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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gideon Conn – A True Hip Hop Original

In all the years I’ve been watching live music, Gideon Conn still stands out as the most unique and original artist I’ve seen on the stage.

Gideon has all the things you hope for in a musician. He has an honest and sincere approach to subjects that vary from the commonplace, like dinner dates and money, to more oddball but equally relatable focuses like electricity, the mobile-fish-sales man, tabloid sports reporting. He is endlessly talented, both as a multi-instrumentalist and outside of that as a sculptor, illustrator, painter and carpenter. Gideon has an infectious energy and sense of humour, is a seasoned live performer and above all he is fanatical about making music.

Unique, Sincere And Surprising

He is so unique, sincere and surprising that many are quick to believe the show is some kind of satire. In fact a quick google search will lead you to incredulous doubters. But in the process you will always uncover his legion of fans and supporters. Once seen, never forgotten, both in your minds and in your hearts.

His Most Introspective Album

After having him perform for many years at Wah Wah 45s events big and small, we all grew to know each other well and a mutual appreciation was born between label and artist.

This next step, working together on his third album, is a natural one for us and we hope that you will follow us and develop your own friendship and love for Gideon and his music. Somewhat difficult to pigeon-hole and with myriad influences, this new album is possibly Gideon’s most personal to date, discussing in places his insecurities, difficulties with playing and performing over recent years.

Musically you can expect layers of guitars and keyboards and melodic elements (played by Gideon himself). Predominantly electronic in style, purposefully basic in sound selection and working with keyboard default settings, occasionally more organic, but ultimately housed within the world of sampled looping most commonly heard within Hip Hop.

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Beautiful Guest Vocals

On top of layered loops you will find Gideon’s speedy spoken delivery, plus essential guest vocals from Hazel Tratt, Bunty (Resonators), Yvette Riby-Williams (The Boxettes) and rising star Josephine Oniyama. This collective of collaborators deliver Gideon’s trademark hooks, melodies that will stick with you long after your first listen. Combine all this and you have a genuinely unique Hip Hop album by one of Manchester’s finest exports.

The album Hip Hop Original is set for release at the end of November and first single I Just Don’t Know You Very Well is available to stream today. You can get the track immediately when you pre-order the new album via iTunes or direct from us.

But for now, take a listen to the incredibly catchy new single.

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