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Friday, August 12, 2016

The sound of the Upside Down: Stranger Things make sinister synths mainstream

The antsy bingers of Netflix will eagerly anticipate the digital release of the Survive soundtrack, out today

Things happen fast in the instant gratification world of Netflix, and when they don’t, people get antsy. With its clever Steven Spielberg references wrapped around a disarming core of retro-teenage drama, Stranger Things is the on-demand TV service’s binge-watch hit of the summer. And its theme music – that insidious, minimalist, background by Survive, a band from Austin, Texas, ought to have been the tune of the summer too – except you couldn’t buy or stream it anywhere.

Some members of the instant Stranger Things cult took matters into their own hands, knocking up their own versions of the tune on GarageBand. A comedy rapper called Dr Chorizo used it for a tribute to an unfortunate key character and viewer favourite Barb ([SPOILER] “Barb/ I’m sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard”). British turntablist DJ Yoda created a full Stranger Things mix, while Australian dance producer Luke Million went further. He uploaded a clip of himself jamming the Stranger Things theme live on his home array of vintage synths, extending a scrupulously accurate version of the TV arrangement out into the further reaches of glacial, 80s-inspired electronics and the sci-fi progressive rock of Tangerine Dream. It’s quite the groove.

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by Andrew Harrison via Electronic music | The Guardian
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