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The Playlist: electronic

This month hear the latest from Night Slugs' Bok Bok, the urgent sounds of Air Max 97, and MGUN, one of the best of Detroit's current dance crop

The influence of juke, ghetto house's coiled yet funky mutation, continues to eke its way across the world even as far as Melbourne where Air Max 97 resides. The style's rumble-strip bass judders underneath his track Progress and Memory. This remix from Neana takes it back round the globe to Chicago, with juke's relentless snares scampering with demonic industry in perfect 4/4 time. A two-note melody is pure urgency, like the theme to an emergency services TV drama starring DJ Earl as a maverick surgeon. With the new album from scene originator Traxman taking juke to previously unthinkable new heights of glorious, pointillist weirdness, the rest of the world is still catching up but making some dancefloor bombs in the process.

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Pet Shop Boys review Ibiza nightclub meets Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Brighton Centre

Back-to-the-disco ravers give the gig a clubby uplift with a set full of hits, from West End Girls to Rent

Some people have noted that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe lack the look-at-us gene usually associated with pop showmanship. Dress them in rubber jackets studded with eight-inch spikes and put metal Viking helmets on their heads they still blend into the scenery, overshadowed by their own backing dancers. Yet their reticence anchors a gig that is otherwise a cross between an Ibiza nightclub and Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Pet Shop Boys are just one element of an audio-visual spectacular that replicates a clubbing experience; for the first 10 minutes, all we see of them are huge sketches of their heads Tennant is now bald, Lowe is still baseball-capped projected on to a screen.

This is, in every way, a big show. Obviously designed for venues larger than the 4,500-capacity Brighton Centre a warning at the box office says: "Lots of strobe lighting and smoke in this show" it balances dystopian visuals (circuitboards, mile-high skyscrapers and the like) with a setlist comprising hit after hit. They find room for bits of their 12th studio album, Electric, and these back-to-the-disco ravers give the gig a clubby uplift. But this is basically a best of set, catering to couples who met when Opportunities, Rent and West End Girls were in the charts. As the classics roll out, their once-futuristic chrome sheen still untarnished, fans face away from the stage and take selfies, capturing a microscopic Tennant and Lowe in the frame.

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Watch Fenech-Soler perform Magnetic and Demons

Here's the second round of tracks featuring the floor-filling Fenech-Soler and recorded for our Guardian-Muzu.tv sessions

Since they formed in 2006, electro infused indie quartet Fenech-Soler have released two albums - their fizzing self-titled debut and the polished funk-pop of Rituals. While their songs are heavily textured in a live setting, the group's singer Ben Duffy explains that boiling the melodies down to a barebones acoustic rendition is something they relish.

Being able to play any song and it sound good in that very stripped-back form really is the essence of a good song, he tells us. The nice thing is that when you play it in that kind of tempo and with that kind of feeling it actually feels like it changes certain meanings of the lyrics and certain emotions. Its a bit more heartfelt.

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This is happening: the concerts you need to see this week (May 30-June 5)

Much like we do every week, we've combed concert listings from across the country so you don't have to. We've found the absolute best shows from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Now you can plan your week, including your road trip to Moncton to see Charley Pride.

As always, if you know of upcoming shows in your area that you feel we should include in this list, drop us a line on social media.

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In case you missed it: songs you should have listened to in May

Every month, we scan blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the occasional OHL fan forum to find the best songs that came out over the previous 30 days. May has given us an exceptionally weird and wonderful crop, ranging from two of the best punk bands working today, to what may be Brazilian parody funk and everything in between.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.45.37 PM

This weekend we bring you a huge INCEPTION doubleheader, as Hot Since 82 and Carlo Lio take over the decks at Exchange LA. To get you hyped for the massive night to come, we caught up with Toronto based house music mogul Carlo Lio about his influences, his styles and the long road ahead…

Read the interview + download the mix (after the jump)

GDD: You just got back from South America… how do the crowds respond their to your sets? Do you prepare something different for each part of the world you play?

CL: Yes just arrived back home Monday. It was an amazing time to say the least. The crowds were off the hook and really responded to my sound super well. As for prep.. No. I don’t believe in prepping to much. You never know what your walking into so I let the night tell me how to play. You need to read the crowd! More fun that that way.

GDD: You’ll be playing a handful of Suara parties with Coyu this summer in Ibiza. How did that relationship come about?

CL: Me and Ivan have been great friends for many years. I think it may have been 2007 or 2008 when I first released on suara. We have remained ever since. He is a great guy and I’m happy to see him and the label doing so well!

GDD: Toronto has become a beacon for club culture and incredible producers in the dance music world. Has it natively been a major influence on your style?

CL: To be honest, yes. It’s def been a massive influence On me as a person And of course style. Even though back in the day I would always like to see international djs i would still find myself being drawn to the local djs at the time a bit more. We had such insane talent in this city at one point that not only me but many of the partiers were more content with just listening to our locals. That says a lot for our city.

GDD: Speaking of, do you keep a close eye on the new breed of producers and DJs coming out of Toronto? Is there anyone in your hometown that has really been impressing you?

CL: It’s my home I always like to know what’s going on, wether it be new talent it drama lol. As for producers. There is one name that comes to mind. “Chris Larsen”. He’s a super dope dj and producer. Has a solid groove.

GDD: You’ve named Loco Dice as a big personal influence. What are Dice’s attributes that you find most appealing?

CL: Yes he def has been.his music is the number one attribute. He’s a dj first and You can see that in his playing style ..’he never disappoints at least when I’ve seen him. Love his consistency and style. Keeps it real and I respect that. As a person he’s a stand up dude.. Always happy. No attitude and not just him but that’s the type of people I gravitate towards.

GDD: You’re used to playing all over the world, from Ibiza to France to your hometown of Toronto. How does Los Angeles match up? Do you see a unique crowd here?

CL: Well LA is somewhere I haven’t played often at all. Maybe 3 or 4x. I love the city and have had a lot of fun playing here. Every place is diff but I think LA is def standing it’s ground at the moment. I loved exchange last time I was there and really looking forward to this time.

GDD: Speaking of, You play this Saturday @ Exchange LA w/ Hot Since 82. What can we expect from your set? Are you preparing something each time or do you just get up there and have fun?

CL: Like I said, I’m all about winging. I’m playing very early this time around because I have to leave for another show. So I guess you can see a diff side of me this Saturday. Expect Some slower sexy chunky raw grooves.

GDD: One just for fun…. what’s the wildest or most embarrassing thing you’ve seen or done at a show?

