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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Prodigy review – still berserk after all these years

Newcastle Academy
Back from a six-year absence, the electro-punk Firestarters are as thrillingly insurrectionary as ever

“Are all my warriors here?” asks the Prodigy’s rapper, Maxim. If there is something faintly ridiculous about ascribing the term “warriors” to a lot of people who are punching the air and gleefully waving their mobile phones, it doesn’t matter to the Prodigy or their monster-partying audience. The entire tribe sings along to openers Breathe and Omen. There are enough strobes and lights to suggest an alien landing, and we’re only five songs in when horn-haired co-frontman Keith Flint charges into the 1996 classic Firestarter – and seems to actually glow red.

If the past 23 years have allowed the dance behemoths to amass a catalogue that allows them to deliver such aces early on, the set otherwise rages against any drift towards the dreaded “heritage” status by concentrating on The Day Is My Enemy, which ended the Essex trio’s six-year absence with a sixth No 1 album.

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by Dave Simpson via Electronic music | The Guardian
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