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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Great Escape: journey across genres at the Guardian's stage

If you’re heading to Brighton for the Great Escape this weekend, don’t miss our hand-picked lineup at the Sallis Benney theatre on Friday night

Please don’t let the Sallis Benney theatre be empty for the opening artist of our four-act showcase. Nadia Reid’s debut album, Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs, bowled over a series of our writers late last year – Kitty Empire, Laura Barton and me among them – and it wasn’t just us: whoever heard the album seemed to go into raptures over it. There was very good reason for that – Reid is a remarkably talent, assured, clever and confident singer-songwriter. Listen to Formation … wasn’t an album to be placed alongside the sonic adventurers – you shouldn’t approach it looking for the future direction of urban music – but it was the work of someone in total command of her songwriting gift. Pretty much everyone who wrote about her invoked a comparison with Laura Marling, and it wasn’t just because they’re both women who know their way around and acoustic guitar; she also shares with Marling a devastating youthful wisdom that gives her songs a feeling of lasting profundity.

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by Michael Hann via Electronic music | The Guardian
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