CL: I guess I’ll go with embarrassing. But I tend to have a lot blonde moments.. Like my headphone not working .. Me calling sound guy who’s like … Try plugging them in! Or speeding up the tune playing in the club when. I should be pitching the one in the headphone..’ya I Duno guess I shoulda been born a blondy!!

Don’t miss Carlo Lio alongside Hot Since 82 this Saturday, May 31st @ Exchange LA!



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Readers recommend: songs about independence

Personal, political, financial or historical, express those cries for freedom in joy, pain or paradox, all through your choice of songs

This week at the Readers Recommend freehouse it is time to serve up what the great Maya Angelou, who sadly died this week, called "a heady draught. It does not matter that its taste is not always appealing. It is addictive and with each drink you want more." So let's taste some, and then have another. Independence is often an attractive quality in people, and can be a noble pursuit. But it is also double-edged and a potent brew for song. With it comes responsibility, cost, and as history has often shown, disappointment, compromise, suffering and even bloodshed. On all levels, and throughout life, independence is something humans have craved: children from their parents, workers from the shadow of big business, women's rights and freedom from slavery.

And of course, much of this is passionately expressed in music. Songwriters are, by necessity, also often independent-minded. They might fight against record companies or band members, yearn to go it alone, but they also need others to help them reach their goal. They seek to express themselves as individuals, and yet their art often comes to full fruition when their song is sung by a multitude. As Vivian Stanshall put it, less seriously: "Why can't I be different and unusual ... like everybody else?"

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Pharrell talks Iranian arrests, defends ‘Blurred Lines,' asks naughty question in awkward British interview

He has spoken out in support of women world leaders and pay equity, but he has also penned songs that some have dubbed "rapey" — so when music superstar Pharrell Williams sat down with the Britain's Channel 4, there were more than a few things to talk about.

In the interview, he talks about the Iranian youth who were arrested for their "Happy" video, what would happen if women ran the world and why people have "Blurred Lines" all wrong.

The whole thing feels odd and awkward.

Check it out:


Eight Iranians arrested for making video to Pharrell Williams' hit ‘Happy’

Check it out: every Pharrell Williams hit starts exactly the same way

'Why am I crying on Oprah?': Pharrell Williams reduced to (happy) tears in Oprah interview

Immigrant family thanks Vancouver in Pharrell Williams-inspired 'Happy' video

Watch: Pharrell Williams wants to turn ocean trash into pants

Misogyny makes a comeback: Kanye, Robin Thicke and degrading women

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[Stream] Amtrac – Undefeated / Primal EP


While Amtrac tends to find himself on remix duty for most of the year, it goes without saying that he also sneaks in a couple original releases all his own. His forthcoming release is a two piece release on the esteemed Armada imprint. Possibly his best work to date, he’s really falling into his own, it’s quite a pleasure hear him hone his craft. Locked in grooves complimented with some ace sound design make this an extremely well polished package that drops on June 2nd. For those heading out to Palm Springs this month for Splash House, be on the look out for Amtrac’s poolside set.

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Clean Bandit: New Eyes review featherweight pop dance with delusions of classical grandeur

They think they can save dance music but have no hooks, songs or lyrics just dodgy string arrangements

Hear an exclusive stream of the album here

As befits a band currently riding high their single Rather Be is the fastest-selling of the year so far the debut album by Clean Bandit opens bullishly. The first thing you hear is a cocksure defence of dance music against those who would decry it as lightweight or meaningless: the same people, presumably, that Rolling Stone magazine was targeting when it released that online advert claiming that house, techno et al were but a passing fad, destined to wither any moment in the face of "real music". This seems a remarkably optimistic hypothesis, given that it's nearly 30 years since Jack Your Body made No 1, but there's presumably somebody out there thick enough to believe it, and Clean Bandit have them in their sights. "So you think electronic music is boring? You think it's stupid? You think it's repetitive?" asks a sneering voice on the intro to Mozart's House, the implication being that even the most benighted soul, steadfast in the hoary belief that disco still sucks, will have their mind changed by what follows.

Alas, what follows is a featherweight pop-dance track, decorated with ropey rapping and a couple of chunks of Mozart's String Quartet No 21. It's hard to avoid the dispiriting feeling that Clean Bandit believe the latter is the real clincher in their argument that dance music is neither boring nor stupid: elsewhere on New Eyes, they do something similar with a bit of Dvorák, while tracks such as A&E arrive laden with quasi-classical string arrangements of the quartet's own composition.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Giorgio Moroder: disco pioneer rides again

He launched Donna Summer's career and invented electronic disco. Now, at 74, Giorgio Moroder has been feted by Daft Punk and is DJing at Sydney Opera House

If you weren't familiar with the life and career of the producer and songwriter Giorgio Moroder from his work, the song Giorgio, by Moroder, on Daft Punk's last album Random Access Memories, should have given you a crash course.

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[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Nick Dow And The Progressive Side Of Techno

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.45.10 PM

Nick Dow IS a young, up and coming producer from Scotland. I was a good two hours into Hot Since 82′s last set at The Avalon when he purposefully dropped a techno anthem that Shazaam was kind enough to bring to my attention. One can only hope to be in a room large enough, at a time late enough, and with a crowd rowdy enough to be able to unleash the progressive techno vehemoth Nick Dow calls, “Living Shadow,” and as months pass by I still can’t get the track out of my recently played playlist.

From the Scottish Country side, Dow moved to the techno hub of the world, Berlin (click HERE for his tribute to Berlin), where he was able to successfully hone in and grow his sound in front of those who best decide what stays and what goes. His first official release came from winning a Sébastien Léger remix contest, then the box we call pandora was opened on a production front. Every tune is so enticing, he captures the dark and tempestuous side of techno but every song is this ever changing soundscape that rolls and builds like the hillside he once called home.

While a release two years ago hardly qualifies him as someone new to the scene, a SoundCloud star has yet to be added to his star studded collection of sounds, making him a relatively new comer to the scene. The label Traum was able to scoop up a lot of his originals and make them available for the masses early on, and if there is one thing that stands out in his original productions, it has to be the intricacy of his tunes. He hooks you with a catchy riff or bouncing bass line and throughout the track he induces chaos as all these different elements attempt to come together until he, the conductor of said sound, brings it all together for a gratifying release.

