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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jason Swinscoe: ‘I’m not doing this to make a pop song that’s on Radio 1 for two weeks’

The leader of Cinematic Orchestra on writing songs in his dreams, shelving a whole album and why he takes his job very seriously

The Cinematic Orchestra were created in 1999 by the DJ Jason Swinscoe. He works closely with longtime collaborator and co-writer Dom Smith, whom he met when both worked for the independent label Ninja Tune. An ever-evolving collective that expand to a 12-piece band for live shows, the Cinematic Orchestra have an epic, widescreen sound, fusing elements of jazz, classical and cutting-edge electronica. They have sold out the Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House and their single To Build a Home has been streamed more than 60m times. The band have released three critically acclaimed studio albums including their 1999 debut, Motion; their fourth – and their first in nine years – is due early next year.

To Believe is the title of both your new single and your forthcoming album. What kind of belief are you dealing with?
It’s not so much about personal belief, it’s more about putting a question out there: what do we believe in? With everything that’s going on in the world, whether it’s Syria or the US election or the Jungle camp, what’s interesting to me is where culture and society is, at this point in time.

I spent a year writing the score for the Disney film The Crimson Wing

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by Interview by Matt Munday via Electronic music | The Guardian
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