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Monday, January 30, 2017

Datablog: is the Hottest 100 really getting more mainstream?

Triple J’s annual music poll has shifted in the type of music played and the number of acts featuring women

Triple J can’t seem to broadcast a Hottest 100 without accruing a series of complaints. Aside from the perennial cries (too much electronic music! Australian hip-hop is terrible!), a few people expressed moderate outrage at pop artists placing in the top 100.

Beyoncé, Guy Sebastian, Kanye West, Drake and Rihanna all made it into the countdown, either as the primary artist on a track or as a guest vocalist (to say nothing of the Justin Bieber cover by Halsey), prompting the usual hand-wringing from people on social media.

@triplej triple J does pop now? Getting worse and worse every year

Just a reminder, Double J play the whole #Hottest100 from 1996 tomorrow. When Triple J were still good. No Beyonce or Beiber

Kanye & Beyoncé in the #Hottest100 - not good, @triplej... Go sit in the corner, listen to the '96 count, and think about what you've done!

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