He now calls NYC home but doesn’t get the chance to spin there often. With a full calendar of dates in Berlin and UK, America might not be ready for his jelly. In watching and reading interviews with Dow to prepare for this piece, there is one quote by him that really stuck out to me, something that assures you this guy really understands what he’s meant to do in life. When asked why he makes music, he replied, “Songs for me are just my ideas expressed in a more danceable form.” To be able to experience his artistry in a way that connects you to his train of thoughts is what sets him apart from other producers at the moment, and surely points him steadfast in the direction he’s going.

I’ll leave you with his latest one hour live set for Rinse FM as we hang stateside waiting for the progressive tech madness to cross the pond. To better help this cause, throw him a follow on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, whatever! And let him know we’re ready.

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Unherd Radio Show No.10 28/05/14

Listen again here!

1st Hour


Panom Promma – Mainaa Tam Pom Loey (Soundway)

Skalpel – Salvadiano (Skalpel Music)

Illum Sphere –Love Theme From Foreverness (Version 2) (Ninja Tune)

Luke Warm – Daydreamin’ (Blueberry)

Little Dragon – Cat Rider (Peacefrog)

Haraket – Her (Free DL)

Batsumi – Moving Along (Matsuli Music)

Sonzeira – Amercian Latina (Talkin’ Loud)

Mop Mop – Kamakumba (iZem Remix) (Agogo)

Lea Lea – AK-47 (Man Like Me Sour House Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)

Berry Juice – A Real Mother (Midnite Riot)

Pockets – Come Go With Me (Columbia)

2nd Hour


Edmundo Ros – London Is The Place For Me (Decca)

The Mighty Sparrow – Sweetness (Ra)

Stargazers Dance Band – Bo Me Nantsew (Decca)

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents Church – Ghaziya (Mashibeats)

Bemba Trio – Melo do Vatapa (Far Out)

Henri-Pierre Noel – Joy To Me (Wah Wah 45s)

Baker Brothers – Cherry Wine (Peddler)

Quantic – You Will Return feat. Alice Russell (Radio Edit) (Tru Thoughts)

Bunty – We Are Here (Betabet)

Dr. Meaker – Right Back feat. Sian Evans (Radio Edit) (V Recordings)

Nightmares On Wax – 70s 80s (Warp)

Harleighblu – Sittin’ By The Window (Seyr Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Amy Winehouse – In My Bed (Bass Gangsta) (Island)

Eric Lau – Love Call feat. Tawiah (Northern Shore)

Rose Royce – Still In Love (Epic)

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[NEWS FLASH] Mr. Flash Has A Sophomore LP Coming On Ed Banger Records


Mr. Flash is a producer who intrigues me to an extremely high degree. Besides producing songs for one of the rappers I admire most, Mos Def, he also produced Sebastien Tellier’s, “My God Is Blue” LP in its entirety. Well I guess that production stint inspired the sounds inside as an album teaser has surfaced on Ed Banger Recs SoundCloud page that features some selects from the upcoming project.

It has that bone crushing Bromance-esque edge with the punchy Ed Banger electronica we know and love. From the snippets available, you hear a lot of live instrumentation, and some hip-hop vocalists to compliment. Slated for an early june release (pre-order HERE) this is something to call home about. iI

n a time where singles and Beatport charts rule the world, it’s extremely exciting to know a full project is on its way. With the production credits Mr. Flash has acquired since his early days at Ed Banger, it will be interesting to hear the different eras, and how they’re interpreted, come to life on this Sophomore LP. As a polite way to tide you over, here are a couple of my favorite mixes by Mr. Flash:

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Watch Sub Focus at Brixton Academy Live for 2o14

Watch the dance maestro performing in the latest of our Live for 2014 series in partnership with Lovelive and Spotify

Our Live for 2014 continues with a set from Sub Focus. Nick Douwma launched his career in 2003, though he didn't release his first album till 2009, when Sub Focus reached No 51 on the album chart. Since then, though, he's gone from strength to strength, becoming a staple of the charts and of festival stages. He's said of his live show: "I get really involved with what the graphics and work with the company who design it. It's a very important part of how the show looks. People don't realise how much effort goes into it There are mad amounts of technology I'm using on stage that's very unstable and needs to be programmed in the right way."

Below you can read a short interview withSub Focus and watch the gig, the latest in our Live for 2014 series in partnership with Lovelive and Spotify.

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Wah Wah 45s in London on 20/06/14

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The 8 most bonkers musical wikiHow pages

The internet is full of bad advice. Why, just the other day a former Twitter follower suggested I take myself for a lover.

WikiHow has quickly become ground zero for online advice, good and bad. It's a site featuring thousands of user-submitted articles on everything from installing a toilet to removing a toilet. All of the how-to advice is presented with step-by-step instructions and visual aids.

There are plenty music-related how-to articles, and some of that advice is just plain bonkers like "How to Avoid Groupies" and "How to Change a Fake Emo into a Real One." Check them out in the gallery above.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[DOWNLOAD] Broods – Bridges (Politik Remix)


The open-format DJ turned producer, Politik , comes through with a chilled-out remix for the emerging indie-electronic group, Broods. He’s transformed the hit single, “Bridges,” with a variety of new rhythmic and melodic elements, including chopped and screwed vocal work, that make for a vibey head-nodder. Politik‘s rendition brings a cool feel that adds to the diversity of the existing remixes by L D R U and ASTR.

Follow Politik on:




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[STREAM] ROOM8′s Nostalgic New EP ‘Visions of You’

room8 visions of you

Everything about ROOM8 is throwback in the best possible way — their sound, the way they personally describe their music, the artwork…everything. It’s like taking a ride back into the 80s on a flying keytar — soaring through the galaxy with New Wave synth riffs whizzing all around you. You’ll see what I mean in their new release out today on Win Music , teaming up with Canadian duo Electric Youth for the nostalgic A-side, “Visions Of You.” The title track is bundled up with the top notch B-side, “Geo,” and a pair of remixes from Plastic Plates and Miami Nights. Have a listen to all 4 below. √+

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Sled Island releases 2014 schedule

As hard as it is to believe, Sled Island — which, over the past few years, has grown to become one of the biggest and best music festivals in the country — is less than a month away.

Today, the festival announced this year's schedule, which will undoubtedly lead to people frantically putting concert dates into their phones and trying to figure out how to get across town in 15 minutes or less.

This year's edition of the festival features the likes of St. Vincent, Killer Mike, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Mission of Burma, Dan Deacon and AraabMuzik.

If you haven't bought your pass yet, or just want to see the lineup in its entirety, click here.

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7 things you missed at last night's MØ show

Danish songstress MØ made her Canadian debut at Toronto's Wrongbar last night. Here are seven things you missed.

