the group’s name and starving him of cash.

The bassist says he is already £2.3m out of pocket owing to his “former friends” in the group. He claims they have asset-stripped the New Order name, keeping him in the dark about what they were up to until the move became a “fait accompli”.

Related: New Order: ‘There’s no point in just staying together for the kids’

Related: Peter Hook: ‘If my son joined New Order at least they’d get the bass played properly’

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Five albums to try this week: Bill Wells, Oneohtrix Point Never and more

Stream new albums from Sophie’s fizzing PC Music to Nadia Reid’s resonant folk, and let us know what you’ll be listening to

Why you should listen: The Scottish jazz musician turned indie collaborator takes on another unexpected project, reworking children’s nursery rhymes with guests including Yo La Tengo, Karen Mantler and Syd Straw.

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Balancing Vocals in the Mix

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Getting vocals to sit in the mix is one of the most challenging aspects of music making. When working with electronic music, it becomes even more difficult as you attempt to balance a dynamic, real-world source with a more consistent, sample-based bed. For Point Blank’s latest FFL, JC Concato took a track by PB student Gutto Serta and rebalanced the vocals. The track ‘Smokey Mirrors’ had some classic vocal issues that Point Blank address over the course of the video. Find out more below and make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel so you never miss another FFL.
If you want to learn more mixing and mastering techniques, as well as composition and even music business, Point Blank’s online Diploma course is perfect for you. Taken for up to 64 weeks and from anywhere in the world, it’s one of PB’s most comprehensive courses. With graduates including Claude VonStroke, Nicole Moudaber and Plastician, you know you’re in good hands. Find out more about Point Blank’s online Diploma courses here.

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Sophie: Product review – digital pop divorced from the analogue world


Digital music is a particularly slippery genre to corral into neat theses. But a few distinct strands have recently found their way out of the margins and into the mainstream. Many look backwards: the 21st-century house revival of outfits such as Disclosure, say; brisk with 0s and 1s, but easy on the ear.

One in particular looks forwards, pupils dilated, teeth full of cavities: a hyper-processed sound nailed by the London-based PC Music collective, but most succinctly embodied by Sophie – real name, Samuel Long – the PC Music affiliate who has come furthest. Somewhere between a high-art provocateur and a low-culture jingle merchant, Sophie makes stark, sped-up electronic bubblegum that dances on the cusp between fun and disorientation, utterly divorced from the analogue world.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Vamps: Wake Up review – don't call them a boyband

(Virgin EMI)

If ever you thought you needed an 18-song album from a pop-rock band of men in their late teens and early 20s, this is it. Perhaps desperate to be taken seriously – as a real band, you see, not a boyband – four-piece the Vamps seem keen to prove that they have a lot to say. They liken love to an overflowing mountain on Volcano, drowning frontman Brad Simpson’s rather impressive vocal in paint-by-numbers drum and bass and an inexplicable rap hook by Silentó. On I Found a Girl, they lament the horror of falling for a woman who turns out to be a lesbian. And Runaway crams in yet another major-chord progression in order to ensure that every song here sounds like one you’ve heard before. All band members can play and sing quite capably, so it’s a shame they didn’t experiment with the boundaries of pop songwriting on this flighty dalliance with reggae, folk, EDM and powerpop.

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Oneohtrix Point Never: Garden of Delete review – the soundtrack to Justin Bieber’s anxiety dreams


Perhaps a little playfully, Daniel Lopatin has suggested that Garden of Delete is his pop album. It would certainly make a change to hear Radio 1’s Greg James announce a hot new chart entry for Sticky Drama – a fusillade of howls, distortion and pneumatic percussion, leavened only by snippets of harpsichord – but it seems unlikely. What Lopatin has really done is to introduce snatches of poppy vocal and the odd synthesiser hook into his world of challenging electronica. If it has any relation to Justin Bieber, it would be as the soundtrack to his anxiety dreams. Get past the fear, though, and there are moments of great musical dexterity, and even glints of beauty. Lift counterpoints its looped, distorted vocal with a piano line straight out of an 80s ballad. Mutant Standard’s beat begins as a panicky thump but ends up closer to trance euphoria. But Lopatin is never quite able to stand still and enjoy some of the sounds he creates. This remains a project for only a very particular kind of pop picker.

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Sophie: Product review – forehead-slappingly obvious pop provocations from PC Music affiliate

MP3 dildos aside, Product has nothing new to add to the conversation about pop’s relationship to artifice and consumerism

The debut album by the mysterious electronic producer Sophie – actually a compilation of two previously released singles and four new tracks – comes in a variety of formats, and not just the usual download, CD and deluxe vinyl options. According to Sophie’s website, Product has also been released as a variety of objects, purchasers of which get MP3s of the songs as well. The shoes, sunglasses and quilted jacket have apparently already sold out, leaving only one item available: it retails for £50, is described as a “skin-safe, odourless and tasteless platinum silicon product”, and looks suspiciously like what would once have been tactfully called a marital aid.

An artist is releasing his album as a kind of addendum to buying a sex toy. Well, of course he is: Sophie – who in reality seems to be a male, London-based producer called Sam – is an affiliate of PC Music, the label/sub-genre that, depending on your perspective, is either responsible for “some of the most compelling pop music in living memory” or “a vapid art project by a handful of rich kids”. Although signed to the respected dance label Numbers, he co-produced PC Music’s best known single to date, QT’s Hey QT, and shares the label’s interest in sped-up female RP vocals, the bubblegum end of dance music – happy hardcore, Europop, the kind of turbo-powered commercial trance with which the Clubland tours used to fill the arenas of the north – and pop’s relationship with consumerism. There is much layering on of irony, giving interviews in funny voices and spouting of blank-eyed, sub-Warhol aphorisms: he is influenced by “shopping – things prohibited in hand luggage”, and says the name Sophie “tastes good and it’s like moisturiser”.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[STREAM] Memory Service – Whatchugot (Original Mix)

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With dance music’s heavyweights constantly inundating the blogs and other media outlets, it’s refreshing to hear about new talent like Los Angeles-based duo, Memory Service. Although these guys are just beginning their ascent, they’re already proving their promise, and with the backing of Black Butter Records, they’re in a fantastic spot. Their debut release, “Watchugot,” is featured in the sixth edition of the Spread Love compilation series, and it’s a stand-out house track that’s sure to warm up dance floors far and wide with its good vibes and bouncy rhythm. Enjoy and keep Memory Service in your sights!

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MXMS – OMG (On Planets Remix)

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On Planets have brought the serious vibes with their take on “OMG.”  Uptempo percussive elements set the tone for the super smooth track.  Really light feels considering the depth and darkness of the original vocals from the MXMS tune.  A warm bassline pads your way through the four-minute production, with plucking chords sprinkled throughout.  Safe to say I’m digging my first wind of On Planets and I’ll be keen to hear more!

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After a year that has included everything from coveted support slots for Nero, to two EPs on mau5trap, and an official remix for Gallant, the mysterious producer, ATTLAS, now known as Jeff Hartford, is capping it all off with the third and final EP in his trilogy. As deadmau5’s protégé, he’s been cutting through the noise with his diverse palette of sounds, including house, progressive, indie, and ambient elements – all wrapped together in productions that often bring cinematic qualities. This latest six-track release, the Sin EP, is a perfect example of this as he bestows a range of emotions and vibes on each track to showcase his studio prowess, and further establish himself as a versatile artist who is not afraid to dive deep into sonic possibilities without regard to anyone’s expectations. Listen to the EP above, buy it on iTunes or Beatport, and stream it on Spotify.

