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Monday, April 27, 2015

First Play: Mac McCaughan, Non-Believers


Mac McCaughan


Stream to May 4

If you have an '80s-sized hole in your heart, Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan is here to fill that nostalgic void.

Pressing play on Non-Believers, out via Merge Records on May 4, transports you to the time when punk evolved through to post-punk and new wave. Dusty synths and keyboards set the tone, while McCaughan’s lyrics travel affecting, personal ground. Song titles such as "Lost Again," "Our Way Free" and "Barely There" hint at unsettled space. On "Wet Leaves," McCaughan sings, "One foot on wet leaves, one foot on concrete." In this, the first album released under his own name instead of his Portastatic moniker, McCaughan is on slick, unstable ground.

And yet, the music is hopeful. Take a little trip home with McCaughan through the dreamy, tree-filled album teaser below, and then press play above. You’ll be homesick in no time.

Pre-order Non-Believers via Merge Records here.

Non-Believers tracklist

1. "Your Hologram"
2. "Lost Again"
3. "Only Do"
4. "Mystery Flu"
5. "Our Way Free"
6. "Box Batteries"
7. "Real Darkness"
8. "Barely There"
9. "Wet Leaves"
10. "Come Upstairs”"

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