1. The mind-blowingly excellent post-R&B of Swedish singer Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle had his first hit in Sweden in 2008, then found success in the U.K. after touring with Mika. In the last couple years, though, he's kept a low profile, to both work on himself and retool his sound. The result is a body of work that is beautiful on record and capable of pulling you into a deep cave of emotion when performed live. Hassle has a voice like Robin Thicke, minus the creep factor, crossed with the Weeknd, minus the crushing ennui. It's all layered over haunting, witch house-y beats.

2. Hassle getting massive, massive applause as he walked offstage

It's really rare to see an opening act get any sort of love at all, let alone the massive pop the crowd gave Hassle. As stoked as everyone was for MØ, you felt like Hassle could have played for another 20 minutes and people would have been happy about it.

3. Confirmation on how you pronounce MØ's name

That Scandinavian o-slash is really hard for English speakers to wrap our heads, and lips, around, but according to Hassle it's pronounced "Meu." (MØ's stage name mean's "virgin" in Old Norse. It's also MØ's middle and last initial. Her real name is Karen Marie Ørsted.)

4. MØ fans losing their minds from the moment she came onstage

Commenting on crowd enthusiasm seems a little superfluous at times. Of course the audience is enthusiastic; they paid money to be there. Or at least that's how it should be. In reality though, we've seen too many audiences that look like they'd rather be somewhere else. This was not the crowd at MØ.

Mostly female, mostly in their early 20s and almost entirely dressed like extras from the original version of Beverly Hills 90210, they went into absolute screaming, dancing, foot-stomping rapturous joy from the moment MØ stepped onstage. They knew every word, which is pretty impressive, considering that she'd never come to Canada before, and that two years ago, no one had ever heard of her.

5. MØ joining the "makes more sense live" club

A few weeks ago, we wrote a list of "bands you have to see live to get." In spite of the fact she's a solo artist, MØ should very much be counted as a member of that club. Recorded, she is really, really likeable. She makes clever synth-pop, and you get the comparison to Grimes. Live, though, she's a different animal. Her voice is bigger, with more range that goes from having a very R&B quality to an almost Kate Bushian lilt and back again. Performing with a live band — drummer, guitarist, synth and sequencer player — she's less synth-poppy and more danceable rock. That, and she's a remarkably kinetic performer. She doesn't so much dance as hop, gyrate, flail, shadowbox and occasionally roll around on the floor.

6. An ever increasing level of audience interaction

Halfway through her set, MØ took advantage of the low stage by sort of casually wandering out into the crowd. Later on, she ran out again, stood on a table at one side of the bar, and sang from there. By the time she wrapped up her set, she was singing while being crowdsurfed to the back of the room.

7. A Spice Girls cover to start the encore

Actually, her version of "Say You'll Be There" is way better than the original.

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Kid Koala to bring graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall to life

Way back in 2003, Vancouver-born, Montreal-based turntablist Kid Koala released a graphic novel and accompanying soundtrack called Nufonia Must Fall . It was your basic love story between a bored office worker and an approaching-obsolescence robot.

Now, 11 years later, Kid Koala will mount a live production of the book. Nufonia Must Fall LIVE will be directed by Oscar-nominated production designer K.K. Barrett, and will be "equal parts cinema, theatre and musical concert," according to a press release. It will be put together using real-time filming, more than a dozen miniature stages and puppets. Kid Koala will score the production live, along with the Afiara Quartet.

It will debut on May 31 at the Eric Harvie Theatre in Banff, before having a three-day run from June 7-9 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre in Toronto as part of Luminato Festival.

Nufonia Must Fall LIVE will be shown along with the National Film Board's six-minute 3D short Minotaur, which was animated by Munro Ferguson and scored by Kid Koala. 

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Clean Bandit New Eyes: Exclusive album stream

Clean Bandit's fusion of dance and classical has taken over the singles charts this year can their album do the same? Listen to New Eyes ahead of release and let us know your thoughts

Fusing dance music with the sound of string quartets and the odd passage of Dvoák? On paper, Clean Bandit's sound just shouldn't work. Yet as the group's Jack Patterson told the Guardian back in February: "both types of music take people on a journey, with highs and lows".

The four-piece are hardly in a position where they need to justify their crossover sound however; the chart placings do that for themselves. This year's singles countdown has rocked to the sound of Rather Be, which went to No 1 in five countries, whereas follow up Extraordinary was a top five hit over here too.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Macaulay Culkin gets beer thrown at him and other live music tidbits from over the weekend

You weren't paying a lot of attention to the internet this weekend, which was fair, it was really nice across most of the country, and you were outside enjoying it. (The exception being Atlantic Canada, where apparently the weather is brutal right now. If you were doing anything other than looking at the internet this weekend, you're a masochist.)

1. Apparently Brits don't care for Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band

It sounds like the Pizza Underground's U.K. tour isn't going as well as they'd hoped. The band played in Nottingham yesterday as part of the Dot to Dot Festival, and almost immediately had people throwing full pints of beer at them and booing loudly. The band walked offstage after 15 minutes.

We couldn't find any footage of the Nottingham show, but here's them getting a lukewarm-at-best reception in Bristol earlier in the week.

2. Tim Hecker, Swans, Deafheaven to play BasilicaSoundScape

The lineup has been announced for the third edition of BasilicaSoundScape. The event will take place on Sept. 12 and 13 at the Basilica Hudson, a warehouse-turned-arts and performance space in Hudson, N.Y., roughly two hours north of New York City.

While the festival may be taking place in New York State, there are multiple Canadian connections. The bill will feature Vancouver-born, Montreal-based electronic music artist Tim Hecker, and Montrealer and former Hole member Melissa Auf der Maur is one of Basilica's creative directors.

In addition to Hecker, Swans, Deafheaven and Julia Holter will also be playing the festival, with more acts to be announced later.

3. The Decemberists played their first show in three years on Saturday

The turn-of-the-millennium indie rock favourites played their first show in three years as part of the Boston Calling Festival. The set included two new songs, which will presumably be released on their new album, which is suppose to come out before the end of the year. They'll be doing another show in their hometown of Portland later this month. Here's the setlist, for those of you who are interested:

– "The Crane Wife 1 & 2"

– "The Crane Wife 3"

– "July, July!"

– "Down by the Water"

– "Calamity Song"

– "Odalisque"

– New song

– New song

– "Rox in the Box"

– "The Rake’s Song"

– "The Engine Driver"

– "O Valencia!"