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[STREAM] Grabbitz – “Float Away”

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Grabbitz burst onto the scene just about a year ago after remixing “Silent Pictures” by Deadmau5 and has been on a production tear ever since. Now based in LA, he’s garnered the attention of popular producers and even landed an original composition on CSI: Cyber. With a live show rearing to go he’s released a mid tempo masterpiece on Monstercat and it’s sure to trigger some complextro nostalgia from the Blog Haus days. Have a listen below and keep your eye out for his new record “Better With Time” out December 11th!

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Malaa – Notorious

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Since recovering from a severe car crash, the Parisian future-house aficionado Tchami has announced his own record imprint called Confession, celebrating its launch with a free compilation and releasing one track at a time. Today they just dropped a new one from the mysterious producer known as Malaa, and its all the hood inspired house you could want from the French phenom.

In case you missed the first release on Confession, it came from the low end stylings of French Canadian artist ANGELZ:



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[STREAM] Experience RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Growth On “Innerbloom”

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RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s freshmen LP was one for the books, an artistic expression rivaled by few in 2014, which is why when new sounds started popping up I was curious to see what another trip around the sun would yield for the boys from down under. ATLAS was simple, cool, and sun drenched. A statement piece that tipped the scales in favor of live electronic over DJ sets. So how do they follow up their first look? With a nine minute masterpiece that exudes maturity across the board. “Innerbloom” is a living breathing song that shifts and blends and morphs into an actualized blossoming of the mind, body, and soul. It’s real, they’re back, and we’re all ears…

PreOrder their Sophomore LP ‘BLOOM’ HERE.

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Dom Servini – Amazing Radio Show #16

Listen again here!

1st Hour

DJ Paypal – We Finally Made It feat. DJ Earl (Brainfeeder)
The Bamboos – On the Sly (Jonny Faith Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Jump Work Shake Move (Five Easy Pieces)

Album of the Week: Bastien Keb – Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou

Bastien Keb – Beat Without a Heart (One Handed)

Compilation of the Week: If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey into Deep Jazz
Charles Greenlee – He’s Gone (BBE)
Lo Tide – He’s Coming Closer feat. Sarah Shamash (Bandcamp)
Falty DL – Visceral (Ninja Tune)
Christian Gaubert – Sweet Maryline (BBE)
Breakplus – Silver Bangle (Mythstery)
Typesun – Last Home (DJ Nature Extended Version)
Compilation of the Week: If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey into Deep Jazz

Yves Laferriere – Anastasie Oh! Ma Cherie (Theme du film) (BBE)

Album of the Week: Bastien Keb – Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou

Bastien Keb – Down River (One Handed)

2nd Hour
Jeen Bassa – Audio Visual (22a)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Music my Heaven feat. Tenderlonious (Five Easy Pieces)
Kratos Himself – Tomorrow’s Sun feat. Bev Lee Harling (Youngbloods)
Compilation of the Week: If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey into Deep Jazz

Triton – Greasy Sunday (BBE)

Album of the Week: Bastien Keb – Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou

Bastien Keb – Chicken Stomp (One Handed)

Blundetto – Last Broken Dub (Heavenly Sweetness)
Boca 45 Exclusive Mini-Mix
Intro feat. Kevin Swaby
Boca 45 – Stand Up (Geoff Barrow Remix) (Grand Central)
Boca 45 – 333 Til Infinity (Super Slick Stereo Sounds)
Boca 45 – 45 Took Hudson (Jalepeno)
Boca 45 – Steady Rockin (Freestyle)
Body Beard Brothers – Original Love Injection (Leisure)
Boca 45 – Soul On Top feat. Louis Baker (45 Live)
Gizelle Smith – Hold Fast (Boca 45 Edit) (Wah Wah 45s)
Boca 45 – People are You Ready? feat. The Good People (Digga Please)
Boca 45 – Return of the Original Dance Freaks (Jack2Phono)
Fort Knox Five – Party Pushers (Boca 45 Remix) (Fort Knox)
Boca 45 – Diego’s Theme (45 Live)
Boca 45 – Down to Mexico (Grand Central)
Boca 45 – In the City feat. McKay (High Noon)
EOM – Don’t Need (LOA Records)
Miguelito Superstar – Un Domingo Dub (NYCT)
Rascal – Parade (Jakarta)
Compilation of the Week: If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey into Deep Jazz

Lenny McBrowne & the Four Souls – Saudi (BBE)

Matthew Halsall & the Gondwana Orchestra – Into Forever feat. Josephine Oniyama (Gondwana)
Album of the Week: Bastien Keb – Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou

Bastien Keb – Love Just Died Tonight (One Handed)

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Dom Servini – Amazing Radio Show #15

Listen again here!

1st Hour

Sarah Williams White – Hum (Quiet Dawn remix) (First Word)
The Incognito Traveller – Silent NY (BBE)
Album of the Week: Khruangbin – The Universe Smiles Upon You
Khruangbin – People Everywhere (Still Alive) (Late Night Tales)
Sub Modu – Wtr Ngt Nme (Bandcamp)
Anchorsong – Oriental Suite (Tru Thoughts)
Dele Sosimi – Sanctuary (Titeknots Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Ponty Mython – Gracefully feat. Lay-Far (Capital Bass)

Boca 45 – Diego’s Theme (45 Live)

Gideon Conn – Miranda Warning (Wah Wah 45s)
Freddie Gibbs – Fuckin’ up the Count (Radio) (ESGN)
Quintus Project – Night Flight (Original) (Sonar Kollektiv)
Album of the Week: Khruangbin – The Universe Smiles Upon You
Khruangbin – White Gloves (Late Night Tales)
Hugh – Learn to Fall (DL)
The Milk – Loneliness Has Eyes (Wah Wah 45s)

2nd Hour

Alice Russell – Hard and Strong (Typesun Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
Album of the Week: Khruangbin – The Universe Smiles Upon You
Khruangbin – Two Fish and an Elephant (Late Night Tales)

Ash Walker Mini-Mix

Ash Walker – Root Vegetables

Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle

Ash Walker – Long Arms

Bob James – Nautilus

Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
Phil Gerus – I Need You More Than He (Bastard Jazz)
Sean Khan – Samba for Florence (Henry Wu Remix) (Far Out)
Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson (Ninja Tune)
Joyce Elaine Yuille – Chaos (Re-arranged by Gerardo Frisina) (Schema)
Sango – Ghetto Berimbau (Bandcamp)
Seyr – A Love (DL)

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Cult heroes: Altern-8, the pop jesters who took rave music to the playground

A welcome alternative to the faceless dance acts and dull pop groups of the early 90s, the cartoonish Midlands act turned a generation on to raving

For those of us who entered their teenage years in early-90s Britain, rave culture was a strange, alluring thing. We were too young to actually go to raves but we would see evidence of them in brightly coloured flyers and on nightly news reports, where the fun that ravers were clearly having was weighed against grim warnings of drug addiction, jail and death.

