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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Helado Negro: 'I'm trying to make music I can grow old with'

Young, Latin and proud, the Brooklyn-based musician writes about insecurity and self-discovery – an oasis of contemplation amid anti-immigrant rhetoric

Roberto Carlos Lange – known as Helado Negro – is an Ecuadorian American artist with an unprecedented sound. His music is a soothing, dreamlike collage of live and unorthodox instruments, and the 36-year-old musician uses his voice in so many absorbing ways, it almost feels as if you’re not listening to a person. “I like to utilize my voice as a new instrument,” says Lange, who is based in Brooklyn. “And when you hear songs in Spanish, for example, there are so many beautiful, flowery and exaggerated words that you can really mess with and they end up sounding like something else.”

Having grown up in south Florida as a first generation American with Ecuadorian parents, Lange makes music deeply connected to his roots and bicultural identity. In 2015’s Young, Latin and Proud, he code-switches between English and Spanish, calling for unity among America’s Latino community through understanding who we are and appreciating those who came before us.

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by Luis Miguel Echegaray via Electronic music | The Guardian
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