– "16 Military Wives"

– "The Chimbley Sweep"

– "June Hymn"

4. Conor Oberst played on CBS This Morning

While other artists promote new albums on late night television, Conor Oberst has opted to go in the other direction. He played "Hundreds of Ways" and "You are Your Mother's Child" — two tracks from his new album, Upside Down Mountain — on CBS This Morning on Saturday.

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Guilty pleasure concerts: from Miley Cyrus to Skrillex, don't tell anyone

On one hand, we don't really believe in the idea of guilty pleasures. We feel like you should like what you like and be proud of it. On the other hand, your friends look at you with some mixture of confusion and disgust when you tell them you have tickets to see Miley Cyrus, or really dug seeing David Wilcox last summer, and you have to find something to say to make sure they'll ever listen to your opinions on music, or anything, ever again.

So here they are, the concerts you feel the need to explain away. It's OK. We want to see them, too.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

[GDD™ Exclusive] DJ Dan – “Nothing But A Party” (DJ Dan Breaks Re-Rub)


The double decade career spanning DJ Dan has just released an album fit for the funkiest of nights and it’s totally in tune with the sounds that raised him. Just in time for the weekend, we’ve got his personal remix to the title track off the project, “Nothing But A Party,” and it’s nothing short of perfection. A pumpin’ house beat with killer disco kicks, you’ll get lost on the dance floor as this whirlrwind of a tune takes you full sail into the upcoming three day weekend. Head to his facebook page for the free download and check out the rest of the LP here!

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Our now UK-based Canadian familiar Poupon just dropped his debut release on Sweat It Out’s Club Sweat label and it is a vibe machine. “Want It All” pairs the melodic vocals of Alicia Keys with a deep driven bassline and the product is baby making house at its best. Listen below and grab it today on iTunes!

Poupon on




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One to watch: Ronika

The Nottingham-born singer draws from less-exhausted musical genres to create a singular style of homespun disco and gives us an exclusive preview of new track Believe It

Sipping from a mug of mint tea in a near-silent east London cafe, Nottingham-born disco-pop firecracker Ronika all platinum blond hair, blood-red lips and ripped jeans is recalling the descriptions of her since she emerged in 2010. "I like 'Gwen Stefani as styled by George at Asda'," she says in a voice that rarely falls below "quite loud". "What I was trying to do is bring the glamour of the disco sound to the mundanity of my everyday life in Nottingham." As if to prove her point, she describes an early press shot as "me with roller skates on but with a walking stick going around an old people's home".

This refracting of everyday life through the escapist prism of pop is at the heart of Ronika's DIY approach (she runs her own label and creates her own videos). Inspired to start making electronic music at the age of 14 after watching her friend's dad, producer William Orbit, DJ at an all-night rave in Brixton, Ronika's teenage tastes took in funk, jazz, hip-hop and "just about everything really". Her genre indulgences took place at Nottingham's legendary but now closed record shop Selectadisc, the name of which also adorns her debut album. "It was a magical place and I just wanted a title for the album that meant something to me." This musical crate-digging also applies to the album itself, which slinks between effervescent synthpop bangers that Kylie would give her gold hotpants for, warm Moroder-esque epics, and delicious nods to disco that manage to avoid pastiche purely on the strength of their brilliance. "I was trying to draw on the stuff I loved but also the stuff I thought hadn't been overly rinsed; things like freestyle, boogie and Italo," she explains. "These are all major passions of mine."

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Dirt #157: Laura D. + Stevie Leisure


Yer girl LD and ultimate chill-bro Stevie Leisure hand delivering you some fresh free tunage this week & you bet your ass we came correct. Stevie and I so happen to share a visceral-left-field-alt-dream-oxytocin playlist on Spotify, stuff like James Blake and SOHN and shit… I mean who am I kidding it’s entirely James Blake and SOHN and shit. Regardless, wasn’t very difficult for us to explore our means and get you guys some vibes. Stevie’s up first with some breathy vocals from Say Lou Lou, deep & weird from Tainted Souls, a Daft Punk remix from Dillon Francis, and more. I go from R&B to Techno with an awesome booty-leg from Sweater Beats, a new suicideyear remix, and a Rampa smash from Play It Down’s rookie star Christian Nielsen.

Stevie’s .zip (5 tracks, 56MB)

Laura’s .zip (6 tracks, 58MB)

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Found violin thought to be $40,000 Stradivarius stolen 16 years ago

When his treasured Stradivarius was stolen, the violinist who owned it cried for weeks.

But now, according to QMI Agency, Quebec provincial police say they have recovered the rare violin, which the musician, who has chosen to remain anonymous, bought for $40,000 more than 16 years ago.

The police also recovered another violin valued at $16,000.

The instruments had been stolen from the owner's car in 1998, and were lost until this week, when police confiscated them from a known drug dealer.

"Someone phoned our criminal information centre to inform us that a man wanted to sell two expensive violins," said QPP captain Richard Gauthier.

Officers found the violins hanging in a closet along with four bows and sheet music.

The violin is thought to be an authentic Stradivarius that was made in 1685, but its authenticity has not been confirmed.

Police say the 50-year-old suspect will likely face charges but the investigation is ongoing.


In blindfold test, top violinists choose new, cheaper instruments over Stradivarius

Cellist Stéphane Tétreault travels with a Strad worth millions

Canada Council reveals instrument bank recipients

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Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry announces cardio-driven new solo album, Music for Heart

Musical rhythms have often mimicked the human heartbeat — but Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry is taking that idea to a whole new level on his just-announced solo album, Music for Heart.

Promising a classical collection of "very soft, very quiet music," Parry has created works that involve musicians playing in sync with their own heart rates and breathing rates.

For the CD, which is coming out on the esteemed Deutsche Grammophon label June 9, Parry recorded a new version of his three-movement suite Music for Heart and Breath, as well as a composition called Interruptions (Heart and Breath Nonet).

"Every note you hear is either in synch with the heartbeat of the person playing it, the breathing of the person (or one of the surrounding persons) playing it," explains Parry. "So what you hear when this music plays is played precisely in time with someone’s quiet, internal rhythms."

Music for Heart and Breath had its premiere with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony in 2009, and the orchestra released a recording the work in 2011.

At the 2009 performance, most of the participants wore stethoscopes, listened to their own heart rates and played to those rhythms.

For the album, Parry recruited esteemed ensembles including the Kronos Quartet, yMusic, composer Nico Muhly, and the National's Bryce and Aaron Dessner.