Then there was the music. Rave was so big in Britain that, from 1987 onwards, a stream of house and rave records became massive chart hits, showing up on Radio 1, Top of the Pops and The Chart Show, where they would find a receptive teenage audience.

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Izzy Bizu, Jack Garratt and Frances: meet the Brits critics' choice shortlist

From Jools-friendly soul to earnest piano balladry, the Brits critics have stuck to the score in picking the roster of Britain’s next top acts. But are any of them destined for Adele-style dominance?

Love them, loathe them or occasionally tweet snarky things about them, those Brits critics’ choice winners have a history of success. Last year’s victor, James Bay, has not only had a fruitful year in terms of musical triumphs, spending numerous weeks at the top of the UK album chart with his debut, The Chaos and the Calm, but has also been inducted into the upper echelons of celebrity society. His face can currently be seen prancing alongside an all-star ensemble including Naomi Campbell, Romeo Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry’s big-budget Christmas ad.

So who is set to sing an acoustic rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday at Prince George’s third birthday party next year? Who will soundtrack every goal, every tear-soaked charity montage, every beautifully baked Spanish windtorte on the Bake Off? Which lucky soul will join the likes of Bay and past critics’ choice winners Adele, Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith as one of the UK’s biggest global exports? The winner will be announced on Friday 27 November, but today they have revealed the three shortlisted artists for this year’s prize: Izzy Bizu, Frances and Jack Garratt.

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[STREAM] Justin Jay & Friends – Karma feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges

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Justin Jay‘s been making some serious moves… After a year that included everything from performances at Coachella, Decibel Festival, Electric Zoo, Desert Hearts, and more on his current world tour, to an EP on Pets Recordings, and Dirtybird, amongst other releases, the LA-based producer/DJ is now launching his new Justin Jay & Friends project, which is a collaborative group that he’s assembled with two of his college homies, vocalist Josh Taylor, and guitarist Benny Bridges. This new track, “Karma,” is the first taste of this project, and just as one may expect, the trio deliver a truly outstanding piece of dance music. Check it out here and keep an eye out for more from Justin Jay & Friends.

“Two sensitive music kids join a frat together… During my first year of college, I became friends with Josh. As a singer/songwriter, he was drawing influence from John Mayer and Jack Johnson, while I was hooked on Dirtybird and going to illegal house/techno warehouse parties. We grew a mutual respect for each other’s interests, but never even considered making music together. Back in January, with one semester before graduation, we decided to jam together, as a somewhat sarcastic joke. I’d never felt so uncomfortable making music in my life and Josh felt the same. I never had to think about lyrics, verses and choruses, while josh had never sang on top of minor chord changes and dirty bass lines. It’s really scary being pushed to do something different musically, but because I had my friends pushing and helping me, I’ve never had so much fun making music before.” – Justin Jay

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Five albums to try this week: Arca, Tinariwen and more

Stream new albums, from Freddie Gibbs’s dextrous rap to Ringo Deathstarr’s dreamy shoegaze, and let us know what you’ll be playing this week

Why you should listen: This live album, recorded at a gig in Paris in December 2014, sees the desert-blues band confront asuf – a feeling that loosely translates as “taking away, forgetting or getting over heartache and longing” – for their Tuareg camp home.

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Last trance saloon: why is music's cheesiest genre making a comeback?

Once maligned for its naff image and sugary euphoria, trance is being embraced by DJs such as Evian Christ and Rustie. Time to break out the confetti canons

In the fickle world of dance music, trance has long been ridiculed. While still undeniably big business around the world, it conjures club scenes of hands in the air, outstretched to DJs in all-white ensembles and Oakleys. It’s hardly fashion-conscious or “cool”. But 26-year-old producer Evian Christ had a different experience when he first heard its aspartame melodies. “I remember being 11 and listening to Suburban Train by Tiësto, and it moved me to tears,” he says.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

iZotope Ozone 7: First Look

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iZotope’s Ozone software has grown to become one of the go-to tools for mastering in the box. Version 6 saw the introduction of a new signal path system, allowing users to drag and drop different modules from the software, as well as third party plugins for the first time. Now version 7 has introduced new vintage modes, bringing brand new EQ, compressors and tape emulations to the plugin.

For their latest FFL, Point Blank were joined by mastering instructor Anthony Chapman to look at what’s new in version 7 and to give you some mastering tips along the way. Make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel for more tutorials and live events just like this.
If you want to learn more about mastering and music production, Point Blank’s online Diploma courses feature modules on both, as well as composition, music business and more. Taken for up to 64 weeks and from anywhere in the world, it’s one of Point Blank’s most comprehensive courses. Graduates include Nicole Moudaber, Patrick Topping and Aluna Francis so you know you’re in good hands. Find out more about Point Blank’s online Diploma courses here.

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Arca: Mutant review – digital shape-shifting


Roughly a year on from his last album, Xen, cutting-edge digital producer Alejandro Ghersi continues his stark exploration of shape-shifting digital realms. Where Xen explored his gender-fluid alter ego, Mutant is billed as more extroverted, explicitly referencing friends and colleagues. One of its finest passages - the epically chilling Snakes - is a nod to Ghersi’s former collaborator, Björk (both are snakes in the Chinese zodiac, he says ). Faggot, meanwhile, moves from probing equanimity to stark clanking as Ghersi seeks to reclaim the word. Perhaps the NSFW art and videos for Vanity and En skew the narrative, but Mutant feels even more sexual than its predecessor.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Electric Paradise Announces Full 2015 Lineup Ft. Nicolas Jaar, Guy Gerber, Steve Angello, & More

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Flyer Lineup RETIRO (1)

Last winter, Electric Paradise attracted over 12,000 attendees for their inaugural festival, and it’s coming back for more on December 19th, along with a great lineup to match. With just over 30 artists set to perform, Electric Paradise has upped the ante and continues to hold the title of being the largest dance music festival in the Caribbean. The one-day festival will include performances from high-profile, main stage-friendly acts such as Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Angello, Porter Robinson, Cashmere Cat, and more, as well as indie-leaning and underground acts like AlunaGeorge, Nicolas Jaar, Guy Gerber, and Hot Since 82, amongst others. Additionally, a grip of local acts like the house duo, Lash, Dav Motta, and more will be rounding it all out to bring vibes cultivated within the Dominican Republic.

Electric Paradise is sure to be a bliss-filled affair, especially with these names on the bill, so treat yourself before the holidays, and grab your ticket here.

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Mikey Lions & Sabo – Into The Jungle EP + City Hearts Winter Tour Announcement

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Mikey Lion and Sabo have just released their first studio collaboration together. Featuring two original tracks, ‘Into The Jungle’ and ‘Sally’, as well as remixes by Lonely Boy and Joyce Muniz, Into The Jungle puts deep and complex tribalistic drum patterns at the forefront of the mix, driving a unique tech-house sound that both Mikey and Sabo are known to champion.   Really digging these strong vibes from the Desert Hearts crew?  You’re in luck; the boys have just released a massive winter touring schedule for their City Hearts party.  Check out the tour dates after the jump!


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The 10 best winter songs

The best cold season music, from shiver-banishing soul to shiver-inducing electronica

The Mamas and the Papas (1965)

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by Jude Rogers via Electronic music | The Guardian

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jamie xx is bookies' favourite to win the 2015 Mercury prize

William Hill give the electronic music producer odds of 4/1 to triumph in this year’s award, with singer-songwriter Benjamin Clementine following closely

Jamie xx is the bookmaker William Hill’s favourite to win this year’s Mercury prize for album of the year, with odds of 4/1 in the lead-up to the award announcement on Friday.

