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Monday, May 30, 2016

Upworthy! The happiest, danciest songs of 2016

Yep, 2016 has been pretty tough.

Actually, on many levels, it's been kind of the worst. Death, sickness, raging infernos, natural disasters, election madness, heartbreak and general destruction, gloom and doom at every turn.

Unfortunate times call for uplifting music and luckily, the first five months of the year have offered up a bevy of bouncy, beautiful, utterly brilliant gems to help hike up our spirits and soothe our souls.

Just like our 2013 positivity playlist, everyone still needs a little sunshine, a jolt of joy to get the feet moving, the blood pumping and trigger one of those involuntary smiles that starts on the inside and transforms your face. Check out the gallery above for some great music, which we've paired with some adorable photos because you deserve a dance party and a crazy cute animal photo (or 30).

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