"It has been a joy to create this work," he wrote, "and even more of a joy to have it brought to life by such a fantastic cast of musical minds."

Care for a taste of the work? Here is Montreal's Warhol Dervish performing Quartet of Heart and Breath at Sala Rosa in 2011. You can also find the full new album track list below.

The entire "Music for Heart and Breath" tracklist is available on the Deutsche Grammophon website.

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Check it out: every Pharrell Williams hit starts exactly the same way

He's the mastermind behind some of the biggest, and catchiest, songs of the past several years.

But it turns out that, when you listen to the intros to Pharrell Williams' hits, there's some actual formula to the famed music producer's winning formula.

The music blog Discopop compiled the intros to many of Williams' biggest songs, and when you hear them back-to-back, it becomes clear that Williams takes the first beat from the first bar of the track, loops it four times, and puts it at the start of the song.

Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot," Frank Ocean's "Sweet Life" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" are just a couple of the megahits to incorporate the signature beats, along with his own hits "Happy," "Hunter" and "Gust of Wind."

But lest you think that Williams is a one trick pony, chances are it's more of a signature or a "maker's mark."

Check it out:

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[Event] My Digital Enemy @ Secret DTLA Location 5/23

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.08.51 PM

Following the release of their brand new track ‘Desire Life’ that dropped last week, the duo from Brighton will be coming to play in LA for the first time tomorrow night at a secret location in DTLA. My Digital Enemy has found success atop the House charts, racking up numerous Top 10 appearances as well as garnering plays from the main man Pete Tong from BBC Radio. There’s also a strong list of support for the event from the likes of Them Jeans, Rick Rude, Richie Panic, and Troy Kurtz. With a Funktion One sound system and full bar sorted out for the event, expect the walls of this party to be shaking late.

Buy Tickets

Event Information

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We all know Pharrell has been on the hot streak this year, and his recent collaboration “Aerosol Can” with Major Lazer has only fueled that fire. BUT – Tom Haverford would ask… is it a banger? The Miami native Damaged Goods has created the answer to that question with his newest remix. DG takes Pharrell’s witty vocal and sends it straight for the main stage with heart pounding drums and a pummeling bassline fit for the festival circuit. Listen and grab it for FREE!

Damaged Goods on




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The deeper vibes are catching on to the heavy hitters. First Jack Beats “Beatbox”, Skrillex’s “F That” and now Zeds Dead has teamed up with Brooklyn indie-throb Twin Shadow . The product is hauntingly soulful – a jackin house groove carried by a devilish deep bassline. Don’t worry Zeds Dead fans, there’s still just enough bang in this one to keep you going… check it below!

Zeds Dead on




Twin Shadow on




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Unherd Radio Show No.9 21/05/14

Listen again here

1st Hour


Daniel Crawford – Water No Get Enemy (DC)

The Elder Statesman – Montreaux Sunrise (Bastard Jazz)

Life On Planets – Fields Of The Sun (Free DL)

Album Of The Week: Mr. Scruff – Friendly Bacteria

Mr. Scruff – Thought To The Meaning feat. Denis Jones (Ninja Tune)

Meshell Ndegeocello – Forget My Name (Naïve)

Mo Kolours – Mike Black (John Wizards Remix) (One Handed)

Eric Lau – Love Call feat. Tawiah (Nothern Shore)

Salsoul Orchestra – Stop And Think (Salsoul)

Jose James – Simply Beautiful feat. Takuya Kuroda (Blue Note)

Madlib – Cue 6 (Stones Throw)

Damu The Fudgemunk – Madvillain Inst (DL)

Kate Tempest – To The Victor The Spoils (Big Dada)

Album Of The Week: Mr. Scruff – Friendly Bacteria

Mr. Scruff – Feel Free (Ninja Tune)

Taylor McFerrin – Decisions feat. Emily King (Brainfeeder)


2nd Hour


Sun Ra’s 100th Birthday Tribute

Sun Ra – I’ll Wait For you (Celestial)

Sun Ra – India (Saturn)

South African Jazz Project – Far Cry (Unreleased)

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – When The World Was One (Gondwana)

Richie Cole – New York Afternoon (Muse)

N.O.W. – I Am You (Live In Chicago) (Warp)

Little Dragon – Nabuma Rubber Band (Peacefrog)

Sorceress – Teacups (Wonderwheel)

Mop Mop – Kamakumba (iZem Remix) (Agogo)

BiggaBush – Bokoor (Chico Mann Remix) (Lionhead)

Elise – Poseidon (Simbad Suite) (Atjazz Records)

Da Lata – Deixa (Drumajick’s Sun & Bass Remix) (Agogo)


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Fresh Island Festival: Paradise For Hip-Hop Fans

Join Party Traveller at Fresh Island Festival on Zrce Beach in Croatia and listen to some of the biggest names in the Hip-hop industry. This year there will be live main stage acts with DMX, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Method Man & Red Man and other performances by Crux Sounds, Montrafakt, DJ Wich and Majk Spirit + H16. Fresh Island runs from July 23-25 and Party Traveller has everything you need to be there! Whether you’re coming alone or in a group, Party Traveller has something for everyone. Choose from apartments, hotels, hostels, rooms, or studios and even customize your festival packages to get exactly what you want. It’s all about you and your experience! Fresh Island Festival is paradise for Hip-hop fans and Party Traveller can help you turn your next holiday into the most memorable party experience!

Goldfrapp to score Medea at the National Theatre

The electronic pop duo are to score a production of Medea starring Helen McCrory, and directed by Carrie Cracknell

Goldfrapp, the duo who have performed everything from pastoral ambient pop to glittery glam rock, are to score a production of Medea at the National Theatre.

Opening on 21 July, the tragic play by Euripides will feature Helen McCrory in the iconic title role, a woman plotting the downfall of her husband who plans to remarry into a royal family. It will be directed by Carrie Cracknell, whose production of Blurred Lines an exploration of rape culture was one of the theatre's big hits last year.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

From Madonna to Lady Antebellum to Arcade Fire, how much it costs to book your favourite band

So you're having a party and you need a little entertainment. "A live band would be fun," you think. "I wonder how much it would cost to hire U2? Or Broken Social Scene? Or Selena Gomez?"

Thanks to Degy Entertainment, a major booking agency, you can now find out roughly how much it costs to hire hundreds of different bands — but be prepared to empty out your piggy bank and then some.