According to the bookies, the electronic music producer’s debut album, In Colour, just inched past singer-songwriter’s Benjamin Clementine’s debut, At Least for Now, backed to win at 9/2. William Hill said that Clementine has pulled in about 50% of all bets placed since Tuesday.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[STREAM] Yates – Virtue (Plastic Plates Remix)

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One of Australia’s leading indie labels, Sweat It Out!, just secured some fresh, home-grown talent that’s already showing great promise. Over the course of a year or so, the KCRW and Triple J-supported singer/songwriter, Yates, has been crafting his distinctive blend of genres, live instrumentation, electronic elements, and silky vocals. He recently announced his debut EP, Mercury, that’s due out early next year, but he also just unveiled this dance floor-ready Plastic Plates remix of “Virtue,” one of the tracks off of the EP, to tease the anticipated release. Check out the track above and be ready for Yates in the new year.

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Don’t Miss Point Blank Los Angeles’ Open House on November 21st

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point-blank-los-angelesFor those that haven’t yet checked out Point Blank Los Angeles, you have another chance coming up! The next Open House event takes place this Saturday November 21st, and you can register for your FREE tickets via the Eventbrite page to guarantee your place. This is an opportunity to take a tour of their LA school and check out the cutting-edge music tech at PBLA. They are very pleased to announce that pioneering LA techno duo Raíz (Droid Behavior, VRV) will now be making an appearance on the day, to deliver some music industry insight alongside an exclusive Q&A. You’ll also learn some music production essentials with free workshops from our expert instructors, Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb, Smashing Pumpkins) and Computo (Flying Lotus, A-Trak, Zedd).

Check out the schedule for the Open House on November 21st below, and don’t forget to RSVP to reserve your FREE tickets for the event:


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French touch – 10 of the best

Daft Punk, St Germain et al reinvented French music in the mid 90s, when they married old disco loops to house beats and made something beautiful. Here are the tracks with the most magical touch

In the early 1990s, French music was something of a joke; an easy punchline for British exchange students who were otherwise intimidated by the sophistication of their hosts. St Germain (AKA Ludovic Navarre, whose first new album in 15 years came out in October) was the first sign that things were changing. His 1995 album Boulevard was a massive hit with British journalists and public alike, named album of the year in the dance music magazine Muzik and paving the way for the new generation of producers whose music would later be banded together as the French touch.

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The playlist: experimental – Huddersfield highlights, AMM, George Lewis and Derek Bailey

This month, Philip Clark looks at some of the artists who will play this month’s Huddersfield contemporary music festival

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Wah Wah Radio – November 2015

ww radio logo colour (website crop)

Dom & Adam, finally reunited for some chat, music and a run down of what’s still in store for 2015

  • AtJazz  – Nebulosa
  • Falty –  DL Visceral
  • DJ Paypal –  We Finally Made It ft. Earl
  • Floating Points – For Marmish
  • Jamie Woon – Dedication
  • Breakplus –  Silver Bangle
  • The Milk – Darling What’s Wrong
  • EOM – Sweet Nothings
  • Gideon Conn – You Make Me Smile
  • Calibro 35 – Across 111th Street
  • Phil Gerus – Better Think Twice
  • Dele Sosimi – You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix)
  • Anchor Song – Last Feast

Wah Wah Radio – November 2015 by Wah Wah 45s on Mixcloud

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Floating Points review – warm electro weaves a delicate euphoria

Islington Assembly Hall, London
DJ Sam Shepherd employs strings, sax and a cooing choir to bring a hypnotic intensity to his sophisticated sound

Six minutes into Silhouettes (I, II & III), Floating Points’ 10-minute cosmic opus, saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings stands up out of his chair, the crowd urging him on, and starts playing. As clattering drums propel the song forward, Hutchings riffs over washes of strings and a cooing choir from Goldsmiths. It’s a heady brew, enveloping the venue in euphoria.

Sat calmly at the centre of all of this is Floating Points himself, the unassuming Sam Shepherd, perched behind a pile of synths and machines as he orchestrates the 11-piece band around him. Tonight is the first UK gig to showcase Elaenia, his debut album. Comprised of seven “suites”, it’s a sophisticated and detailed collection, pin-drop quiet at times and building delicately at others. Live, it feels as if it’s being coloured in; the strings and brass broaden the sound, adding verve and intensity.

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by Danny Wright via Electronic music | The Guardian

No Bieber? No problem! How Oneohtrix Point Never made a pop album without the pop stars

The avant garde electronic artist wanted to create a work using snippets of pop’s biggest hits. But when songwriters didn’t play ball he simply pretended to be them

The plan was simple enough. For his 14th record, Oneohtrix Point Never, mercurial producer behind countless works of bizarro electronica, would train his magpie gaze on to the world of pop. He had meant the album Garden Of Delete to be his definitive, arch commentary on mainstream music, its songs based on cheap scraps bought from industry songwriters. He was aiming high, to build his music around saccharine snippets dropped from Taylor Swift records, or the Bieber hooks that had remained unsung, and then filter it through echoing synthesizers and discombobulating rhythms. “I’d see if they’d give me their cold-cut ends, their dollar-fifty-a-pound bullshit,” he crackles over Skype from New York. The plan was simple but the plan didn’t work.

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Laughing myself to death. That’s been my strategy to avoid massive bouts of depression

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

[ONE NIGHT ONLY] Hollywood Lays Host To The Iconic Paradise Garage Dec. 19

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Paradise Garage means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but if you were around NYC in the 90’s than those two words take on a profoundly holy meaning. For those who are new, Paradise Garage served as a playground to NYC’s bourgeoning house and disco scene welcoming any and all types of boogie monsters looking to spread love and joy in the now SoHo district of NYC. What now seems like common practice was once pioneered by the legendary dance hall including placing the DJ at the center of the party’s focus, a practice that birthed the funk phenomenon Larry Levan in the flesh.

We have a lot to give thanks for in the modern dance music climate in part due to the altruistic nature of the Paradise Garage, which is why when it comes back to life at the Hollywood Palladium for one night only on Dec. 19th we cleared our schedules to make pilgrimage to the westside and pay homage to one of the holiest dance floor’s around. With sets from Joey Llanos and David DePino (two of disco’s greatest who cut their teeth at Paradise Garage) this might be the closest anyone who reached the ripe age of 21 after the new Millennium gets to experiencing the legendary vibes of the dance music cornerstone.

Get your tickets HERE and tune in below for what to expect from Joey and David when they take over the Palladium for “A Night At The Paradise Garage.”

Joey Llanos & David DePino Paradise Garage Mix by A Night In Paradise on Mixcloud

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Chvrches review – bubblegum pop that leaves a bad taste of niceness

The Dome, Brighton
The electronic trio look like goths and have a surprisingly heavy sound, but they’re just too shiny and nice

What a curious, synthetic experience it is to see Chvrches. Not that there’s ever anything amiss with pop feeling synthetic. What makes Chvrches odd is the disconnect between their live sound, a pulsating electronic wallop, and their pervasive sense of niceness. Everything about this band is black except its soul. This is vanilla EBM; goth for people who are afraid of the dark.

