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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shura: "Maybe someone will watch my video and think 'I can come out'"

Alongside artists like Christine And The Queens and Years & Years, electropop singer Shura is challenging stereotypes and helping to ‘queer the mainstream’

When it comes to making bold statements, few do it with the unapologetic charm of electropop singer Shura. In the John Hughes-inspired video for her last single What’s It Gonna Be? – a sweetly earnest ode to romantic insecurity, wrapped up in effervescent synthpop – Shura and her real-life twin Nick play timid high-school students. He gazes lovingly at the posters of a girl running for class president, she exchanges anxious, flirty glances with a boy in her science class. Together they scheme out how to win their crushes’ attentions. Gradually, though, bubbling up in the fizz of teenage angst and confusion is the realisation that they’ve got their objects of affection muddled. It’s the girl who Shura wants to kiss.

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by Alexandra Pollard via Electronic music | The Guardian
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