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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hieroglyphic Being: the ex-gigolo who makes erotic house music

The star of underground Chicago house talks about his Christian parents, the rich white women who paid him for sex, and why hip-hop traps kids in violence

‘How did I go from being a gigolo where rich white women pay me for sex to being a hermit?” wonders Jamal Moss. Now 42, and settling into middle age, the underground dance producer is worried he’s let himself go. “I’ll be off living in my bubble and then, when it comes to interacting with humans, they look at me like, ‘Did you just come out of a cave? You smell like a wildebeest.’”

Actually, Moss smells fine and, having flown in from Chicago to play in London, he’s clearly not a very good hermit. He records as Hieroglyphic Being, making lo-fi tracks that sound pockmarked and cobwebbed – the magnificently funky How Wet Is Your Box was sold by one record store with a note reassuring customers that these weren’t manufacturing errors.

Hip-hop pushed a ghetto mentality, house had a global mentality. You had nice shoes and a good hairstyle

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