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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[NEWS] Mysterious Paul McCartney/Wings White Label Producers Revealed

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Timo Mass first heard the tune in 2009 when his friend/agent, David Levy, was playing it for him in his house in Ibiza. For James Teej it was outside the studio with Mass right before a week long studio session took place. It’s the German countryside and “Chef Timo” has prepared a magical spread complete with top shelf wines. They had all of the multitrack from the original 1973 studio session master tapes, and the time was right. Teej later tells Billboard, “It probably still is to this day the most amazing and beautiful week’s of studio time in my life.”

Upon first listen it is easy to see why. A brooding electric bass line kicks things off coupled with an isolated kick and scattered guitar squeals that build anticipation for the main event. McCartney’s vocals come soaring in just before the one minute mark and croon a tale of liberation through the help of love. A strong blues undertone blankets the whole piece, an aspect that Mass and Teej felt had room to breathe once the piano lead was removed, stating, “we were very sensitive to not add too many new sounds, however we worked hard to manipulate the samples of all the original amazing parts.”

The result is a masterful production that quickly found its way into Paul McCartney’s hands with the help, once again, of David Levy. Sir Paul quickly gave the green light for the production to breathe new life but the fun was just beginning. To kick things off they dropped off test pressings at local shops and watched them sell out in a mere hours, sending the vinyl community into a frenzy. Online they sold through Phonica Records and the story was the same as copies sold out almost instantly and are now re-selling for upwards of $200 on discogs. Rumors were even circulating at one point that it was a Kanye West production.

Teej had this to say about the uniqueness to this project, “That will forever be the biggest moment of my music career and words can’t express how it felt to have him personally approve the remix,” and “I really have to give credit to Paul for taking a chance with us on this, but there is no doubt that this has all come together because of our collective and absolute love and dedication to music.”

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