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Monday, September 28, 2015

The playlist – new bands: Girli, Tabanca, Snøskred and more

Dreamy indie-sounds from Snøskred, bad-girl budget electro from Girli, and Parlour Tricks release their distinctive vintage pop for the future

Snøskred are a band from Trondheim, Norway (their name means avalanche in Norwegian), but given their drowsy, dreamy indiepop, they could be from Bellshill, North Lanarkshire (Teenage Fanclub’s home town) or wherever purveyors of bleary, slacker guitar melodies barely get out of bed. Puzzle, their new single, is, they say, an “honest attempt at connecting with the past and future of bands with guitars in them”. Singer Karl Klaseie adds: “Puzzle is a simple song living in a complex world.” Actually, he’s not the only singer: all five members chime in, and sometimes in unison, which adds to the effect of being snow-blinded, or avalanched by a whiteout of guitars and voices.

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by Paul Lester via Electronic music | The Guardian
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