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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grimes at the Guggenheim review – an art-pop anticlimax

On the eve of her fourth album, Grimes played a Dior-sponsored concert in one of New York’s most famous buildings – but did she forget to pack her edge?

Two days before the release of her fourth album Art Angels, the Canadian art-pop electronic star Grimes plays a fundraiser for New York’s Guggenheim museum, as a party preview for its presumably more grown-up gala dinner the following night. The chief sponsor is Dior (their third year of such support), so the predominantly youthful crowd is principally garbed in formal black, with occasional outbreaks of scaly silver glitter-wear. Tickets are a troubling $350, but the good news is that the proceeds contribute to the museum’s general operating fund. Multiple open bars with flowing champagne ease the process.

Grimes jumps into action inside a smallish circular stage, like a Star Trek transporter, with white pillars and stretched fabric ascending towards the high museum ceiling. The crowds gather on the space’s famous spiral levels, but mostly stood down on the ground floor, surrounding the stage. It’s crowded, but not uncomfortably so, given the current Grimes ascendancy.

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by Martin Longley via Electronic music | The Guardian
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