The Scottish trio’s first UK show since the September release of their second album, Every Open Eye, is a polite affair. But it can also be loud, visceral and bass-heavy. Singer Lauren Mayberry is a personable, self-effacing stage presence between songs, but not quite big enough during them. She is, she tells us, aiming for “60% fun”. She’s being wry, but that seems about right.

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by David Bennun via Electronic music | The Guardian

New Order review – pure serotonin for an existential ache

Brixton Academy, London
Dedicating Love Will Tear Us Apart to the victims of the Paris attacks, Sumner and co shimmer through an untouchable back catalogue of electro alchemy

“Vive la France!” says Bernard Sumner as New Order take to the stage with a large tricolore illuminated brightly behind them. The fervent applause goes on and on. It’s the fact that Sumner is such an everyman figure, and New Order the most human and empathic of bands, that makes his gentle words so moving.

The veteran Manchester group recently enjoyed their highest charting album in more than 20 years with Music Complete, a record that moves them firmly back towards the wistfully charged rave-pop of their 80s and 90s peak. The galloping synths and existential ache of tonight’s set opener, Singularity, evokes career high-water marks such as their 1989 Technique album.

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Triple j, NPR, CBC, BBC and RTÉ choose the songs you need to hear right now

Each week at CBC Music, our staff members pick a list of songs you need to hear, writing passionate words with the hopes that you’ll add said artist to your playlist. Once a month, though, we do something different.

This time around, public broadcasters from across the globe weigh in on those must-hear songs. NPR Music, BBC Radio 1, triple j, Ireland’s RTÉ and CBC Music hosts give an international voice to Songs You Need to Hear, choosing a song from an artist you shouldn’t miss.

In this eighth instalment, NPR Music's Ann Powers, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, triple j’s Zan Rowe, RTÉ's Dan Hegarty and CBC's own Grant Lawrence make a case for five artists you should have on your radar.

To hear some of these voices make the case on-air, tune in to Radio 2 Drive at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

NPR, BBC, CBC, RTÉ, triple j

Ann Powers, music critic for NPR Music
Song you need to hear: "Poor," Sweet Spirit

Today, I want to share with you a song by the Austin, Texas, band Sweet Spirit. The band belongs to a generation of young bands that I’m seeing out in the clubs today: they’re party bands, they have kind of a jam-band side to them, but they’re also kind of punk in their attitude, and that’s what I think is really cool about them. This group was formed by the singer Sabrina Ellis and guitarist Andrew Cashen, who are also in a more raw punk group called A Giant Dog. But Sweet Spirit is a nine-piece — they have horns, they’re really all about making you dance. What I love about "Poor" is the sentiment expressed: it’s about being a starving artist, or just a person who doesn’t really care if you’re making a huge success in the world, but just wants to have fun on a day-to-day basis. That’s a great message no matter what year it is, and Sweet Spirit pulls it off so well.

Grant Lawrence, CBC Music
Song you need to hear: "I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On," Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run is a Canadian band originally from the small Vancouver Island ocean community of Comox, B.C., but it wasn't until the band members relocated to Montreal that they really made a name for themselves. In the spring of 2012, they caught almost everyone by surprise with an excellent debut album that was an immediate hit with fans, propelling the band to gold status in Canada. Three-and-a-half long years later, Half Moon Run has returned, matured and in control on a second album, called Sun Leads Me On, and from that album I'd like to share the song "I Can't Figure Out What's Going On." One of my favourite types of songs is the slow build, and this one definitely qualifies. It's like putting a kettle on the stove: the song is calm at first, then starts simmering, soon hits a rolling boil and finally blasts forward for a heated finish. If you enjoy artists like Spoon, the Band or Sufjan Stevens, chances are you'll love Half Moon Run. So put the kettle on and enjoy.

Zan Rowe, triple j, Mornings
Song you need to hear: "Heartburn," Wafia

I loved this song as soon as I heard it, and find myself wanting to listen to it over and over. Is that addiction? I guess so. Wafia is a 22-year-old Brisbane singer who was previously featured as a guest vocalist on other people’s songs, but this is her debut. And it’s a stunner. She’s teamed up with a young Perth producer by the name of Ta-Ku who himself is one to watch. The chorus hook tumbles like a waterfall over those beats and you’ll find yourself wanting to press play again, as soon as this song ends.

Dan Hegarty, RTE 2fm/2XM, The Alternative
Song you need to hear right now: "Northern Boy" by the Academic

Eighteen months ago there were probably only a few hundred people in Ireland who knew who the Academic was. How things have changed! This band has been one of the most successful and talked-about Irish acts in 2015. The Academic's single "Northern Boy" is the latest example of this band's pedigree. It's an energetic slice of guitar pop, which has attracted a great deal of attention domestically and from around Europe. The four-piece has also been named as 2fm's choice to play the influential Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands next January. With a bit of luck, this will help their deserved rise in popularity continue in a northerly direction.

Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1
Song you need to hear: "Wasted Days," Zibra

This time 'round we’ve got a slice of indie funk for you by Zibra, a trio from Cambridge. It's been championed by our BBC Introducing show in Cambridgeshire and has been rapidly building a loyal live fanbase following support slots across the U.K. with Years and Years, Saint Raymond and Coasts. And it’s been said that lead vocalist/guitarist, Sam Battle, is steadily building a reputation as one of Britain’s most exciting frontmen! So, allow me to introduce you to Zibra with "Wasted Days."

by Holly Gordon via Electronic RSS

Monday, November 16, 2015

[FREE DOWNLOAD] AYO ALEX – Want It feat. Juicy J (Hey Sam Remix)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Aussie house gangster Hey Sam is back at it with a dangerous club flip of Ayo Alex’s new single Want it featuring Juicy Jay and we were all over it before we even got the nod on this premiere… here’s what the young gun had to say about it:

“AYO Alex hit me up to do this remix and I jumped on it straight away as I’m a big fan of his original version but it’s a little too heavy for my DJ sets. My version is more stripped back, bassline driven and I’ve found it has plenty of impact in the clurrrbbb.. Also stoked that Uprise Music have let me release this for free download.”

Hey Sam on

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Bjork on Iceland: 'We don't go to church, we go for a walk'

Björk used to walk across the tundra singing at the top of her lungs. John Grant left America for its rocky grandeur and Sigur Rós’s music captures its isolation. What is it about the Icelandic landscape that hypnotises artists?

“I was brought up in the suburbs of Reykjavík,” says Björk, sitting in a small cafe in the heart of the Icelandic capital while the rain skitters about outside. “I lived next to the last block of flats, and then it was moss and tundra. I used to walk a lot on my own and sing at the top of my lungs. I think a lot of Icelandic people do this. You don’t go to church or a psychotherapist – you go for a walk and feel better.”

Iceland’s most celebrated musician is feeling particularly impassioned about her homeland: she had just held a press conference to raise awareness of the threat to the Icelandic highlands, an area of extraordinary beauty and ecological diversity that may be irreparably damaged by plans to lay a subsea power cable to the UK, accompanied by above-ground power stations and infrastructure.

