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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nite Jewel review – slow-burning beauty and ear-candy hooks

Stereo, Glasgow
When Ramona Gonzalez finally emerges from the shadows, she’s an enchanting presence with some fine off-kilter melodies

Dressed all in black, standing behind a black synthesiser against a black backdrop, her face framed by a severe black bob, Ramona Gonzalez AKA Nite Jewel has a hard time standing out tonight. And there may lie the rub with her music, too. Having established a reputation for making faintly avant garde, echo-bathed, lo-fi electro-disco shrouded in drones and tape hiss, with her third album Liquid Cool she drifts into the landscape of drowsy 80s synthpop revisionism already widely explored by Grimes, Twin Shadow, Chromatics, Shura and others.

In an alternate reality Nite Jewel, like all of the above, would be dropping massive multi-million-selling bangers. One new song, Boo Hoo, sounds like Janet Jackson on valium. Another called Running Out of Time is a vapour trail Italo-disco slow-burner of such indisputable beauty that, drained of reverb and toughened up some, it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine Taylor Swift or Katy Perry carrying it up the pop charts.

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by Malcolm Jack via Electronic music | The Guardian
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