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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Italy’s electronic underground: ‘It’s not a scene, more of an attitude’

It may not be the first place you’d go for cutting-edge music– but a new generation of Italian artists are determined to put the country back on the map

Mine Italy’s music history and it doesn’t take long to hit on a strand of dance music outliers, from disco godfather Giorgio Moroder and the Italo movement to industrial pioneer Maurizio Bianchi, and techno DJs such as Marco Carola and Donato Dozzy. Yet these artists are the exceptions in Italy, even in the internet age. As with much of Europe, a combination of club closures, nonexistent arts funding and a domestic audience accustomed to international headliners has made it hard for new Italian artists to make it.

At last month’s Club To Club festival in Turin, however, a shift seemed to be occurring. There, it wasn’t marquee names such as Jamie xx or Thom Yorke that people were discussing in the corridors of the city’s former Fiat factory, but homegrown acts: masked trap futurists Gang Of Ducks, conceptual trance producer Lorenzo Senni, abstract beatsmith Vaghe Stelle and Ninos Du Brasil.

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by Louise Brailey via Electronic music | The Guardian
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