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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nightlife reports: a tour of Copenhagen's clubs and bars

Copenhagen’s flourishing club scene features a diverse mix of venues, which are as full of character as they are cutting-edge DJs and producers

It’s 11pm and I’m cycling slowly through the streets of Nørrebro, with the Dunkel Radio crew – a collective of DJs and producers pushing Copenhagen’s underground electronic music scene. Co-founder Najaaraq Vestbirk is pedalling beside me on a hefty Christiania bike and she has another member of the team, Emma Blake, tucked up in its cargo box under a blanket with a can of beer and two record bags wedged between her legs.

“You can actually get beer holders for bikes here,” Najaaraq says as we ride. “In the early hours of the morning you’ll see, like, four people hanging off one bike.”

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by Will Coldwell via Electronic music | The Guardian
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