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by Laura Barton via Electronic music | The Guardian

The playlist: electronic – Jlin, Oneohtrix Point Never, Acre and more

Today’s playlist features the urgent UK bass music of Acre, some abstract footwork from Jlin, and a bargain compilation from the lo-fi label Future Times

Jlin is a steelworker from the impoverished city of Gary, near Chicago, with a sideline in some of the most powerful footwork production ever laid down. Like Traxman, she abstracts the sound until it’s more anxious, with rhythms squabbling for space. Her debut live show was one of my highlights at the recent Unsound festival, some of it so funky I emitted some embarrassing agitated moans, and her album is one of the year’s best. She’s now following it up with a new EP, Freefall. BuZilla, premiering exclusively here, is from the same sonic palette of video-game samples and chilly snares. The absurdly synthetic trombones do the rhythmic work, leaving the drums free for the kinds of scattering flurries you hear in free jazz – only weirder. Juke nerds will also dig the shoutout from fellow producer RP Boo.

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by Ben Beaumont-Thomas via Electronic music | The Guardian

LA Priest review – madcap electro from the synthpop surrealist

Headrow House, Leeds
Arriving dressed for bed, Late of the Pier’s former frontman creates a mood of merriment with his hazy, subtly funky sounds

Samuel Eastgate, AKA Sam Dust, once fronted Late of the Pier, who played a madcap musical cross between the Human League and children’s TV themes while a keyboard player, sprayed silver, performed ballet twirls. Five years after their demise, Eastgate is now solo as LA Priest but hasn’t quite abandoned his old group’s eccentric, DIY charm.

Moments before he takes the stage, a bloke hurries on to have a last-minute fiddle with the lighting. Eastgate ambles on stage by walking through the crowd, wearing a loose-fitting satin number that could double as his pyjamas. He starts singing into a large wooden box with knobs on, flitting between two synthesisers as flash bulbs explode behind him. From such unlikely beginnings, magic is created.

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by Dave Simpson via Electronic music | The Guardian

Five albums to try this week: Anna von Hausswolff, Jeff Lynne's ELO and more

Stream five new albums out this week, from Rustie’s maximalist electronic music to the Drink’s guitar pop, and let us know what you’ll be playing

Why you should listen: The Swedish singer-songwriter’s brooding and intense third album of folky drone-metal is anchored by a 9,000-pipe organ, and centred on folk tales once told to Von Hausswolff by her parents.

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by Tshepo Mokoena via Electronic music | The Guardian

Sunday, November 15, 2015

How dub master Kode9 became the hero of zero

Voids, loss, a future without humans: the influential DJ/musician and Hyperdub founder is back with a new album inspired by … nothing. He explains all

Earlier this year Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, developed a weird strain of what he calls the “zero virus”. Ever since New Year’s Eve, when he holed himself up in his studio to begin work on his third LP, he had been looking for a concept that might explain where he was at emotionally, musically and politically. “I started reading about mathematics and the history of zeros,” he says, “and about vacuums and voids in quantum theory. Suddenly zeroes were everywhere.”

Sitting opposite me in a rather soulless hotel garden in New York’s Lower East Side, the Glasgow-born, London-based DJ and producer warms to his theme. “Then I came across Paul Mason’s book PostCapitalism. It has a chapter on Project Zero: when production costs are reduced to zero, this has a massive impact on the whole system.”

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I've made enough miserable music in my time. Ironically, that wasn't the mood I was in for this record

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by Sukhdev Sandhu via Electronic music | The Guardian

Friday, November 13, 2015

Electric Paradise Artist Spotlight: Nicolas Jaar

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Before we know it, December is going to be here, and the countdown to the second edition of the Electric Paradise Music Festival in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic can officially begin, if it hasn’t already. On December 19th, this annual festival will be taking over its unique beach venue with the help of world-class artists such as Guy Gerber, Hot Since 82, Chromeo, AlunaGeorge, Major Lazer, Matador, Moon Boots, and more. Another artist that will be playing amongst the art, food, design, technology, paradise, and more is the New York-based studio wizard, Nicolas Jaar, who was just announced, along with the full Stage 3 lineup.

There are only a handful of artists that are held in such high esteem as Nicolas Jaar. Known for his eclectic, far-out style of electronic music intended to take listeners on a journey, this Chile-born mastermind has built a large cult following through his one-of-a-kind releases, and mind-bending DJ/live sets that can include everything from ambient, to disco, to techno – all artfully woven together. Jaar is a true artist that strives for perfection in his craft, and he makes this apparent in everything that he does, while also going against the grain to push a transcendent sound unlike any other. There is a reason why he plays some of the biggest music festivals around the world, and if you’re not familiar with that reason yet, we highly recommend seeing him live, especially in a setting like Electric Paradise. Buy tickets to the festival on the official website.

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The mysterious producer/vocalist, Sevdaliza, initially made her introduction to the music world with her first self-released EP, The Suspended Kid, and an outstanding collaboration with Stwo, “Haunted.” Now she’s prepping for the release of her next EP, Children of Silk, with the unveiling of the lead single, “Men of Glass” featuring Rome Fortune. As a co-producer on the track, she, along with the other producer Mucky, brings moody vibes with a string-laden downtempo rhythm to support her unique vocals and rap verses that add a new dimension. Check out the track here and stay tuned for the EP release on November 18th.

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Parisian Spirit - Groove Minded by Wookiz

Wookiz composed and produced the Groove Minded EP with William, one of his best musical partners. They work together in the Parisian Spirit project, an association in which Wookiz is the vice-president and the co-founder! The duo is also creating a music composition and production company called Wild Whistle Production.

William and Wookiz are both multi-instrumentists, compositors, and producers, due to their great friendship they realize powerful projects and masterpieces productions.

In The Groove Minded EP you can feel the passion of Wookiz for the "English sound" of instruments, and a great soul/funk influence for the voices !! One of his favourite actual producer and influence is Mark Ronson, the English, and the world known producer.

In this project, you'll discover a real universe with different moods appearing in different tracks, a universe of love and creativity and another universe of virtuosity and hard work! please enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Parisian Spirit, the music label of this project is an original creative community born in 2013 in Paris, aiming to gather all the young musicians, photographers, graphics, managements men on its road. The community work in a perfect harmony using the talent of every of its members to create masterpieces projects and independent productions. The two cofounder Dam and Wookiz are now 18yo and searching more than ever to expand their community. Creativity, passion, and independence are the master words of our actions.

Find our news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParsianSpirit/?fref=ts

Find all of our productions on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw10JKh7WryQtGuhZNtoD2w

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You: Ableton Push 2 Deconstruction

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Push 2 is here and to celebrate its sampling features Point Blank hosted a classic French house deconstruction on the latest FFL! Joined by Ski Oakenfull, they broke down the Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond track ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ using the new features of Ableton Push 2 and version 9.5 of the software. To get more tutorials and live events like this, make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel.
If you want to learn more about how classic tracks were composed as well as learn about music theory, mixing and mastering, Point Blank’s Ableton Live online Diploma course covers all this and more. Taken for up to 64 weeks and from anywhere in the world, it’s the perfect course for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Point Blank’s graduates include Goldie, Jon Rundell and Patrick Topping so make sure you find out more about their online Ableton Diploma course here.

