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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brian Eno: Reflection review – soothing, but sobering

The ambient overlord returns with a magnificently peaceful album – which is also released in an edition that endlessly rewrites itself

“All is quiet on New Year’s Day,” U2 once sang. That was in 1983, before they became clients of Brian Eno – and, arguably, the last time anyone had any peace on the first day of the year. New Year’s Eve raves routinely spill over into the next evening. The ceaseless chirrup of social media precludes silence.

Into this clamour lands Reflection, the latest ambient work by Eno, the Roxy Music maverick who named this new genre in 1978 with Music For Airports, and whose cultural reach now spans the avant garde, Coldplay albums and generative apps. If your idea of an album is 12 or so tunes, Eno routinely bucks that set of strictures, even if his last album, The Ship – released last April – cleaved closer than most to tradition.

The more you let it wash over you, the more it sucks you in to reveal internal structures.

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