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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV News

Musique Non Stop - BOILER ROOM TV News


Posted: 29 Jul 2016 06:29 AM PDT

It’s always refreshing to stumble across a gem that goes the extra length to reach true uniqueness. Jane In Palma is indeed that. In the wake of losing everything to a fire, the enigmatic musician isolated himself in two caves on the island of Mallorca, exploring new sounds and mediums. The results were top draw, amounting to his beautifully crafted Primitive Thoughts LP.

The deeply sun-kissed "Expo Expo" is a perfectly mellow groove for summertime. Its shimmering guitar strums, lackadaisical bongo- and shaker-based percussion and floating spaced-out synths will have your worries sifting away carelessly through your fingertips.
Primitive Thoughts is out on August 15th via Snake Free Roofing.

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Residents’ Hour: Andrew Lyster (meandyou.)
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 04:07 AM PDT
Over the past eight years, meandyou. has been cultivating a name as one of Manchester’s best club nights – as well as pinning the notorious Soup Kitchen on the map as a key nightlife institution in the city. meandyou.’s co-founder and resident Andrew Lyster gives us some insight on how the collective came to be, as well as providing a mix of the music that’s typical of a meandyou. warm-up set. Discover more below.

“We started meandyou. in 2008, as a reaction to what was (or wasn’t) happening in the city at the time. We made a conscious decision to source venues that weren’t frequented on the club scene, Bookbinders, The Palace Hotel, Melodies and finally Soup Kitchen – where we hosted a party with Kassem Mosse and MillieAndrea back in 2009. We realised how well Soup worked; it kind of became our exclusive spot. We rented the space from the owners and worked a good deal with them. They enjoyed the crowd at our parties and we liked the space.

“Sam [Herron] took over the business with two friends, Chris and Nick; and it became our permanent home from then on. We continued to throw parties at Soup Kitchen and in time, the basement opened which introduced a lot of new opportunities to the place. With the bar, club and gigs all working hand-in-hand, Soup Kitchen is now probably the most important music venue in Manchester.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.25.26

“This mix contains some of my favourite tracks from my past opening sets at meandyou. The vibe of the opening few hours can vary drastically based on all sorts of parameters: the guests we have playing, how many tickets we’ve sold, whether we open doors at 10pm or later, who walks down the stairs, the crowd’s response, the weather – the list goes on.

“The first track is normally a long one. In that time we’re probably sorting out the smoke machine, guestlist and lights; saying hello to people arriving; grabbing a beer; whatever. We have regulars who come down as soon as doors open. I think that’s really important. It’s the most exciting time of the night and when the best stuff gets played. It's when everyone can have a quick chat and catch-up. We'll probably have some unreleased bits that are nice to try out on the Soup Kitchen system.

“On the night it can be a combination or just one of us warming up, depending on who's free and who our guest is. We have a tradition of doing an event the Friday before Christmas, on which we'll play all night. They’re such a highlight for us that we’re planning to do more of these in the future. I can't really speak for the scene elsewhere in the UK, but it's definitely unique in Manchester. I always feel there's a refreshing balance of heads and party people – some spend their night trainspotting records, others live for the dancefloor. It’s a balance of the two that makes for a great atmosphere.
“Long live Soup Kitchen!”
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.27.51

A.D “Centraal”
Secret Boyfriend “The Singing Bile”
Audision “Song of the Ocean”
Adam X – “Mystical Ascent”
Stereonerds “Prazisions”
Shamos – “TMF” [forthcoming on Youth]
Yard – Void [forthcoming on Youth]
Polygon Window “Untitled”
George Issakidis & Speedy J “Sculpture 1986”
Howes “Untitled” [unreleased]
Russ Gabriel “Three Fifty One”
Jackmate “Centrefolds”
Interstellar Funk “7:21”
Aatropa “Girl on the Curb” [forthcoming on meandyou]

In a fortnight’s time, we will be heading out to sunny Los Angeles for our next instalment of Residents’ Hour. Hold tight.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2016 07:17 AM PDT

Bristol-based Galtier is only recent news to us, after hearing his noodly “Incubate U” jam dropped on the sly by Orlando Volcano. Again out of thin air, Galtier makes the hardest of quakes with the forthcoming Myth Codes – marking Infinite Machine’s 46th release. Opening the proceedings is “Chain”. A prowling menace dominates this one, with a broken tribal bass lying in its undergrowth and a serpentine bamboo flute slithering overhead.
Catch Myth Codes, jumping out on August 26th.

