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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tove Lo: Lady Wood review – a hard sell for girl power

The Swedish star tells it like it is in a classy second album of sex, drugs and honesty that lacks the commercial catnip of its predecessor

Pushing female agency is a big concern for Tove Lo, the pop singer attempting to consolidate the international multi-platinum success of her 2014 debut, Queen of the Clouds, with a follow-up. Lady Wood here refers not to the parliamentary constituency in greater Birmingham but to a female version of a hard-on, to girls having “balls”. Lo seeks to fulfil that second-album recipe for success: more of the same, but different.

Shooting to fame on the back of a drug-fuelled tune called Habits (Stay High), which describes going on a bender to numb a broken heart, the 29-year-old Tove Lo (Swedes say it a bit like Tuvalu, the Pacific island nation) found her Scandinavian matter-of-factness much queried in the months that followed. Lady Wood remains committed to candour, opening with the sound of a match-strike and an inhale. The title track finds Lo owning her lust. “You give me lady wood,” she mewls friskily while punchy club sounds percolate around her.

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