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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Crooked Man: 'Could you see Phil Oakey with a window round?'

Dance pioneer Richard Barratt links Sheffield’s musical past with its present. With a new album out on James Murphy’s DFA Records, he recalls how the city’s club scene began, and admits he always thought he made pop music

There’s something pleasing about a gruff, 53-year-old Yorkshire dad, long finished with any involvement with discotheques, having made one of the freshest club music albums of the year. But Richard Barratt has dance in his blood. He was one of the first DJs to play house in the UK, and has worked with Sheffield’s best talent, from Cabaret Voltaire through Jarvis Cocker and Róisín Murphy to Toddla T. Although his response is a crisp: “Good God, no,” when asked if he still has any interest in DJing or seeing the reaction to his own music in the clubs, and although it’s 15 years since he was last in the public eye with his band the All-Seeing I, he has never stopped making glorious electronic disco records – culminating in the new collection of his work as Crooked Man for James Murphy’s DFA Records.

[Many of us] managed to turn our layabout fantasies into actual jobs. Not sure how we’d fit back into real life now

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by Joe Muggs via Electronic music | The Guardian
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