According to the list, acts like K'Naan, Blonde Redhead, Public Enemy and Rufus Wainwright will set you back between $20,000 and $30,000; for the bargain basement price of $10,000 to 20,000, you can have Quiet Riot, Tom Morello, the Crystal Method or Tame Impala.

But if you've got money to burn you can get Deadmau5 ($200-250K), Arcade Fire ($150K+) Bruce Springsteen ($1 million+), Justin Bieber ($1 milllion+) or Justin Timberlake ($1 mllion+). At just $400-600K, Kanye is a relative steal. And Madonna? Prepare to fork out a cool million or more, while fast-rising Lorde is only asking $150-250K.

Working on a tight budget? The list's bargain basement ($1,000-10,000) includes Bedouin Soundclash, the English Beat, Ben Kweller, We Are Scientists, Secret Machines and more.

Want to know how much it costs to book your favourite act? Check out the full list here.

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Our LA local boy Wilks has been making a name for himself riding the G-House wave, a rising sound championed by parisian duo Amine Edge & Dance. His last release “G Thang” raked in a huge response on his soundcloud and he’s followed it up with another solid free download for the thug in all of us. Fans of Amine Edge, Vanilla Ace and Sharam Jey will be all over this one, grab it below!

Wilks on




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Conversations 33 – Dele Sosimi interview

Download Dele Sosimi interview

Today we’re celebrating signing the amazing Dele Sosimi to Wah Wah 45s. Here is a brilliant interview with Dom Servini from January that acts as a brilliant history lesson and introduction to a legend of Afrobeat.

Find even more info on Dele here.


Dele Sosimi in the studio

Dele Sosimi – Turbulent Times (e get as e be) (Eko Star Music)

Fela Kuti – Mr Follow Follow (Knitting Factory Records)

Dele Sosimi – Wahala (Identity Mix) (Helico Records)

Dele Sosimi – Wahala (Sosue Soulkomplex Main Mix) (Uptown Strut)

Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa 70 with Ginger Baker – Ye Ye De Smell (Wrasse)

Ikwunga Calabash – Di Bombs (Rebisi Hut Records)

Dele Sosimi – Identity (Helico Records)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eight Iranians arrested for making video to Pharrell Williams' hit ‘Happy’

Around the globe, thousands of people have made them: homemade videos for the irresistibly catchy Pharrell Williams hit "Happy."

But according to Bloomberg News, for eight young Iranians, making a "Happy" video has led to arrest and interrogation by authorities, because they are seen dancing in mixed company.

The news comes just days after Iranian president Hassan Rouhani called for the easing of internet access in the country. "#Cyberspace should be seen as opportunity: facilitating two-way communication, increasing efficiency & creating jobs," he tweeted.

According to the report, the seven dancers in the video were surprised by their unexpected hit.

"We couldn’t believe that 10,000 people would watch it in just one day. And the number is growing," said Neda, one of dancers, in an interview with independent news service Iran Wire in April.

The video, which first aired last month, had more than 30,000 visits in less than four days before it was pulled down.

This version of the video has since been released:

Here is video from Iran's state television which is reportedly showing the arrested youth being interrogated by authorities:

"We want to tell the world that Iran is a better place than what they think it is," Neda told Iran Wire last month. "Despite all the pressures and limitations, young people are joyful and want to make the situation better."

Neda also said the video makers were "really afraid" while filming. "Whenever somebody looked out of a window or someone passed by, we ducked behind a door to make sure we were not seen."

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7 things you missed at last night's Metronomy show

English new-new wave act Metronomy swung by Toronto's Phoenix to play in front of a packed house of people who passed on Victoria Day fireworks in favour of catchy synth riffs and pulsing basslines. Here's what you missed.

1. The fantastic harmonies of opening band Cloud Control

Maybe we have low standards, but we're generally not expecting huge levels of harmony from independent rock bands. Australian psych-rock act Cloud Control caught us off guard in the best way possible. Pretty much every song is laced with boy-girl harmonies courtesy of frontman Alister Wright and keyboardist Heidi Leffner, and four-part harmonies are not uncommon.

2. Cloud Control's Leffner singing, dancing, playing keyboards and tambourine at the same time

This doesn't sound particularly impressive, but then we tried it at home and managed to fail at all four. This is definitely harder than it looks.

3. Cloud Control dropping a verse from the Butthole Surfer's classic "Pepper" into the middle of one of their songs

That was certainly unexpected, but not at all unwelcome.

4. The vastly different stage demeanors of Metronomy's Joseph Mount and Olugbenga Adelekan

Both frontman Mount and bassist/secondary vocalist Adelekan have the ability to send their voices into registers that are pretty hard for adult men to achieve. They also have completely opposite, yet totally complimentary, stage presence. While Mount is cool, slightly detached and ever so slightly awkward, Adelekan looks like he's been hit with a live wire, grooving, dancing and jumping across the stage, smiling like he's having the time of his life and generally encouraging the crowd to do the same.

5. Metronomy's ability to change formations

With more instruments than people, pretty much everyone in the band is a multi-instrumentalist. Mount moves between guitar, keys and conga drums; keyboard player Oscar Mount sings occasionally, as well as playing a little tambourine; new fifth member Michael Lovett moves between guitar and synths. (In fact, pretty much everyone logs a little synth time.) There's something fun about seeing a band willing to mix it up and get out of their comfort zones.

6. Metronomy's dedicated cult following

Did everyone know every word to every song, including the new ones? Yes they did. Did the whole crowd recognize every song within the first three notes? Yes they did. Metronomy are a pretty big deal in Europe and the U.K., but in North America, there are no casual Metronomy fans. If you're going to see them live, you're either super into them, or being dragged along by someone who's trying to convert you.

7. Metronomy's slick white suits

OK, we're all for rock 'n' roll individualism or whatever, but we'd be OK for bands in matching outfits to make a comeback. All four male band members wore slim-fitting white suits with black shirts and red pocket squares, while the lone woman, drummer Anna Prior, wore a high-necked white jump suit with a black belt and red brooch. It's a pretty sharp look, and more bands should emulate it.

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First Play: Tanya Tagaq, Animism


Tanya Tagaq


Stream to May 27

is the perfect name for Tanya Tagaq's new album, out May 27 on Six Shooter Records. The Cambridge Bay Inuk punk combines elemental growls, howls and grunts over electronic beats to create her own genre — part throat singing, part EDM, part animal.

