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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Primal Scream – 10 of the best

From jangly C86 indie band to generation-defining soundtrackers of the acid house era and paranoid comedown rockers, Bobby Gillespie and co just keep on keeping on

After 30 years of drugs, debauchery and leather trousers, it seems hilarious that Primal Scream were ever considered part of the C86 twee set. But Velocity Girl – the 1986 B-side of their second single – was the opening track of the NME’s influential compilation cassette of shambling DIY indie bands. A fleeting one-and-a-bit minutes of dreamy-eyed jangling, foreshadowing Bobby Gillespie’s interest in the darker side of life by seeming to describe a girl intravenously injecting vodka, it has stood the test of time, and was definitely admired by the Stone Roses, judging by its undeniable similarity to Made of Stone.

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by Malcolm Jack via Electronic music | The Guardian
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