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Posted: 26 Jul 2016 05:29 AM PDT

Swanning its way out of Leeds and into the Debuts hall of fame comes Bambooman's "Feel". This one has got us all wrapped up. Taken from his upcoming Feel EP, Bambooman wields refined live recordings, warm exquisite melodies and a silvery vocal into the track’s rich musical fabric. It’s hard to suppress the emotions with this one.
Feel is out on August 12th through Accidental Jnr.

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Posted: 25 Jul 2016 07:30 AM PDT

The latest uprooting from Russia’s electronic undergrowth comes from the infamous Pixelord. His new Human.exe LP continues in tradition of factory-line music, nosebleed tempos and whirring bleeps. Thought satire is found within the LP’s name, our album highlight “Robo” also showcases a human side to the machine. Chopping rhythms at breakbeat speeds meet a flurry of bass wobbles – all catalysed by a calming blanket of synths that grows gradually and serenely. A soothing Yin to the frenetic Yang.
Human.exe drops on 5th August via Hyperboloid Records.

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Posted: 22 Jul 2016 06:28 AM PDT

Returning for his release no. 5 on the online vinyl imprint Shall Not Fade, German producer TRP weaves ambience and club-catered grooves into his Saturday Morning EP. Out the four ear-hook jams, it's "Stash" that's got our feet tapping. With an infectious summery hook and lucid synth work to boot, "Stash" wraps you up in a trance – to then break out into a bouncy acid-tinged bass line and addictive shuffling percussion. Perfect for the dancefloor or a chilled cruising. TRP has it nailed.

Out on August 1st, pre-order Saturday Morning here.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2016 04:26 AM PDT

Permeating straight from Denver-based producer Foans’ sonic membrane, dreamy minimalist cut “Frontier” has had all of our heads in the stars over at BR HQ. Simplistic percussion and a frugal bass line keep you mesmerised, with rolling piano keys and a hypnotic VHS-style hook absorbed into the track’s deceptively spacey and open atmosphere.

Out on 5th August on our favourite 100% Silk.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2016 08:03 AM PDT

The superb full length Vicarious Memories is the newest unveiling from These Hidden HandsIn the album’s ten tracks, the German duo unfurl a tirade of electronic avant garde sounds – from which "Dendera Light" is our standout. Meditative, almost transcendental in its grungy bass tones and pitch-bent weirdness, the track is characterised by its grainy fuzz, spooky squelches – and what can only be described as distorted, electronic bagpipes making the midway point (you’ll hear what we mean). It makes part of an album that invokes as much awe as it does oddity. A release we wholeheartedly recommend.

Vicarious Memories drops digitally and on vinyl on August 8th.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2016 07:28 AM PDT

After a short, anticipatory pause, Soccer96 present some old-school analogue tekkers on their crisp new project As Above So Below – set for release on Slowfoot Records.

Our pick of the bunch comes as “Megadrive Lamborghini”. A wavy space-age tune that is full to the brim with immersive synthscapes that’ll leave you floating. Bouncy dance grooves are rife throughout, continually revived by smooth, dreamy vocals overhead. A feel-good track of cosmic proportions.

“Megadrive Lamborghini” drops on August 5th – be sure to pre-order the album, out on September 23rd here.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2016 05:05 AM PDT

After a five-year hiatus, Luke Slater returns to the highly esteemed Ostgut Ton under his Planetary Assault Systems moniker to release his album entitled Arc Angel . "The Last Scene" is the clincher, driven by a skittering sci-fi melody that persists from the word go. Low frequencies are taken out of the limelight in favour of beaming high-end streams, radiating like UFOs hovering overhead. Building, eerie aesthetics pierce through to create a tension that takes no prisoners at its climax.

Be sure to grab the Arc Angel album as it touches down on 30th September – pre-order here.

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