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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

10 classics from Greg Wilson's 40 years behind the decks

This month, Greg Wilson is celebrating 40 years as a DJ – and to mark the milestone he’s selected 10 of his favourite dancefloor fillers

This, for me, is the record that set the standard for dance music. Funk isn’t so much about beat but groove, and this is groove perfection, all instruments augmenting, not least a teenage Bootsy Collins on bass, the idea of joining Parliament/Funkadelic still but a twinkle in his eye. Released in 1970, over five years before I became a DJ, Sex Machine was very much a club classic when I first took to the decks, with other JB tracks like My Thang, The Payback, I Got Ants in My Pants, Funky President also getting regular oldies action. James Brown’s influence was waning as I started out as a DJ, but I got to play his last great funk single, Get Up Offa That Thing, hot off the presses, having received a promo copy in 1976.

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by Greg Wilson via Electronic music | The Guardian
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