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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Remembering Trash: the London club night that defined the rock'n'rave era

Erol Alkan, LCD Soundsystem, 2ManyDJs and Bloc Party were all regulars at the feted Monday night party destination, which shut its doors 10 years ago this month. They recall an eclectic, eccentric event that reshaped UK nightlife

For many of the students, creatives and musical misfits bounding around London from 1997 to 2007, life revolved around Monday night. Each week, at the Holborn venue the End, a bash called Trash was a siren call for the indie glitterati (or just anyone who read the Face), a £6 disco that defined the era’s promiscuous relationship with guitar and dance music. Its transgressive mix spanned angular indie to electro and post-punk, no wave to art-school garage-rock and practically any band boasting a bowl cut. LCD Soundsystem and Yeah Yeah Yeahs played their first UK shows on its tiny stage. Amy Winehouse was a regular. For a decade, London’s HR departments must have wondered why they had so many sick notes on Tuesday mornings.

“People still come up to me and talk about how special a time it was for them, and how nothing filled that gap that it left,” says Erol Alkan, Trash’s linchpin and now a successful DJ, producer and remixer. He started the club as an antidote to the capital’s staid post-Britpop parties – nights that were, according to Bloc Party guitarist and Trash devotee Russell Lissack, “strictly guitar music and often fairly retro, quite generic”.

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by Kate Hutchinson via Electronic music | The Guardian
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