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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Burial – 10 of the best

The Banksy of future garage, whose two-step compositions soundtracked London’s darker sides, continues to shape-shift across collaborations and genres

The best way to begin a career is to set up an instant connection with the listener, and then do something else: create some sort of unique context for your music. Burial’s South London Boroughs, released on Hyperdub in 2005, did that effortlessly. It was a sonic painting of south London at night, crafted with spray-cans of a dark two-step beat, wonky synths and his signature bass. It was like a Banksy had suddenly appeared. Next to nothing was known about Burial except for where he came from, and he marked his territory by inviting us to ride through the dark streets of south London’s outer boroughs with beats alone.

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by Kyle MacNeill via Electronic music | The Guardian
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