Tagaq, who has worked with artists such as Björk and the Kronos Quartet, has had a busy year already, touring her Nanook of the North project throughout Canada and the States as well as performing across the pond. She also just finished a show at Carnegie Hall with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

But we've been waiting for Animism. Produced by West Coaster Jesse Zubot (Dan Mangan) with northern field recordings from Michael Red (Low Indigo), a sneak peek of the album's first track, "Uja," came out last month, quietly building anticipation. Earlier in May, the album trailer came out. Amidst the hunting and rebirth, Tagaq's blue wolf eyes hold your gaze: she has a story to tell. And it's time to listen.

Find me on Twitter: @hollygowritely


Listen to CBC Music's Aboriginal stream


Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq on reclaiming Nanook of the North

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Sharon Van Etten: "Your Love Is Killing Me"

Best New Tracks - Pitchfork: Sharon Van Etten: "Your Love Is Killing Me"

Link to Best New Tracks - Pitchfork

Posted: 14 May 2014 08:26 AM PDT
What are you supposed to do with a song like this? You can't gaze directly at it. You certainly can't cook dinner to it.  How do you interact with it?  You have to shut the door, close the browser window, stare at your hands. Sharon Van Etten sings like someone throwing a dirt clod in your face, and on "Your Love Is Killing Me", she performs violence on your ability to maintain composure. The song title is the sentiment: "Break my leg so I can't walk to you/ Cut my tongue so I can't talk to you/ Burn my skin so I can't feel you/ Stab my eyes so I can't see." It is about as understated and shaded as an I-Beam to the face.

On "Your Love is Killing Me", her singing is so tremendously powerful it trembles at the edge of intelligibility. Listen to the way she sings "Your love is killing me"—almost all of the hard consonants disappear from the words, and they become a howl. It is, frankly, knee-buckling. The ability of a human voice to induce this weakness  is one of the most profound and mysterious things music can do. When it happens, you go quiet, just for a moment. After it's over, the machines start whirring again as you attempt to explain to yourself where your faculties just went.

Röyksopp and Robyn launch new video for SayIt

The Scandi sort-of supergroup offer a thumping house track on which you will hear 'what sounds like an aroused robot'

Röyksopp and Robyn have launched the video for SayIt [sic], from their forthcoming mini-album Do It Again. As the press release accompanying the video puts it: "SayIt is a big thumping house track which features a near duet between Robyn and what sounds like an aroused robot." We've never heard an aroused robot, so we'll let you be the judge of that. And in the clip you'll find car wrecks, barbed wire and angry dogs, so between that and the aroused robot, it's just your average day at the office

Have a look and let us know what you thinik.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Music for Insomniacs review comedian Matt Berry makes an ill-judged foray into electronica

(Acid Jazz)

Best known for his roles in The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh, comedian Matt Berry also has a stop-start musical career going back 20 years. His fifth album marks a radical departure from his most recent folk/prog crossover fare. Created in the dead of night while unable to sleep, Music for Insomniacs is 46 minutes of tinkling, shape-shifting electronica, intercut with snippets of mumbled speech and simple keyboard riffs. It's not dissimilar to Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene stripped of its most memorable passages, and might well do what it suggests on the cover. But those hypnotic washes of sound go beyond their remit and could have us all dozing off.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

This is happening: the concerts you need to see this week (May 16-22)

No matter what you're into, or where you are, there are some amazing concerts taking place across the country this week, from Tone of Arc in Vancouver to Charley Pride in Regina. Check out this list and plan your weekend accordingly.

(And as always, if there's a concert coming up in your region that you think we should know about, make sure to let us know in the comments, or via Facebook or Twitter.)

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Dirt #156: Colby J. + Three Wise


It’s hotter than the Devil’s asshole in Los Angeles and Dark and Moody in NY, so myself and Threewise have compiled a special Nite//Day Dirt for the Angelino’s to veg poolside to and the New Yorker’s to get a little broody widdit. Either way it’s the weekend and it’s time to kick back and enjoy the spoils of artist’s who’ve been gracious enough to hook it up with some free downloads! Peep the tape, cop the tracks, and have yourself a merry little weekend! – Colby J & Threewise

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Readers recommend: songs that estimate distance and time | Peter Kimpton

Going millions of miles? Taking a second? Aeon to instant, name songs mentioning measurements that aren't exactly accurate

You'd go a million miles? Really? And your love is the size of Wales? Or is that a whale? Or Luxembourg? Or an iceberg, or a double-decker bus? What? It will only take a minute? But now you say it will go on for ever! That's a mighty long/short time. How far away are you? Light years? Or is that in squared light years? That's a big area. And that's no surprise, as this week we're looking at songs that have a tendency to declare and speculate, sometimes gloriously, sometimes ridiculously, in mentioning all manner of measurements of time and distance, whether in specific terms or employing vast exaggerations or generalisations.

Is there any harm in a little hyperbole? Perhaps the format of song demands it. So, in a little twist moving on from last week's tremendous response to songs about small things, ingenious RR friends, feel free also to nominate those that use specific units of distance or time, especially if you suspect, despite sincerity of feeling, they are totally made up. And so with anything from rood to hide, furlong to rod, pole to perch, lap to league, mile to microsecond, aeon to instant, let's create a chain of measurement references that, whether silly speculation or sonorously stupendous, are also artfully approximate.

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by Peter Kimpton via Electronic music | The Guardian

Watch: a man takes a photo of birds on electric wires, then transforms it into a musical score

We see them every day — birds gathering on high electrical wires. But what happens if you transform those birds and wires into musical notes on a staff?

Brazilian multimedia artist Jarbas Agnelli decided to find out.

The video he created went viral, and ended up being named among the Top 25 best videos on Youtube by the first ever YouTube Play Guggenheim — a biennial of creative videos — in 2010. It was also exhibited at the Guggenheim museums in New York, Berlin, Bilbao and Venice.

Check it out:

And here is the piece being performed live at the YouTube awards ceremony:

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Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV News

Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV News

Posted: 13 May 2014 05:56 AM PDT

This certified scorcher is the outcome of when Royal-T and Champion’s musical minds joined forces.. taken from Elijah & Skilliam’s FABRICLIVE 75 which is available now from the fabric store: http://bit.ly/FABRICLIVE75 and iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FABRICLIVE75
Elijah & Skilliam launch FABRICLIVE 75 with a 4 hour set at fabric on Friday 16th May, alongside Skepta, Newham Generals, Flow Dan, Riko, Spooky, Uncle Dugs and more…

The post DEBUTS: Royal-T & Champion ‘Mufasa’ appeared first on BOILER ROOM.

Basement Soul: So Long Gone! - Basementsoul Mix @ Musique Non Stop

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