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Thursday, April 14, 2016

[STREAM] Justin Jay & Friends – “Weatherman” + “Can’t Complain” + “What Do You Want”

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Over the past few weeks, Justin Jay has been riding a wave of vibe-heavy releases from his Justin Jay & Friends project that’s quickly gaining steam in the dance music world. Ever since they teased fans with surprise live performances, and released “Karma” last year, the band has been in the spotlight, and they’re continuing to further their songwriting-fueled house music as they continue to roll out these new songs that will first make up EPs on different labels, then eventually Fantastic Voyage (The Album!).

“Weatherman,” “Can’t Complain,” and “What Do You Want” are the most recent tastes of the Justin Jay & Friends vibes to come, and they each differ in an exciting way, while also staying cohesive as they’re bound by a signature sound that features Josh Taylor’s vocals, Benny Bridges’ layered guitar licks, spacey atmospheres, acoustic drum samples, and an immersive groove. Enjoy and keep an eye out for more to come.

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