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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Prodigy's Liam Howlett: 'We do everything we can to stay off the telly'

To mark the Prodigy’s 2015 UK tour, Rock’s Backpages brings you this Melody Maker interview with the band’s frontman. It’s 1994, and the police are killing rave culture …

“So I’ve decided to take my work back underground … to stop it falling into the wrong hands.” So begins Music for the Jilted Generation, the Prodigy’s fab second LP. See, seven consecutive hits and a gold debut album aren’t enough for 23-year-old whiz-kid Liam Howlett. He’s sick and tired of his public image: peerless purveyor of hyper-hyper bubblegum nuttercore for E’d up popkids. Liam wants to be taken seriously; more to the point, he wants to be taken seriously by you, the alternative rock fan. So that’s why he’s used rock guitar in a couple of tracks on the album, and that’s why Jilted is a sort of semi-concept album, with a “heavy” political statement.

“The Jilted Generation, it’s all the kids who’ve grown up on this supposedly corrupt dance music,” says Liam, in between hacking his lungs out (he’s run down by endless remixing and a recent tour of Australia). “The government are trying to make out the whole scene is bad, and they want to stop everyone going out and having a good time.”

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by Simon Reynolds via Electronic music | The Guardian
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