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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DJ Octo Octa on coming out as transgender: 'Everyone was confused, then it was OK'

Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s first album since publicly transitioning presents her confident self to the world – and the new tracks mirror her progression from past anxiety to upbeat present

For the cover shot of Octo Octa’s new album, the Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison is kneeling on a bed in a San Francisco hotel room wearing a $25 dress and stockings. Glasses on, her face is set in a goofy version of the Mona Lisa smile. Deciphering it is fun; there’s a playful pop-chart sultriness, a hint of pride, and perhaps a sense that she would rather get the shoot over and done with.

However reluctant she looks, the decision for Bouldry-Morrison to put her image at the forefront of the release – something rare to see in electronic music, in which even the most conventional, dominant-male acts don masks to perform – goes deeper than simple aesthetics. It’s the first album she’s produced since coming out as transgender, a work she describes as “emotional content”.

Everyone I knew was in punk and hardcore bands. I had no idea how to release this stuff

Not all clubs everywhere have an inviting community of people inside

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by Will Coldwell via Electronic music | The Guardian
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