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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Changing up: the irresistible rise of Dagny

A year ago she was ready to pack in her pop dream. Now the 26-year-old Backbeat singer has hit the big time. We join her vintage shopping spree for her next gig

It’s heading for midday in an east London vintage store and Norwegian singer Dagny is brandishing a bright purple, preposterously shoulder-padded 80s jumpsuit one would only realistically consider wearing in anticipation of being belted by Joan Collins. Hanging up are a number of rejected items ranging from a sparkly skirt to an oversized boiler suit. Dagny has tried on a lot of clothes this morning, and she’s not happy with any of them. Suddenly, she picks up a black and white-striped jumpsuit. “This looks sick,” she declares. “This is seriously cool.”

Hell isn’t other people, but it might be shopping with them. Sadly, this morning’s expedition is entirely my own fault: the consequence of not learning my lesson many years ago when a throwaway comment in a magazine editorial meeting resulted in indie act the Llama Farmers being sent to an actual llama farm. Today’s scenario is the result of having thrown a cheery “I’ll do it!” into an email chain about Dagny’s styling requirements — a joke that was swiftly green-lit, then insisted upon, by all parties – and brings us this morning to Dalstonised “vintage” emporium Beyond Retro. The awkwardness of the scenario is reduced slightly by the fact that Dagny’s on stage in London tonight and needs a new outfit anyway, so at the very least this represents good time management on her part.

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