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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dele Sosimi at Malcom X Community Centre (Bristol) on 9/12

From the curators of The Jam Jar Collective and Squid Party, with key contributions from Worm Disco Club & Tangleface Arts comes a new multi room event “Jam Tropica”. This event will be a showcase and celebration of African, Caribbean and South American music, art and culture.

Main Room: Hosted by Jam Packed and Worm Disco Club – Powered by AF Live.

Dele Sosimi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMZ6TDrsOO0
Dele, who is originally from Nigeria, began his career when he joined Fela’s Kuti’s band – Egypt 80, where he played keyboards for 7 years (1979-1986). Sosimi then created Positive Force band with Femi Kuti, with whom he performed from 1986 to 1994.

He is a certified legend in the afrobeat music scene, touring the world for over 2 decades, lecturing at universities and collaborating with bands and orchestras on both sides of the atlantic.

The man has got some serious swagger, and his band are big time. With a positive message and an amazing sound to spread, what a treat we have in store for all.

Electric Jalaba – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUgvAzpytjw
Moroccan Gnawa Master musician Simo Lagnawi teams up with Soundspecies to create an incredible sound. Harnessing the traditional sound of the camel skin Guembri, with haunting vocals and an outstanding band formulating african grooves they create a psychedelic soundscape with a driving force to be reckoned with.

Matuki – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rzLJjUkKjk
Matuki are a Bristol based afrofunk band who meld hard funking psychedelia with West African riddims and socially conscious lyrics sung in Mandinka, Wolof, Jola and English. The band are fronted by St Paul’s Ebou Abraham and backed up by some of the the south west’s finest purveyors of African grooves. With their debut album the band have recently taken the U.K festival scene by storm, and there soon to let rip on The Malcolm X stage

Ru Robinson
Ru Robinson pon de 1s and 2s. More tropical than a coconut playing a steel drum wearing a hula skirt!
If you don’t already know the drill the check it out here: http://ift.tt/2eB4j65

Waggles continues to add, chop, season and funkanize the floor with endless grin-tastic tunes., so if you haven’t seen one of those before, this is your chance. http://ift.tt/1brlj4L

The Crypt: Hosted by Jah Lokko Sound System: Dub Vs Dancehall.

Jah Lokko Soundsystem (Dub Vs Dancehall)
Jah Lokko have been in the sound system business for close to 30 years, and you might well recognise their speaker boxes from St Pauls Carnival – the top of Campbell St every year since the 90’s. This Jam will see Jah Lokko’s own dancehall alias Unique Star clash head to head with the Dub sounds rooted in this system’s history. 1 room, 2 stacks, massive sounds.

Tropical Tea Party Take Over Featuring Cal Jayder (Movimientos)
For the last 2 hours we’ve got a extra special take over lined up. Expect an exotic melting pot of worldly grooves, party beats and carnival bangers from this crew.

Travelling down from London for the night they’ve bagged Cal Jader one of the musical activists, founders and original ‘dancehall caballeros’ behind London cultural protagonists Movimientos. With his trademark blend of red hot ‘classico’ latin beats, uptempo carnival rhythms, tropical bass, and fresh global sounds he is helping to soundtrack the thriving underground scene with residencies across London, the U.K and the international festival circuit.

The Cave: Jungle, Breaks, Garage

Selecta J-Man
Bristol’s own dub plate munching jungle machine will be smashing the dancefloor with a torrent of ragga infused amen breaks inna pure party style. Fast becoming a household name in the scene, with releases on Run Tingz and Born on Road – get ready to wine up yuh body.

These guys have been destroying dancefloors across the southwest and beyond for a while, and they know a thing or two about bass and broken beats. They’re gonna be throwing down a plethora of aforementioned tunage, in the form of a ‘Golden Era of Breaks’ set. Get in.

Retrobait DJs
The boycees themselves will be taking a ickle break from running tings, to push pineapple and shake the tree!
Bringing bass that be pushing more air than a tropical storm, these guys will blow you away and cause waves in your sea!

A new crew member all the way from France packing sacks full of funk and trunk full of pineapples.

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