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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

7 Albums Released In 2016 That Aren’t Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”

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Ok so Frank Ocean’s second run at it is a masterfully produced Pop/RnB/Hip-Hop wonder album, now let’s move along and take a look at some records that might have flown under your radar. It is no secret that music has been thriving in 2016, but it isn’t just the big dogs that have been particularly on point. Up and comers (as well as some of the more venerable acts) from across the board have been producing up a storm with multi-faceted sonic landscapes that provide more depth and experimentation than your typical pop masterpiece. Let’s take a look at some of 2016’s finest and brightest LP’s:

1. Weval by Weval


I’m going to go ahead and start off strong with the debut self titled album from Weval. It is right up there for myself as the #1 release of the year, and for good reason. Weval warp and experiment to push their sonic boundaries in never before heard ways to produce a completely original body of work. Released via Kompakt, there isn’t really much I would like to compare it to. It’s certainly a journey worth taking in its entirety. Standouts include, “The Battle” and, “I Don’t Need It,” as well as, “Just In Case,” if you ask me…

2. Skiptracing by Mild High Club


This selection is a bit pre-emptive as it’s release comes on August 26th, but select tunes can be heard via Apple Music HERE. Mild High Club is a member of the Mac DeMarco band and you can surely here the influence. Although similar, Mild High Club maintain their differences with a jazzier more refined sound through diverse percussion lines and vivid lyrical content. The project builds off the sleezy/sleepy vibes Mac DeMarco puts off making the LP the perfect addition to any lazy Sunday. Keep an eye out for the album set to be released via Stones Throw Records later this week!

3. The Soft Bounce by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve


Beyond The Wizard Sleeve is a famed electronic duo consisting of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris. Their catalogue was comprised of fantastical remixes until their debut LP “The Soft Bounce” hit the shelves earlier this month. It’s an electronic album recorded live via two of the most brilliant producers in the business. It’s bold, brash, loud, and exactly the kind of noise I’d like to thrash about to. “Iron Age” is a real thriller that shreds in the face EDM DJ’s. That’s not to say the album doesn’t have a softer side, the track “Tomorrow, Forever” is a cinematic spine tingler that invokes a strong call to emotion. There is nothing quite like this being produced anymore, and for that, we celebrate.

4. Bright Moments by Flamingosis


Bright moments is exactly what you get with this funked up modern soul album from Flamingosis. Each track provides a particular mood and the uncanny ability to make me want to stand up and shake my fanny. It’s hip-hop meets disco meets funk meets world music. “Casanova” samples Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” but provides an original production for a beat, of which I’ve fallen in love with. “Brunch At The Bodega” is a spicy world rhythm that packs a mega funky punch (insert dancing girl emoji here). Lastly, there is the feel good anthem, “Next To You” that fills you up with enough warm feelings to make it through any day with a smile on your face and pep in your step. The vibes are strong with this one, stream below…

5. Tiger Tooth by Tiger Tooth


Tiger Tooth’s self titled debut album is another electronic band producing some seriously original work. More on the techno side of things, they spread their sound across a broad spectrum within the genre including some mind bending acid, a dash of minimal, a side of experimental, and full fledged incendiary techno. The depth of sound is applause worthy as the 15 track LP provides a difficult decision highlighting any standouts. I’ve rinsed “Clementine” in a club setting and it set the dance floor ablaze with it’s insatiable acid breaks. “The End” is a lush and vibrant auditory masterpiece that is a real treat for the ears and brain to experience. On the more minimal side, “Chime Wedgebill” serves as a wonky progressive backbone that holds the middle of the album together quite nicely. I’m greatly looking forward to catching this act live in the (hopefully) near future.

6. Alwasta by Oddisee


Oddisee is a DC based rapper with African American and Sudanese roots that possesses a high level of lyrically mastery that is eerily similar to Nas and J. Cole. Alwasta is his latest album and easily one of his strongest pieces of work to date. He shares a world view that imparts wisdom and critical thinking while weaving jazzy instrumental based productions throughout his lryics. There is none of that mumble rap bullshit currently plaguing the genre, just down to earth bars and storytelling at its finest. “Strengths And Weakness” is a contemplative standout that is sure to reignite your dreams and aspirations. “Wouldn’t Be Surprised” is the tune that the Nas influences first came to mind with its NYC reminiscent beat and intelligent flow. “No Reservations” is a modern gospel with more of a playful vibe across the board filled with plenty of life lessons to be had by all. Shoutout to Mello Music Group for this release, there is a bright future for Oddisee, and this appears to be the beginning.

7. Juicy Fruit by Kraak & Smaak


With an expansive catalogue dating back to 2006, you are experiencing the perfectly ripe fruits of their labor via their latest LP, “Juicy Fruit.” Blending the likes of electronic, funk, and hip-hop, the result is one of the more interesting releases of 2016. It’s dance music at finest, honestly. The project kicks off with a bang on “Prescription” featuring light hearted bars from Eric Biddiness and one of the funkiest bass lines on the whole album. “U R Freak” is an overtly sexual anthem with vocal support from Ivar whose baritone voice adds a whole new layer of dirty to the tune. Mayer Hawthorne makes an appearance on “I Don’t Know Why” for what’s one of the stronger standouts from the project with it’s sophisticated funk that could easily cause a global get down. So what are you waiting for? Get down with yo bad self and thanks for branching out with me on the “7 Albums Released In 2016 That Aren’t Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde.'” Hope you enjoy!

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