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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How dub master Kode9 became the hero of zero

Voids, loss, a future without humans: the influential DJ/musician and Hyperdub founder is back with a new album inspired by … nothing. He explains all

Earlier this year Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, developed a weird strain of what he calls the “zero virus”. Ever since New Year’s Eve, when he holed himself up in his studio to begin work on his third LP, he had been looking for a concept that might explain where he was at emotionally, musically and politically. “I started reading about mathematics and the history of zeros,” he says, “and about vacuums and voids in quantum theory. Suddenly zeroes were everywhere.”

Sitting opposite me in a rather soulless hotel garden in New York’s Lower East Side, the Glasgow-born, London-based DJ and producer warms to his theme. “Then I came across Paul Mason’s book PostCapitalism. It has a chapter on Project Zero: when production costs are reduced to zero, this has a massive impact on the whole system.”

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