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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Zomby: Ultra review – digital beats of the 90s


The masked producer returns after three years of silence with a humorous and imaginative album of solo works and collaborations featuring Burial, Darkstar, Banshee and Rezzett. Merging tacky space voyage synths and ominous drones with jungle beats and garage melodies, Ultra is an unapologetic pastiche of 90s rave culture and retro video games. While many tracks include lurching rhythms (Burst) or jarring dissonance (Freeze) – and may take several listens to love – there are a few more straightforward arrangements with instant appeal, such as the sugary and light-hearted Glass. With its hypnotic vocal sample, unnerving silences and ever-changing beat, Burial collaboration Sweetz is one of many standouts.

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by Isa Jaward via Electronic music | The Guardian
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