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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hifi Sean: ‘I was consumed with guilt because I’d hurt people’

After 90s success with the Soup Dragons, Sean Dickson moved to New York, came out and broke down. Now, as Hifi Sean, he’s ready for the spotlight again

Sean Dickson was scared when he made his first Hifi Sean track. “I’d not made music for nearly 15 years,” he says, “and I was terrified about it!” But everything is going swimmingly. Having just turned 50, Dickson has a bona fide hit with the gospel-house of Testify, which managed to be big both in Ibiza and on Radio 2, a successful album, Ft., featuring a host of his musical heroes, a beautifully remixed version of that album ready for Record Store Day and another record under way featuring a full Bollywood orchestra. But for most of this century he wasn’t sure he’d ever return to music.

Dickson grew up in Bellshill, just outside Glasgow. He was musical from childhood, and his parents encouraged this, first with classical guitar lessons then, when he became obsessed with Soft Cell, by buying him a Roland TR-808 drum machine and SH-101 bassline generator. Indie pop was the name of the game in his teens, though, when he befriended fellow Bellshill boys Norman Blake and Duglas T Stewart. The three would “invent a new band every week to play at the local hotel”, often with outrageous names like the Child Molesters. Eventually this separated out into Stewart’s BMX Bandits, Blake’s Teenage Fanclub and Dickson’s band the Soup Dragons.

I had to forgive myself twice. Once for the hurt I caused, and then for the time I’d wasted away from music

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by Joe Muggs via Electronic music | The Guardian
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