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Friday, April 17, 2015

Eno meets East India Youth: ‘I find songs such a tired format’

One is electronica’s elder statesman, the other a rising Mercury-nominated rising star. We brought them together to discuss technology, beauty and bananas

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Brian Eno and William Doyle only met for the first time an hour ago but are already debating which of them is the least proficient songwriter. “I increasingly see myself as a non-musician,” claims 24-year-old solo artist Doyle before Eno interrupts: “Not as much as me, mate. I’m a worse musician than you.” This summit on musical failure is taking place in Eno’s studio in Notting Hill, shortly before the release of Culture Of Volume, Doyle’s second album as East India Youth. The record combines classic English electronic pop reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys with strange, experimental diversions, a very contemporary take on how Eno’s early solo albums combined wistful songwriting with inspiration from the avant garde.

I’m a worse musician than you

he’s probably had more influence on popular music than anyone still alive

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by Luke Turner via Electronic music | The Guardian
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