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[DOWNLOAD] Maroon 5 – Sugar (Sicarii Remix) + Billboard Hot 100 Live Set

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Sicarii, aka Billboard Dance’s Editor Matt Medved, has been making his way in the artist realm, and he’s already making waves. Earlier this year, he played BillBoard’s Hot 100 Festival, alongside some of the biggest names in contemporary music, and during his set, he debuted his remix of Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” which was actually supported by the band themselves. The remix is an Ibiza-inspired tune driven by a smooth house groove, the original’s vocals, and a filtered piano chords. Have a listen to the remix, as well as the live set, and get more insight on the track from Sicarii below.

“This all began in Ibiza in 2013. I was hanging out at Sa Trinxa, this incredible bohemian beach bar on Las Salinas, and I was so inspired by the music I heard there. Smooth, funky house music with reverb-drenched pads that just perfectly fit the sunset scene’s incredible atmosphere. I channeled that vibe on what was originally intended as an original track. But when Interscope gave me the opportunity to remix Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” I realized how well Adam Levine’s vocals fit within what I’d made. I loved debuting it at Billboard Hot 100 Fest, and receiving official support from the band a few days later was an unexpected honor.” – Sicarii

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Scandiravia! Who are the new Nordic pop stars?

The likes of Robyn, Annie and Lykke Li have been at the cutting edge for years, but coming up behind is another generation of super-cool Scandinavian female musicians. There may be something in the water ...

Why is Scandinavia pop’s greatest construction line? Some say it’s because of a school system that actively encourages learning the craft of musicianship from a young age; others reckon that because winters are so long and dark, everyone spends ages indoors writing melancholy pop songs (even though, in Britain, that would just lead to endless Come Dine With Me marathons and games of Bananagrams). Some people say it’s the influence of Abba filtering down, perhaps via the drinking water. But that doesn’t explain the specific success of the female Scandinavian pop star, whose happy-sad, singalong pop bangers have been putting their male counterparts’ efforts to shame for decades. Sure there are some men – Erik Hassle, Eric Saade, Mavrick, the guy from A-ha – but look at the list of women making properly incredible and inventive pop music in recent years: Robyn, Lykke Li, Annie, Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami, Zhala, Tove Styrke, Tove Lo, Icona Pop, Mapei, Seinabo Sey, Elliphant, – and that barely scratches the surface.

That is all very well, but what of the future? Is pop music likely to be dominated by effortlessly interesting and inexplicably cool Scandinavian women for the foreseeable future? Yes. Yes it is. And these are the best of the new crop.

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by Michael Cragg via Electronic music | The Guardian

Leaning power: Spotify names its most streamed track of all time

Step aside, Beatles – the song the world has yearned to hear was a summer hit released only eight months ago

What might you think would be the most popular track ever on Spotify? Yesterday, by the Beatles, often claimed to be the most covered song of all time? Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the title track of the biggest selling album ever? Or Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, the most popular single of all time?

Answer: none of the above. In fact it’s a song released earlier this year, that didn’t top the charts in either the US or the UK, and which was released independently.

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by Guardian music via Electronic music | The Guardian

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[STREAM] Ofelia K – Gone (Duncan Murray Remix)

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Earlier this year, the London-based producer/manager, Duncan Murray, delivered a stand out remix of ON AN ON’s “Drifting,” and now he’s coming through with his second release of the year. This time, he’s worked Ofelia K’s “Gone” into a hypnotic deep house gem that would fit perfectly into a late-night set. With tracks like this, Murray is able to hone his production skills, all while he manages Great Britain’s rising stars Tom Misch and Blonde.

“I discovered “Gone” on Hype Machine and instantly wanted to work with the vocal. I wanted to create a new blissed out version that would keep the vibe of the original but just make it more suitable for the clubs. I really enjoyed working on it and tried to make the remix a bit of a journey!” – Duncan Murray

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[NEWS] Destructo Announces Ship2Ship 2016 Tour & “Bodyback” + Releases Diplo & Friends Guest Mix

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Now that HARD’s successful Day of the Dead Festival is in the bag, Destructo has his sights set on the future, specifically his endeavors from land to sea in January and February of 2016. The sold-out HOLY SHIP!s will be happening on January 3-6 and February 10-13, but in between, the DJ/producer/festival founder will be throwing down on the Ship2Ship Tour, alongside dirtybird mainstay, Justin Martin, and up-and-comer Rezz, across the U.S. from January 14th to February 5th.

In addition to the tour news, Destructo is also staying busy on the release front with a forthcoming track, “Bodyback,” on AC Slater’s Night Bass label. Check out the darker, bass-fueled g-housey tune below, and pick it up on Friday on the This Is Night Bass Vol. 2 compilation.

If that wasn’t enough, you can enjoy Destructo’s Diplo & Friends guest mix that features a grip of unreleased tracks of his own, as well as jams from Justin Jay, AC Slater, Jauz, and many more (tracklist after the jump).

Destructo Diplo & Friends Guest Mix Tracklist:
Destructo / 4 Real (unreleased)
Eyes Everywhere & Bot / Day Job
Genghis Clan / In the Club
Destructo feat. YG / Party Up
Sharam Jey / Sit Down
Hotfire / I Need
Justin Jay / Hit It
AC Slater / U Got 2
Destructo feat. Kurupt / Scuzzlebutt
Destructo / Beatdown (unreleased)
Gold Rush / Gutter Bass
Phil Kieran / Ghetto Face Place Space
2 Live Crew / Throw That D
Destructo / Future (unreleased)
Destructo / Techno (Dusty Bits remix)
Que / OG Bobby Johnson (Convex remix)
Jauz & At Dawn We Rage / Proppa Demands
GTA X Flosstradamus / Waffle House
Destructo / LA Funky
Destructo / Dare You 2 Move
Hotfire / Dip That

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Dele Sosimi+Nomad Collective World at Kings place (London) on 29/02

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Dom Servini – Unherd Radio Special #2

Barbra Streisand – Just a Little Lovin’ (CBS)

Jonathan Kelly – Now is the Time (RCA)

Ryo Kawasaki – Trinkets and Things (EM Records)

Nat Adderley – Electric Eel (A&M)

The Milk – Lose That Way (Wah Wah 45s)

Al Jarreau – Grandma’s Hands (Blue Moon)

Wilbur Niles – Skull & Crossbones (Montage)

Stanley Clarke – Journey to Love (Nemperor)

Bastien Keb – Down River (OHM)

Belair – Samba for a Cold Warrior (Belby Wetterman)

Tenderlonious – Sula (Yoruba)

Dele Sosimi – We Siddon We Dey Look (Straight Molin’) (Ptaki Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)

Jascha Hagen – Soldier (White)

Herb Geller – Space a la Mode feat. Mark Murphy (Nova)

Gary Boyle – So Many Times Before (Pick Up)

Juhani Aaltonen & Otto Donner – Och Tusen, Tusen Strala Ock… (Love Records)

Les McCann – Falling in Love with Love (Liberty)

Idjut Boys – One for Kenny (Bjorn Torske for Kenny Remix) (Smalltown Supersound)

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Alessia Cara, the Weeknd, Kira Isabella, more: 25 best Canadian musicians 25 and under

There's something incredibly exciting about the future of Canadian music. 

Alongside meteoric Billboard chart toppers like the Weeknd, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, there's the enormous buzz and critical acclaim catapulting 19-year-old Alessia Cara into the world, ready to dominate with her debut full length album, Know It All, which hits stores this Friday.

