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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Skrillex: ‘I stopped doing interviews because of the Guardian’

The brostep pioneer has taken his aggressive brand of electronica into the pop market this year, collaborating with Justin Bieber, and he’s even happy to admit a fondness for Hanson

Hi Sonny, if I’d come up to you five years ago (1) and told you that in 2015 you’ll have produced half a Justin Bieber album, how would you have reacted?

It’s funny you should ask that. I’m always transporting myself to five years ago and asking myself the same questions. I’d have been really excited! I’ve never had an ill thought about that guy, even when he got in trouble for egging someone’s house. I think we all grew up with way worse kids than that. (2) It’s been a turning point for both our careers in that we both did something new together. All the best songs of all time are collaborative: the Beatles, Michael Jackson with Quincy Jones, Tupac and Dr Dre.

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by Peter Robinson via Electronic music | The Guardian
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