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Sunday, September 28, 2014

SBTRKT review revelling in mystery

The star remixer blends post-dubstep, house and techno in a flashily complex presentation

There are essentially two ways to do electronic music in concert either as a DJ set typically bolstered by retina-scorching visuals, or as a complex and involved live performance. Appropriate to his meditative and technical mix of post-dubstep, house and techno, SBTRKT goes firmly for the latter. As strobe lights silhouette Aaron Jerome plus a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist on a blackened stage, they appear as if trapped in a forest of machinery, switching at pace between mysterious-looking devices connected by an undergrowth of cabling. Which would all be challenging enough, one imagines, did Jerome not have to wear a Native American-style tribal mask a costume contrivance which, for all its advantages of anonymity and vague mystique, must surely be a right pain when youre trying to find the correct knob on your modular synth in the dark.

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by Malcolm Jack via Electronic music | The Guardian
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