There's so much talent in this country and it's such a thrill to see so many incredible young people making names for themselves while creating incredible music.

Several weeks ago, we asked for your input in helping choose the 25 best young Canadian musicians 25 years and under. Through your suggestions and our own research (read: obsession with all things music and Canadian), we're profiling 25 artists who offer us a glimpse at the future and a brilliant snapshot — and playlist — of our country right now. Please click through the gallery above to check it out.

Hang out with me on Twitter: @_AndreaWarner 

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[GDD Premiere] RUFUS – Like An Animal (Dom Dolla Remix)

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty


Myself and the GottaDanceDirty crew had a chance to check out RUFUS as they rolled through Los Angeles on tour promoting their forthcoming album.  One of the bigger singles they have released in preparation of its release is “Like An Animal.”  The emotional lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone with ears, but they seemed to resonate a bit more with Dom Dolla, who has made the track his own.  A brutally smooth bassline brings this indie-twinged tune to the late night dance floor in a big way.  Stream the tune below exclusively at GDD and show both RUFUS and Dom Dolla their due love.

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Amtrac – Lover (Original Mix)

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

It’s scientifically proven that Amtrac aka Caleb Cornett aka GDD homeboy can’t drop a bad tune.  He has such handles on the low end sound spectrum it’s almost scary.  He consistently enriches that classic house sound with cohesive sampling, infectious melodies and piano bounces.  His latest tune is “Lover,” which unites all three of these things.  Amtrac proves time and time again that simplicity is king, so pump this one up and dance.  Enough said.

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The playlist: new bands – with the Prettiots, Dua Lipa and Mind Enterprises

This time, we’re bringing you a lo-fi girl group, some Hoy Chippy funkiness and a bit of soaring pop melodrama

The Prettiots are a New York duo – Kay Kasparhauser and Lulu Prat – who offer a knowing, lo-fi indie-cool take on 60s girl group pop, with old standbys like handclaps and sweet harmonies to balance out the more modern-world observations in the lyrics. “You showed up on the crime scene that was my life,” sings Kasparhauser over a beat like Toni Basil’s Mickey and two guitars: one rhythmic and strummed, the other an insinuating motif. “You’ve left fingerprints all over my mind,” she continues, watching the detective – Elliot Stabler, in this case, from NBC’s Law & Order, a man with “an unpredictable temper, a strong sense of family values and some good tattoos” as she sighs, dreamily. It follows on from previous releases Boys (I Dated in High School) and Suicide Hotline; future songs might be about anything from Warner Herzog to sex while influences range from Lightning Bolt to Abba –they’ve been known to cover the Misfits and System of a Down live.

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Dom Servini – Unherd Radio Show #14

Listen again here!

1st Hour
Breakdown Brass – The Horseman (Dunham)
The Reflex – Be That Way Sometimes (The Reflex Revision) (Bandcamp)
The Milk – Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down (Album Version) (Wah Wah 45s)
Album of the Week: Roots Manuva – Bleeds
Roots Manuva – Fighting For? (Big Dada)
Gloria Ann Taylor – What I Want (Ubiquity)
Bareto – La Voz del Sinchi (World Village)
Jack Costanzo – Bei Mir Bist du Schoen (Jazzman)
Dele Sosimi – We Siddon We Dey Look (Straight Molin’) (Ptaki Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
7 Samurai – Shake It Dub feat. Alice “Blue Eyez” Smith (Favourite Recordings)
Monte Booker – Flight (Soulection)
Sarah Williams White – Hum (First Word)
Album of the Week: Roots Manuva – Bleeds
Roots Manuva – I Know Your Face (Big Dada)
London Elektricity – Phase Us feat. Emer Dineen (Hospital)
2nd Hour
Jeen Bassa – Do The Do (22a)
Contours – Technician (Rhythm Section)
Mini-Mix: Corrado Bucci
Empress – Down (Original Mix)
The Gene Dudley Group – I’ve Changed
Tatsuro Yamashita – Rainy Walk
Bobo’s Rain (El Barrio Recipe Final Mash Up)
Chief & Deheb – Betina (Free Download)
Mo Kolours – Pots & Pans Cerimonials Intro + Foundation
Rubin Steiner – Lo-Fi Nu Jazz 13
Kutmah – Song Song
Lou Johnson – Keep That Fire Burning (BBE)
Young Gun Silver Fox – So Bad (Legere)
Black Classical – Running The Voodoo Down (On The Corner)
Waltel Branco – Tema de Ricardinho (Mr Bongo)
Jamie Woon – Celebration feat. Willie Mason (PMR)
 Album of the Week: Roots Manuva – Bleeds
Roots Manuva – Don’t Breathe Out (Big Dada)

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Five albums to try this week: Jamie Woon, Floating Points and more

Stream new albums, from Katy Carr’s jazzy folk to Bill Ryder-Jones’ gentle alt-rock, and let us know what you’ll be listening to

Why you should listen: This album slaps. Jamie Woon breaks away from his “post-dubstep” crowd affiliation on this soulful, warm follow-up to 2011’s Mirrorwriting.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Floating Points: Elaenia review – a creeping, soaring debut


Every so often, a wordless electronic record turns up that genuinely doesn’t sound like much else around, mixing digitals with real instruments, and vestigial dance cadences with a restless jazz feel. James Holden’s The Inheritors was that record of 2013, and Elaenia, the debut of neuroscience PhD-cum-DJ Sam “Floating Points” Shepherd, joins Holden, Four Tet and a few others in this recherché fraternity. These seven elegant tracks have Persian rug-levels of process and detail; one, Nespole, is named after the Italian for medlars. But all the nerding-out is secondary to the emotional pull exerted by these creeping, tickling and soaring tracks.

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Jamie Woon: Making Time review – back with soul and pared-back purpose


Nobody quite knew where to place Jamie Woon when his debut album, Mirrorwriting, came out in April 2011. Associated with the fragmenting dubstep scene (he had collaborated with Burial) but possessing a fully fledged soul voice and an exploratory approach to musical styles, he fell between several cracks. This long-awaited follow-up should place the London-born singer on firmer ground. Making Time moves with economy and purpose: the production is pared back throughout but the sound is full and crisp and songs such as standout Sharpness come together with a satisfying click (Woon cites D’Angelo as an inspiration). The album sags a little in the middle but there is much here to justify a nearly five-year wait.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

From Heaven 17 to sonic muralist: how Martyn Ware wants to redefine art

The synth star of the 80s wants to make avant garde art accessible to all – and says Britain shouldn’t be embarrassed about creativity

Ever wondered which particular sounds make Ludwigsburg in Germany, special? Or, for that matter, how the trendy Tietgenkollegiet student accommodation block in Copenhagen really ticks? Perhaps on a visit to the eccentric village of Portmeirion in Wales you have been unsettled by noises that slid out from between the buildings made famous by the 1960s television thriller The Prisoner.

Strange to say, but all these remote aural disturbances emanate from one place: the mind of the bloke from the Human League and Heaven 17. Martyn Ware, crown prince of the British synthesiser sound of the 1980s, has adopted the guise of an avant garde artist in his middle age. And this time there is no trace of subversive pretension, for there is nothing at all embarrassing, Ware argues, about being artistic – and Britain should wake up and realise that.

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