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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Readers recommend playlist: songs that say hello

A reader welcomes you into a playlist with greetings from Gorillaz, Shonen Knife and Soft Cell

Here is this week’s playlist of songs picked by a reader from your suggestions, after last week’s callout. Read more about how our weekly Readers recommend series works at the end of the piece.

Hello! HELLO! Is anybody there? Gorillaz open our playlist with a loud hail. A1 M1 may not otherwise be on topic, but I had to open with the word itself – sampled from the Day of the Dead – didn’t I? I’d made a decision that I wanted our “Hellos” (or equivalent in other languages) to be greetings to strangers: whether uttered as an exclamation, declaration or question, and was looking to avoid obvious familiarity. Unfortunately that meant I redirected several excellent songs that came knocking at my door looking for friends, family and lovers down the hall to apartment (I’ll publish a B-list in the comments later!).

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by Richard T Clayton via Electronic music | The Guardian
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