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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Breaking Bad, breaking beats, breaking new ground: RJ Mitte's cool new gig

Actor, activist, model, DJ. It’s kind of a natural progression for a lot of creative types and Hollywood folks. You might even be rolling your eyes at another actor-turned-DJ, but give 22-year-old RJ Mitte a chance. After five years playing Breaking Bad’s Walter White Jr., he’s all grown up and diving into the music business in a big, groundbreaking way.

Mitte has mild cerebral palsy and has been at the forefront of disability advocacy throughout his career. He’s spoken at length about busting stereotypes and challenging perceived limitations. Mitte’s character on Breaking Bad had mild cerebral palsy. His new character on Switched at Birth is a paralyzed pre-med student. Mitte is smart, clever, talented, handsome, capable and visible. He also happens to love music and new challenges, which is how Mitte finds himself a few days away from only his fifth gig ever, playing Prince George, B.C., on May 9.

CBC Music spoke with him briefly about his nerve-racking new role.  

Why did you want to DJ?

It’s different, something I’m not used to and something I’m not comfortable with. Not that I’m uncomfortable with, but something I’m not confident in yet or accustomed to. I travel, I speak, I model, I do so many different things, but I want to do more and more and more. I have barely scratched the surface in all these facets of my life. I’m always learning so many things with this and seeing people in a whole different environment. I’ve been working with DJ Mia who is amazing, touring and travelling together, I’m learning a lot of things. It’s always important to challenge yourself. I can do so many different things.

What do you like to listen to? What’s your jam right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of house, some old-school house and old-school hip-hop. I listen to anything and everything. I love to hit shuffle and just find new music and try to find the sound I want to play ... I try to tell stories with the songs I choose. I try to set a vibe and play what I think they want to hear but also what I want to present. It’s always entertaining because a lot of times it doesn’t really work the way you want it to [laughs].

What was your first DJ gig?

It was B.B. King’s in Times Square. It was amazing. This will be my fifth DJ gig ever, so I’m  working and putting myself out there. I can’t believe that I’m even able to do this. I’m really happy that I’m lucky enough to have this opportunity.

I’m sure that people will bring this up since you were on Breaking Bad, but basically Prince George is the meth capital of Canada.

[Laughs] Awesome. It’ll be great, I’m excited. I’ll be travelling with Mia and it’ll be a really good time.

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