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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The best albums of 2015 – readers' picks

We’ve had our say – but what did you think were the best albums of 2015? Here’s what you voted for

We are in accord! For the first time any of us can recall, Guardian readers and Guardian writers had the same two favourite albums of the year, in the same order. This year, in a rare moment of rigour, we decided to exclude obvious attempts to game the system – so, Tinker’s Mitten (“like a beefier Flying Pickets”, one reader suggested, enticingly), Jodie Marie and Karnataka, we’re sorry; but next time you suspect your admirers might be voting for you en masse in a poll, tell them not to all vote at the same time (we record exactly when each vote is cast, for exactly this reason). Had they only spread their votes out a little more, all might well have featured in our top five.

You nominated hundreds of albums, with strong showings for some that didn’t make it into our top 40 – Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon and Blur’s The Magic Whip, for example. But you are now, surely, craving to know how it all panned out, right? We will keep you waiting no longer.

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