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Monday, November 16, 2015

LA Priest review – madcap electro from the synthpop surrealist

Headrow House, Leeds
Arriving dressed for bed, Late of the Pier’s former frontman creates a mood of merriment with his hazy, subtly funky sounds

Samuel Eastgate, AKA Sam Dust, once fronted Late of the Pier, who played a madcap musical cross between the Human League and children’s TV themes while a keyboard player, sprayed silver, performed ballet twirls. Five years after their demise, Eastgate is now solo as LA Priest but hasn’t quite abandoned his old group’s eccentric, DIY charm.

Moments before he takes the stage, a bloke hurries on to have a last-minute fiddle with the lighting. Eastgate ambles on stage by walking through the crowd, wearing a loose-fitting satin number that could double as his pyjamas. He starts singing into a large wooden box with knobs on, flitting between two synthesisers as flash bulbs explode behind him. From such unlikely beginnings, magic is created.

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by Dave Simpson via Electronic music | The Guardian
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