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Friday, May 20, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] GDD Chats with Bushwick A/V’s Myroslaw Bytz + Exclusive Mysteryland USA Mix

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This year’s Mysteryland USA on the historic Woodstock ’69 grounds in Bethel, NY is fast approaching, and the countdown has already begun, as we’re just a couple of weeks out from its June 10th launch. In addition to names like ODESZA, Art Department, Gramatik, Claptone, Moodymann, and more, there are some notable local talents like Myroslaw Bytz of Bushwick A/V, Brooklyn’s go-to afterhours party series. Myroslaw has been a fixture of New York’s electronic music scene, both as an artist and event producer, while keeping his integrity throughout all of his endeavors, and pushing the scene forward.

Bushwick A/V will be heading up late night festivities at the silent disco to make sure attendees can keep the party going in proper fashion, so we felt it was necessary to highlight this famed party series, along with its co-founder who graciously sat down with us for some questions, and gave us an exclusive mix to show what you guys can expect late-night at the festival. Enjoy the mix and check out the interview after the jump to hear about how Myroslaw has gotten to where he is today, the context of his mix, what Bushwick A/V is bringing to Mysteryland, his plans for the rest of the year, and more.

Limited tickets for Mysteryland USA are on sale here, and be sure to check out this GRiZ x Electric Family bracelet giveaway for a chance to win festival passes, as well as a meet & greet with GRiZ.


GDD: GDD first question tradition – what do you like to drink?
Myro: Iced green tea with spearmint, ginger and cranberry juice. I brew and drink a gallon of the stuff every couple days!

GDD: Tell us a about your musical background and how you have gotten to where you are today.
Myro: I began producing hip hop and electronic dub back in the late 90s, and paused for a little while as I pursued grad school in media. I realized after several careers that the rat race just wasn’t for me about 4 years ago when, while unemployed and broke, I asked to try booking live music nights at a small lounge in my Greenwich Village neighborhood. I had talent from every genre of music 6 nights a week, and succeeded in creating a real sanctuary for the underground in the city where very few still existed at the time. After that, I brought some of the more successful parties to more fitting venues around town, experimenting with crossing genres and bringing different crews together in new and unique ways. In 3 years of this, I produced around 400 parties and events, often with very little budget.

GDD: How and why did you start your popular Bushwick A/V parties series? What is your vision for its future?
Myro: My partners and I are pure lovers of the afterhours vibe in general, and at the time we wanted to craft something different, something with a little more heart and soul than what was being offered. Too often, I felt, afterparties were just after-thoughts. They felt haphazardly produced, in makeshift venues, with questionable motives. So we really wanted to create a safe space where people could come together, with impeccable sound quality, thoughtful curation of artists, and a more inclusive vibe. I find that our parties typically attract a crowd that is a little more driven toward the music, those who refuse to be constricted by arbitrary time restraints, and those who espouse togetherness and respect. Our parties are a journey for the audience every time.

GDD: What can you tell us about your Mysteryland USA/Bushwick A/V mix?
Myro: I recorded the mix live at my residency night at TBA Brooklyn, an incredible and experimental lounge/bar that is a favorite bastion of the Brooklyn techno underground. It snakes through a lot of different genres and time periods, while highlighting some of the music I’ve been playing recently. It’s a pretty good cross-section of the eclectic vibes I like to put out there when I play.

GDD: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Myro: I’m doing my second Europe tour in July — hitting Paris, Ibiza, Germany and Luxembourg with my fellow Secret Guests DJs Adam Collins and Cry Baby — so that will be exciting! Other than that, we have some really incredible things planned for Bushwick A/V, but I’m not allowed to disclose any of it just yet!

GDD: What can fans expect from you at Mysteryland USA next month?
Myro: I have a background in film scoring, radio and sound design, so playing my very first Silent Disco environment is going to be a really cool challenge for me. I am going to really embrace the immediacy of being patched directly into people’s headphones — and brains. Rather than wielding a giant soundsystem, I will have the opportunity to really sculpt a personal experience and soundspace for the listeners, so expect some very intriguing juxtapositions and feels!

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