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Friday, December 11, 2015

Hudson Mohawke review – ferocious, apocalyptic electro

Roundhouse, London
With synths that screech like air brakes and crushing, abrasive beats, a night of Mohawke’s musical maximalism is both exhilarating and wearying

Hudson Mohawke has quite the double life going on. A go-to studio alchemist for US hip-hop and R&B royalty including Kanye West, Drake and Lil Wayne, the 29-year-old Scottish producer – AKA Ross Birchard – is also a purveyor of ear-bleeding electro for longstanding yet cutting-edge UK label Warp.

Mohawke is known as a musical maximalist, which is a polite way of saying that he lumps prodigiously distorted beats on top of each other, as if playing techno Jenga. Heavy sub-bass lines, granite synths and sped-up vocals wrestle for supremacy: it’s fair to say that he is not big on significant pauses.

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by Ian Gittins via Electronic music | The Guardian
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